Hello Met,

There is currently an ongoing petition to address the exorbitant prices charged by the travel industry for flights to Jamaica. Could you please post this link on your page as it is essential for this campaign to get as much signatures as possible.

Thank you

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  1. It is not really the travel industry at fault here, it is the government – they are charging too much tax on the flights, hence the massive fare prices

  2. Mi seh dem tarableeeee bad!!!!!! Mi just pay $1038 fi mi 5 yr old ticket fi go Jamaica! Dem too f**king thief man. Mek a go find and sign because this is ridiculous!!!!

  3. Blessed morning Met and all others.:)
    I sign this petiton while in London last month. I am so sorry i am unable to be there for the rally today.
    Its really ridiculous that a ticket cost 380 pounds but the taxes is 700 .
    Lou-Lou the airline industry is run by the government.

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