Met look at this murderer..mek video put pon him page bout dont do nth fi go jail n hes a murderer….. U see him name boe fifty shades lol we have all read the book lol
Always trying to front as this godly person when deep down he knows hes workin for the devil..murderer he is!


19 thoughts on “A WHA FOOTA DO?

  1. Foota have some nice lips oh god i would love to sit in his face you see how them lips spread & big born for p#%#%#sy a wetting over dem lips for my split . That’s real Jamaican African looking man dat again them lips heaven .

  2. I know it’s not Sunday Dagga but foota hype lips set me off ina de day ya sorry met . And i would beat him with a wet wash cloth while him face bury between my legs across him broad African back .

  3. Ok sender are you calling Foota Hype a murder if so who did he kill, that is some serious allegations you have going right now… Come here and explain please.

    And as far as Foota Hype lips I wouldn’t want him between my legs not at all, and I love a good eaten. lol

  4. WTF ?? 1st of all the 50 shades is the name of the party, 2nd why didnt u send whatever video ur speaking of, cuz im lost!

  5. mi rassclaat a how him look so like dem big ole obyaman, the African tan up eena him, ishawna stomach strong why him tek pic lookin so sad him merino look like him got on brassiere, man no tek no pic lying down u kno him really look like ZIKA baby fi real

  6. It look like pure lesbian ah log in pon dis thread bout nice lips lol. Only lesbian gal get more turned on by lips dan buddy ole sodomites.

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