Dutty tasha may u done it again, greedy gal can’t satisfy, u husband the champion jockey walk out a di marriage, u done di poor jockey money u is a craven gal. All man beware of Delilah


  1. Yes she clean out the man bank book and buy taxi without him knowing and sign the man name pon paper like a him sign in it a prison him fi send har wicked gal a long time she a do these things

  2. My fren told me if you don’t have money down deh the woman dem don’t want you and I told him it’s not only down deh, it’s all ova the world…

  3. Dane never mind is just one of them things, the greatest thing you have life, and no Dane ain’t gonna lock her up, just leave it alone , he ain’t got time for that, he’s going to dust his self off and try again, he has Two kids to think about, call it a lost and move on.. Your Aunty say that. And for the rest of the Reid and Nelson family we all just move on and do not dwell on this Tashamay. Who knows they can go for marriage counciling and end up back together.. Xxxx.

  4. But his baby mother was in Jamaica last week n post pictures of them having dinner togeddeeerrr…..

    If a me like Janique a run him raas, no want no fren from him. After him done shower that whore with money while neglecting his two little girl and she rinse him a now him wah come around?

    Kmft that’s a slap in the face….

    1. Miss Puss back up on that one, Dane did not neglect his kids, but miss Puss me nuh business in a baby mother and baby father business, I know what I would a do. Dat Tashamay did tell lie on me, make Dane cuss me, so me nuh business wid dem. But Dane never neglect his kids.

    2. Bitch stfu! Baby mother is forever or 18-21 years of communication.

      Your baby daddy nah quint pon yu ain’t it? Trouble making bitches.

  5. I was wondeerrring when she was gonna reach over herree. Lool. The pople dem pan Consumer Plaza tiiiired a har, bare walk she walk and borrow and trust and tek how long fi pay back, har name strt get stink pan the borrowing, she can hardly keep up the place she a run. SMFH. Anuh everybody a wife cuz wife nuh dun dem husband money dem make sure that shit grows !!

  6. Never bring your woman into your business affairs. Him mek him woman mek him diss n drop Maestro Don thru she see him a spend pon the yute career, and look wha gwan now. Big embarrassment. Keep your woman far away from your business. Gi her a business fi run fi herself if anything. Listen to her advice if you must and consider her opinions where necessary but nuh bring her in!

  7. wow!!! So much hate on their marriage but what God put together let no one put asunder and they are still married she is still his wife so let them be i know Dane love his wife because he told me that up to few days ago. I’m his very good friend so take it from me them good this is a marriage not a boyfriend n girlfriend thing

    1. Denero Dane love she, she nuh love Dane, So u support everything what she do Dane, a f***ry she do the jockey, God dnt like ugly, I and the Jockey let she comfortable and give her everything her hearts desire, she shouldn’t do the man so, so all u help nyam out the jockey money, but when u can get a idiot fi nyam out, yes nyam him out, cause that’s all they jockey is a f**ng idiot, a nuh mean boy u can tell, but the Jockey take her for a wife, and show and five her all the love and respect, she shouldn’t have not take disadvantage of the situation, the jockey have scale over him eye, so I hope it come off because him ears too haaaaard, mi hear say a nuh little warning him get from family and friends, but him cuss everybody fi him wife, u can’t hear the world a talk bout one woman so, and still a out In a hundred in her, not even the jockey family she want a DI yard, she run the jockey head, she mussi a blow ice in a him batty fi Mek him feel cool and nice, the jockey give her him all and she took it for granted. And God dnt like that… So If the jockey to walk out of the marriage God did have to intervene in it, and talk to it, so nobody dnt tell the jockey to walk out, God himself lift him out of the bondage and captivity, no family no friends do that, cause the jockey dnt deal with his family like that anymore, people see the jockey a bawl and a drink a road, cause him can’t go the the family and say nothing, cause him shame. Me hear say him cuss him mother WEH live a Philly and him aunty dem WEH live a England, me hear say she tell lie pon DI aunty dem WEH live a England, and the jockey cuss dem. And cuss DI mother fi DI wife. Jockey never u put u woman before u family especially ur mother serve u right.

  8. F**k that bitch she don’t have shit in her ass the look like when you slap a chicken with a dish towel are foot like cement company she need fe clean up her house and go wash out her dish drainer because it full a worm old shit house bucket no wife she money hungry

  9. Long time mi uh see her on the wall.

    The only thing I wondering is if it was a love marriage. When ppl marry fi opportunities it never end well. Wish dem all di best.

  10. Hate dutty tashamay..she fi guh suck r mada mon..big farid gyal..suh a jockey own fire chief?? Cause a fire chief owner me hear say a r husband..hate r mon..boe she a point me out inna dance one night likkle f**ktruck

  11. Unuh busy a worry bout dane and him wife and them soon back bcuz dane love tashamay and dirty janique weh a walk and a f**k down the whole a fort Lauderdale dane wouldnt look pon you if him and tashamay never did a war dane tell me you idiot gal so all you a hype you will never get the title weh tashamay get and how long you and dane did deh girl bye u a one piece a poppy show you big and stay bad like

