Two sisters appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court last week accused of beating up their brother’s girlfriend and throwing her out of his home to allegedly make way for another woman.

Kadian Addison, a security guard, and her sister Petal Whyte, a bartender, were taken into custody and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm following the March 16 incident.

On Wednesday, the complainant told the court that the sisters conspired with their brother’s lover — whom they had kept a secret from her — assaulted her and threw her belongings out of the home that she shared with their brother.

“So why they beat you up?” Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey asked the complainant, who is a student teacher.

“They beat me off because they want me to leave and because their brother has another woman who is richer than me,” she said.

The complainant said when she learnt about the other woman, she asked her partner about it, but he denied having another woman.

In their defence Addison and Whyte denied that that was the reason for their attack, but conceded that they knew that their brother had another girlfriend.

According to Whyte, she developed a dislike for the complainant after she (the complainant) moved into her grandmother’s one-bedroom house which resulted in her (Whyte’s) three children sleeping on the floor.

Whyte told the court that before the complainant had moved in with her brother she used to leave her three children at the home with her grandmother.

“But from my sister come and tell me that she saw my kids sleeping on the ground I don’t talk to her from that,” Whyte said.

She also denied that the complainant was unaware of the other women.

“The girl call her and tell her and she tell de girl that a de two a dem deh wid him and she nah leave the relationship,” Whyte said.

However, she said on the day of the incident they had an argument and she called her sister, Kadian, who came to the house and told the complainant that she was not going to sleep on her bed one more night, as the bed belonged to her.

Whyte said her sister put the bed outside and the complainant started cursing and saying, “Unnu know mi? Ah Vineyard Town mi come from and mi a go mek a call.”

“Kadian and she started to fight and the phone drop and mi tek up the phone and say nuh give nobody mi address and then she left and seh ‘mi a go show unnu who mi’,” Whyte added.

But the magistrate told her that she did not believe that it went like that.

The complainant then told the court that Whyte held onto her and forced the phone out of her hand and that Whyte and her sister started hitting her.

The complainant said that on the following day she was at her aunt’s home when she got a call that Whyte and Addison were throwing her belongings out of the house.

“They throw away all of my clothes and shoes in the gully. I don’t even have a pair of shoes to wear now,” she told the court.

The magistrate asked the complainant the value of her belongings and she said about $27,000.

“About 30,” Pusey responded. She told the defendants to pay $15,000 each, then asked when it would be paid.

“Today,” the sisters answered quickly and reached into their purses for a portion of the money before telling the magistrate that they would have to make a call for the balance.

Addison, however, protested that she did not throw away the complainant’s belongings.

“Is her matey throw it away, so I don’t know what she saying,” Addison said.

“You people decide that because she let the children sleep on the floor you side with the other woman to deal with her,” the magistrate said.

Whyte and Addison were given time to collect the money and were sent to the police lock-up.

When the case resumed, they paid the money to the complainant and was each ordered to pay $5,000 or serve six months in prison.

“You people seem to think that because he is your brother you can bring girl and beat her off,” the magistrate further said.


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