0 thoughts on “SINGLE IN LESS DAN 24 HOURS

  1. Di mount ah feelings dis chile guh thru eena di likkle space ah time….an ah same suh shi come full circle to har starting place. Cah loney fi she mean she jus ah wait fi di man call or she soon call him. Har fren dem need fi lowe di ‘like’ button…:travel

    1. Yawdy, she too raas desperate, ah dat..maybe if she spent some alone time and got acquainted with herself, learned to take herself out on dates and fell in love with herself, she would then find happiness, which will then resonate thru, and maybe then will she get a good man who’d wanna share that love and happiness with her..pretty girl, just a lil lost…

  2. when you put yourself out there, and expect to be treated like a “wife/settle down chick” these are the results you get.

  3. If you lonely guh find a hobby, join a club. Unno live fi man suh till when dem outta unno life unno lose unno mind. If unno put di same mount a effort in unno spiritual life unno would live fi see God’s glory.

  4. Shakeena is a ugly big nose don’t live no where walk n beg friends big hole slut. Poor Carter don’t even know him daddy n deh man weh she ah f**k ah nuh fih her man

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