Dear Met,Metters,Peepers

I’m aware of the many positive inspirational stories you post on here esp the charity cases. I promise to send you a few going forward but for now I want to bring to your attention couple issues with what is not going right with Jamaica Land we Love.Perhaps your bloggers may offer possible solutions.
There was an accident on Hope Road just by the traffic lights above Bob Marley Musuem.This coaster bus ran in the back of a wagon robot taxi and the back of the taxi was crumpled and windows shattered.Upon pulling up I slowed my car to observe the fuss and this one lady was chatting all animated to a next lady.Apparently she was in the bus and Met would you believe the Lady a bemoan the fact that she was on the bus?? She sey she wished she was in the back of the taxi becuz she know she woulda have a nice change fi get!!

What is wrong with our ppl get rich quick mentality that permeating Jamaican society?I’m talking abt the psyche that makes us jeapordize our freedom,our sanity,our very lives to make a quick buck.Im talking to the scammers,thieves,gunmen,the Hustlers…why Jamaicans have this take a risk at all costs behaviour?She would’ve died and not see a cent worse is robot!

The 2nd incident was a spot check set up by 2 bike cops and 2 more cops in a squad car. I walked pass them and less than say 100mtrs ahead a car came to a stop and was undertaking a uturn in the road quite slowly too.There were 3men aboard and at about the same time I look back at the cops I saw they had notice too,i began to fret becuz I figure is a chase or shoot out this cuz why are they turning bk a must gunmen dem ya.Imagine my surprize when the cops just looked THE OTHER WAY as the car Diverted on a slip road.I held up my hands and was like “HELLO what are yall doing!!!??”

Met one of the bike cops fan/flash me off,i have no more words.I weep for my country,they were probably busy eating a food from the van man and taxi man they had stopped prior.Unno see what’s wrong with our crime approach and ineptitude?


  1. For the first incident.. .i hear ppl come with that all the while when they see an accident, how they wish they were in the vehicle to can collect a money….

    For the second, police see what they want to see a lot of times (not all of them like that, but more while the good ones have to shut up before the bad ones murder dem off). I’ve seen ppl some things right front a police and them just do like them don’t see ntn, and run and hackle up who just a try hustle!

  2. Poverty is the problem. Election and politicians are just another event to cuss a day gear excited and to feel like you win something but either party go in nah make a thing better. No jobs no assistance for poor people no regulation. The government need to go under someone else rule and the economy needs outside and professional help. Until then . .. millions spending on high ways and tolls to accommodate tourist while the nationalist suffer.

  3. That is the trend in Jamaica. Police Officer’s would rather swindle money from people for bogus traffic infractions. I am convinced that most times people gets pulled over it is not because they were breaking the traffic rules but because the cops sees an opportunity to make extra income…they call it a “Juice Money”

    They are sickening. Rules will never be upheld in Jamaica because the person’s who are suppose to enforce law and order are the ones committing the crimes.

    1. Ain’t no frigging trend! And stop assuming what you hear to be factual across the board.

      Where were you when millions of dollars were paid by drivers with outstanding fines around 2011/12? If it’s such a trend for police a nhame off a traffic stops YOU really think nearly 1/2 billion dollars of tickets would have been on the revenue books as outstanding? Talking shit is a trend.

      Stop paying in order to reduce corruption.

  4. From your story, I can tell u live in North America and operate like a robot. If a accident happen in North America you might not hear but some rubber neck passing bye is thinking to get rich too not only in Jamaica. And police are human if they feel endangered nothing is wrong with them turning away. And because more than one black man travel in a car don’t mean they or dangerous. What if they or just not in the mood to be spot check? And like every where else in the world money makes the world go round. Not Only Jamaica. So back to your robot life thx.

    1. If you knew anything about this site you would that Writer live and breath Jamaica 24/7!

      Hi Writer, Met, Real and Marie.

      First incident is just greed. Second one is a case of laziness.

    1. Police like Dem fi go guard cemetery as simple watchman.

      As a JCF family member, it burns when you encounter these fly by night in uniform…bad cops are embarrassing to departments globally.

