Denise Plummer
November 7 at 9:48pm ยท
By this everyone is now aware of what’s going on within the entertainment fraternity in the western region, all throughout the weekend persons are ringing asking if there’s live show on tonight, last Wednesday inspector Martin, Mr Reynold came here at Roots Bamboo and asking me if i have a amusement licence, oh boy amusement licence!!!I’m providing free live reggae music for my guest like any other resort/hotel Couples, Spa retreat, hedonism etc, so why am I prevented from doing so? When they came on Wednesday it was like a murder had been committed, police with long guns, these people could never venture into these big hotels intimidating their guests, and to think that the tourism minister doesn’t want to give a listening ear, so why are we paying our taxes for? I’m very sure that a lot of small hoteliers like myself will have to make staff redundant this season cos we won’t be able to cope, so many persons depend on these events it’s their only livelihood, the taxi drivers, the jerk chicken, the artist/painter, sellers etc, are there any consideration for these people? Why is it just a handful of vindictive persons making it bad for the majority, there’s an old folk saying “Money is the root of all evil” ha boy!!


  1. I have stayed at boutique hotels in Europe and I didn’t receive any amusement, but the local restaurants routinely would provide live entertainment and I doubt they had amusement license. If a small hotel would like to provide entertainment for their guests what would be the problem with that? Now, if they printing flyers and selling tickets for outsiders to attend, I could see that being a problem.

  2. I agree with you as well, if they were selling tickets for people on the outside to attend then okay investigate but that’s not the case here… I would love to be at a hotel that provides live entertainment a matter of fact any entertainment would be great. It is being done in the compound of the hotel no where else so why can’t they do it, because the hotel is not a big chain hotel and it’s not huge or what is truly the problem here…

  3. SOME BIG HOTEL CANT AFFORD ENT, I WAS AT ABIG ONE LAST YEAR ONLY NE NIGHT AND WAS’NT ALL THAT JUST SOME CULTURAL STUFF, folks just want things on property save the hassle outside an being safe, were those officers sent there or them jus a eat a food

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