    1. Move u crawny self Tashamay and u friend dem, none a oonuh dnt look like Janique, pussy Mek mi f**k, and if janique a f**k dung Fort Lauderdale, a one man she a f**k, not a trailer load like big foot Tashamay, she f**k up to the blind, deaf, dumb, ball head and dreadlocks, she Mek all the lame get up and run, she betta go look fi gully bop now, cause she done out the music industry, Philly, and New York. U ago a come chat bout Dane wouldn’t look pon Janique if him and Tashamay never war, Tashamay fi tell oonuh say everyday Dane deh phone wid Janique, who did tell oonuh say Janique and Dane deh back by the way, two little photo on FB nuh prove a shit, Tashamay is a thief, how she fi a thief her husband money and tell him friend seh him nuffi talk, she borrow money from Dane mother and a tell the mother fi tell Dane is more than the amount she borrow, she is a f**ng thief and that’s not right in a god eyes, she enter the relationship fake. Tashamay Mek it look like a because Janique why dem war, a di money dem WEH she thief from Dane, she thief out all a Dane money that’s the bank have to call Dane and notify him of the situation .A dat she fi tell oonuh.. If u never did a thief the money Tashamay Dane wouldn’t walk out a di marriage, u is not a wife u is a KNIFE. A bet u Tashamay if anyone a ur friend WEH deh pon pink wall a chat off them mouth, get Dane fi married dem wouldn’t thief him so.u is a man scamma, u throw ketchup pon u draws cratches and tell Dane seh u loose baby, and u know deep dung seh u can’t have Pickney u is a wicked gal. She never love Dane. She was only in the marriage fi money and fame. BUT DANE NELSON U WERE PUSSY WHIPPED.

  12. Stargirl yuh a come did up him baby madda like yuh know the whole a unno come offa do girl name how much time unno did haffi breed and still never get the tittle tashamay or whatever she wah a big edoit gyal,she stink like she never did love dand ah use she did a use him but now him haffi feel..

  13. @Stargirl unlike you who spend all your life bringing down other females am better than that. As for dirty never that am always clean, As for fu***ng down fort lauderdale nah never that am too picky and classy. As for position i was once engaged to Dane Nelson could have married him, but clearly he wasnt ready so i decided not to. It was never about his money, fame are image i will only married a man for love. I will not lower myself on here and degrade you are anyone am grow and leave that to children. Dane and myself was always communicating because we have kids before her, after her and evenif they get back together. AM GOOD MY KIDS ARE GOOD THANK GOD .’Noone can get me down unless i let them’

  14. P.S Tashamay/stargirl Dane never leave my inbox, you and me know that. But am not that chick unlike you. Same way u get him sameway u lose him. Was only a matter of time. You see the thing weh name prayer it move mountain, in your case it move OBEAH!!! Have a wonderful day loves i sure will….

  15. janique dane and tashmay is a big drama as fi dane he is a big waste man him slaughter janique.. but janique the man married and yah cause problem yuh av him fi years pan top a years and yuh neva knw yuh did wah him but now him get wife yah causse problem. dane yuh need fi grow and act like a man yah act like yah 19 yuh neva know who yah married before, but now yah come gwan like yuh neva know who yah married. yuh did knw sehh she fake but yuh put ring pan finger dane yah waste man. if a never fii yuh work yuh wudnt be known all yuh family a hypocrites dem need fi see jesus cause dem neva with yuh but truu yah mekk money dem a jump pan side.tashamay a good fii you cause yuh go tekk up cayless dane wehh never know him cudda win championship. tashamay a good cause money drag yuh eye but yuh shuda nyam him out more yuh shuda done him bank book more. we all know yuh done the world with man but yuh still get title but tashamay yuh need fi easy and go try run yuh business wehh yuh get outta a him dane janique and tashamnay unno need fii see jesus and tell him all uno problems dane go suck yuh mada 10 times hate yuh dutty rass hypocrite dane

    1. U miss Suck yuh mada whe Dane kick u out a him van, and Mek u run left u blue baggy, Dane chat u, and Tashamay to.. Dane a waste man. Because him never give u the time big, u big head gal.. Dane done Tashamay out a big tree, Tashamay u have to stop hug a track cause when the horse dem see u, them run cow and a halla out Mooooooooovve… Mooooooooove.. Dane a champion jockey from birth johncrow.. U a chat WEH u know bout Dane family, u nuh see seh smaddy put up seh Dane dnt chat to him family because a Tashamay, so how u a bring him family in a dis, janique, a hurt up oonuh head, u nuh see how she look good, a dat a mad u and Tashamay, janique a gi oonuh headache, oonuh a blame janique fi Tashamay and Dane breaking up, and si gal nuh have nothing fi do with it, Tashamay took the marriage to a different level that gal, Tashamay club royalty soon lock down cause Dane nah pay nuh more rent fi the club, and oonuh matrimonial home, gal u hate Dane cause Dane Neva want u, u a come chat bout Dane a waste, u Neva tickle Dane fancy.di one little meal dem go have and put it on FB it a mash up oonuh head. Tashamay u well and know say a nuh janique mash up u marriage, Tashamay all Dane passport u thief, him should a lock u up,

  16. yes to this recent comment i strongly belief dane is a waste man a big one to dane who is nobody the lil hype yah get make u feel yah somebody ma split justice janique yuh head and board like tashamay batty and tashamay yuh foot big like janique head so guess what non a unno dont make one dane u is germs yah woman clown cause dem clown yuh out and yuh end up back in yuh mistake so guess what go learn lil sense mii think yuh need fii put dung race horse and go back a school and learn over cause is like yuh nah nuh head piece and fii yuh family them dem a waste cause uno a entertain him fi carry on uno need fii stop this drama and f###kry and grow up if yah man nuh body wudnt know yuh business but yah boy and as fi u janique go find a better man cause a the same ting him ago do yuh because him chat yuh behind yuh back two side cutlas dane

  17. ” Real pimp niggas spend no dough on the booty” —–Mase
    I don’t feel sorry for SIMPS, if you have to pay a woman to be with you then you are pathetic beyond words. As soon as she drys your,pockets she will hop on to the next dyck, sad to say that this will probably happen again and again and again… I never understood how men are so willing to give a smut their hard earned cash and is one hundred percent fine with that fact that she’s using him solely for that purpose.

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