And di election dem…….I have no words so mi not putting up no article..Im not even watching any news..The whole world is laughing and this will be the end of this country

214 thoughts on “UNO KNOW ME BY NOW

          1. Thts y I can’t understand y
            Ppl r mad
            Trump won. D Book of Revelation mus b none of dis shudnt b a shock. I wudnt call d ppl tht voted for him stupid r dumb bcuz like u said d beast must fall. God’s word must be fulfilled. He can’t take back wat He said would happen. If u believe wat revelation said then everybdy shud go n give their lives to Christ bcuz tings will never get better weather Hilary had won r Trump.

          2. Well Trump is going to open the door…see russia come congratulate him deh now..this man does not know ANYTHING about talking to countries can u imagine how dem a go play him like a fiddle? Dem did tell Bush seh weapons of mass destruction and dem tell obama bout gadaffi and fi him country…those things put the U.S in bad shape..what do you think they are going to do to trump who is already a fool?

      1. The results from this latest election proves just how DUMB the citizens of AMERICA are. Let us just watch and see the rise of hate groups like the KKK.

  1. I’m heartbroken,sad and depress with this trump winning.this really shows the minds of the american people and even some immigrants too that voted for hurt me bad.

    1. Try come out of being sad or what have you…be come observant and don’t get taken off guard.

      History repeats itself and a the 380 calls on another hitler, slavery, world war or something of a malevolent nature.

  2. I stop watch news from bout 12 lastnight.

    Observation and laughter me de pon, plus me a figure out how fi sue me statistics professor 😀 cause this win here is an anomaly of the freakiest order. 😀

      1. Met,we have some sneaky ass negros bout de place!

        Manynegros did not vote and many voted for trump. Before me turn from the news last night it was obvious base on the counties. Many me familiar with don’t have a high white population, yet it was red.

        On top of that, I highly believe the election was hacked by programmers linked to this dam electronic voting system. How the man have 282? When last week him not electable by a large margin?

  3. Was wondering how me no see no coverage or update since lastnight and concluded it was deliberate. A piece a numbness tek me from lastnight esi.

    1. I was so sick to my stomach mi cudden sleep and never came on the computer. I watched TCM and some videos and tried to get some sleep


    1. Yes it did. But im waiting to hear that Russia messed with the ballots because mi cyah believe seh a pig a run the country.

  5. Them cut their noses off to spite their face. Hillary didnt do a good job after the DNC/Bernie scandal and it rocked her foundation. But I will be here to see some faces weh mi nuh see how long pop up out off no where. Watch the exodus of illegals weh a come come scrape.

    1. But by right there was no scandal…nothing in the emails so thats why she didnt address them..she used a private server that was the wrong thing but all the other things were just made up .. Trump can scrape his wife first she is an immigrant………..but lets see if he survives the presidency first

      1. That bitch melania is a russian “honeypot” something not right!

        De man say she tell him run and him will win. Then you have video wud har from years back a do video as 1st lady of America in a har country….something is off.

    2. Those emails were not a factor. Trump was accused of sexual assault, stiffing workers, and not paying taxes yet whites voted for him in large numbers.
      He called Mexicans rapist, threatened to build a wall to keep them out and send the ones already here back to Mexico and 30% of them voted for him. He got more of the Latino vote which was mainly Mexican and Cuban than Mitt Romney.

  6. The idea of America is over and the shine officially gone from dem.
    Country like Cuba won’t suffer cause dem fully self-reliant, country like JA wah depend pon aid so much betta ketch a clue. Betta wi did follow Manley and ally wid Cuba back in di day.

    Mi mom been saying a Bible prophecy and it had to go this way fi prophecy fulfill. So who want to dash Moet pon shoes and focus pon name brand gwan cause unno time short.

    1. :thumbup but all di dirty racist cubans vote fi chumpup….Mi can always go back a mi yard go kak up ina mi house and if it hot there is always country :travel

      1. Miami full a negros, migrant “others” and latinos more than whites and de mad show it RED. Palm beach have less latinos and more black/white and it was blue.

        Me will never give up me Jamaican nationality documents just fi collect medicare a merkkka yardie all day everyday.

        1. Mi hab bi Ten and gwine work out mi passport next year when mi ketch deh.

          A just text one a mi black American fren a Cali, and she mad no rass. So mad she didn’t even want to talk. Seh she a ketch up pon some Tv shows fi calm her nerves.

  7. Lol, you should all be celebrating that u have been saved from a nuclear war… Things will get better for Black’s now… Hillary played u all, used blacks to get their one but she failed… Trump uses the wrong choice of words sometimes but he is Not racist… He just wants to protect USA citizens no matter what color race or creed, if u are a citizen u have nothing to fear

  8. Alot of black man voted for trump because they didn’t want a woman president.
    Also stop n frisk will be coming back and lots of shit from back in the 1920

    1. Yes someone just said the same to me that they dont want a woman..But America whey a tell people fi accept gays get uneasy because a woman may become leader? Dem really behind the time then

    2. Good fi dem cause a dem usually feel the heel a de whiteman boot heel. So be the case I won’t be protesting on their behalf when gulliani start some hitler youth pogram against dem.

