KINGSTON, Jamaica – Sixteen people accused of defrauding citizens of the United States of America of approximately US$50, 000 between 2011 and 2015 are to appear in court in western Jamaica on September 14 and 20.

The accused 16, suspected of being involved in lottery scamming, were arrested during a week of operations in western parishes from Tuesday, August 23 to Friday, August 26.

The operations were spearheaded by the Transnational Criminal Investigative Unit (TCIU) of the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC), which got support from the Contraband Enforcement Team (CET) of Jamaica Customs along with local police officers from Hanover, Trelawny, Westmoreland and St Elizabeth.

Along with the individuals arrested, the police said that cash amounting to J$380,000, several lead sheets, two laptops, one tablet and 21 cellular phones were also seized during the operations.


  1. scammas dem deh ya! a weh big tony and him crew gwain sing wen unna arrive pon the cell block, hope y’all like being smaddys bitch, cuz mi know unu did a laff wen unu scam di ppl dem an tink they were bitches fi fall fi unu schemes

  2. You know mi called mi cousin in the US from mi work phone and by time mi hang up a number call mi back, suh mi answer widdi company intro and nobody seh nutten, suh mi decide fi Google di numba and it come up seh dem a scammers. I don’t know how deep or sophisticated dis scamming ting guh. I know mi cousin hab WhatsApp and I wonder if dem setup can pull ppl contacts through dem phone from certain apps.

    Scrape dem up one and all. Imagine if deze youths were to sit and brainstorm and come up wid an invention or business plan how far dem could go. Instead of doing to help dem nation grow in noble efforts dem a tear dung. What a waste of youth and vitality. Mark Zuckerburg a do fi him as a young person and the wealth and achievement him hab him could never get if him did siddung a scam old ppl out dem retirement money. Mark Zuckerburg’s wealth can feed him descendants up to ten generations if nuh more; yet deze feast today famine tomorrow scammaz caan siseh dem a waste a time, and dem jail time and criminal history will only fck over fi dem generations. Dem nuh hab no long-term forecast, just a set a wicked and fool fool bitches.

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