  5. The first incident occurs worldwide. Most times it is not meant literally.

    As for the second incident; I guess the actions of the people in the car were not cause for suspicion to investigate?

    I live in a world where I would want the people who are in power to raise an eyebrow and see why this car didnt want to to pass by the checkpoint. But “how it should be” and reality rarely ever meet. These are the little incidents that are ignored that lead to bigger ones. When it happens on a greater scale we feel it as a nation and it makes my heart heavy.

  6. They take a vow to serve and protect. but would you want to see another innocent black man dead and rule out as shoot out after them kill Dem and put a weapon on them. Sometimes after a party I avoid a check point cause I don’t feel like it simple. It is not law to go through a check point. But to talk and degrade Jamaica as if it’s the worst place plz. Research some other country. I live in Canada and what the sender is making noise over is stupid. The minute Jamaica becomes perfect is the minute the white people move in and try to take over. Talk about more important stuff. Like why Jamaicans are underpaid and still pay the price for food and gas equivalent to North America and why cars are so over priced compare to what we pay for them here. Or we still in slavery? Highlight the country. What good did u see there? Sender. Did you see the smile on the poor people faces and the man in the sun hustling for a dollar. The police that or underpaid the youths that has no future? Poverty is to be fixed cause money let the world go round, sender. Am out.

  7. I don’t live in Jamaica or nor I am Jamaican, I currently reside in the states and my family and I was fortunate to come to the states. But I do love the music and the culture. My visit to Jamaica this year was a pleasant one, even though I wish I could stay longer to truly enjoy Jamaica but was unable too. My friend was to scared to go anywhere and I couldn’t take pictures because he said I shouldn’t look like a tourist, and I hated the fact he had me so confined and that was due to him not being there for over 20 odd years and just recently got deported back, right now there’s nothing going on with him, he has to live with his sister a grown ass man damn near 50 and have nothing to show for it when he was in the states and have to live with his sister and family, he tells me it is hard he tried selling items but didn’t make money so he was seeking help from people in the states to keep him going but I say this to say that it is hard for everyone a like deportees, poor people, low income, to moderate income, the government/politicians needs to make it better for the people that are there they shouldn’t have to struggle, they shouldn’t have to work and don’t get paid enough to pay all their bills only one or two bills and still put food and clothes on their children backs. I blame the politicians that are elected who gives the people promises but can’t never produce anything. I always say even though I do not care for America, I always say I just reside in a place that is not my own and making it day by day but at least you know that you are making enough to maintain and you know you can pay more than one bill and have food and clothes and enough for gas and maintain until your next pay period and that is not the case in Jamaica. They need to have programs for the youth and young adults teach them a trade, have what we can WIC a place that help provide milk and formula and other things for mother’s who can’t afford it even the welfare as well, or work programs help the people be independent and keep them off the streets because now they have a goal they have a job no more stealing and robbing and murders because they have some type of stability. Now Jamaica want to bring in the FBI for what, send two persons to US and have the FBI train them and then they come back and train everyone else why must they have a station in Jamaica all their going to do is come and run the place if JA let them. There’s serious more important things to be talking about how JA excepted the plane from UK instead of denying entry but no JA is all about money, you say I give you they say how much and then that’s it. The people and the people right should be important then you wonder why people are trying so hard to leave the island and think the US will be better it is no better believe me we over here have are own struggles no one rich roun here.

  8. Sender you are right, I heard of people staging car accidents for insurance money & unfortunately that’s how the ring leader of this scheme lost her life. Money, the root of evil!

  9. Sender poverty is one and uneducated is two…I will keep on saying this till I see change in how the rich can’t go to prison but the poor can they have control over everything including giving guns to poor people..there is a incident where a rich man driving a X6 are X5 BMW that shoot n kill a young man in a taxi and leave the island that man is a free man today…there is a entertainer that goes by the name of vybz kartel and 4 others are doing 25 to 35 year’s in prison for a murder that they can’t find the body..I’m not trying to say the entertainer is not guilty but do the maths..

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