  9. U lot have seriously been brainwashed.. Seriously been misinformed misinformation. .. Russia will be your friend now and not your enemy as Hillary and the gang want… The world needs peace where Trump and Russia will unify and get rid of all the traitors in the crooked establishment. .. :newyear

  10. I have seen for myself via social media that people now a days will believe anything as long as it is repeated enough. They dont have the capacity to decipher truth from lie and form their own opinion of someone or something. People will follow just about anyone because they are desperately looking to be led..

    1. Rocafella, Rothschilds and Summer’s and with others i knew Hillary wouldnt have won frm dem behid Trump! smh dem run di world and Trump is their new puppet! He has no policy none wahtsoever! Di latino and mixed race dem tink dem white a dem vote him een mi naa comment nuh more sleep a bite mi

  11. If I hear one more time bout prophesy fulfill. The racist cousin coupling Neanderthals came out in numbers, to ensure the white male dominance in this country. The World is watching the hypocrisy of the American Government. If this happened in a third world country, they would be denouncing Drumpf as the racist, misogynist that he is. Who will sit at any table to have peace or trade talks with this. Child rapist and take him seriously. What country will Respect us now. They may not have liked Barak, but they knew him to be a educated man with political experience, and therefore gave him credibility. Waiting on America to become Bankrupt like most of Drumps businesses

  12. Metsy morning I haven’t slept since I’m at a lost because I refuse to believe that a racist rapist can clean sweep an election like this the man has no plan no personality that speaks to leadership so again I ask “what happened here?”I listening for reports of fraud but at the same time my bible tells me this has to happen. Trump will bring about the signing of the national Sunday law which will bring about the mark of the beast. Let us be steadfast in prayer and study the “word” so that when the enemy comes we will be able to recognize him.

  13. I’m so hurt I didn’t go to work today didn’t want to be around anyone. Just don’t want to be around anyone today

    1. Foolish of you, it’s never that serious. Stop you bread fe wha? Politics? Silly of you. Take up your bed and WALK. God is with you.

    P July 26, 2016 , K JMG Writer extraordinaire c 36 comments
    Hi Met,

    I’m sending this to you becuase I’ve seen where on your facebook and pinkwall you’ve been forewarning the people to take Trump seriously.Several commentators, political experts and even Obama himself have been dismissing Trump and downplaying his chances. Well see it here now all the polls are showing Trump in the lead over Hillary. The fact is all sentiments aside she is not a good quality candidate as she is heavily tainted by several scandals. Americans are faced between choosing the lesser of the two evils type of scenario.

    Met way back in 1848 there was a guy Zachary Taylor who was by all accounts a non-politician and nut job like Trump.Taylor was so polarizing that when he won the presidency on the Whig ticket it fractured the party and it was from this fraction the current Repub‎lican party was formed.Hence it is not unprecendent for a warhawk,racist,fearmonger to become President.Wake up ppl and stop with the Trump jokes and playing this shyt is real as of now he is WINNING and him even running was once laughable!


    Remember the whole Monica Lewinsky affair scandal?Ask yourself if in your view,DiD Hillary handle it properly and if judging from that sordid affair if this is the person yall Americans want/need for President!‎I’m calling it from now Met,Trump is gonna win based on all the friggery him say and do but yet more and more ppl a support him cause.

    What can 30mil black ppl and 40mil Hispanics do against 90mil rednecks and 60mil silent racists with the other 80mil white ppl indifferent caring only about their money???Unno stay there nuh mek hay inna backra land and all a who did a skylark and moggle, stay stunting for the gram and nuh mek preparations fi come bk a yard.Unno think white ppl easy? See it rass there, them ready back fi the country them teef from the natives cuz them think we black ppl pass we place and get too uppity.

  15. WTF u just had a Black democratic President yet blacks were being shot down like clay pigeons by the police establishment and none brought to justice, all with a Mf Black President… Yet u cuss out Trump like he was the president with all these things happening… Give the man a chance and see… The immigration system have always been like that if u are illegal immigrant in any country u can be deported, even from Jamaica… That is just standard policy for every country, it will be same way with Trump… U guys are thinking that any immigrant will be kicked out, THAT IS RUBBISH, OVER 40 percent of Americans are immigrants, it is if you are an Illegal immigrant meaning u have no form of paperwork, not registered in the system, that’s all it means not like all foreigners are going to be thrown out… talk about misunderstanding. .. The same they thought about Brexit, just misinformed,

    1. This isn’t about immigration, but about social and political policies. Because this site majority is Jamaican you think immigration is we sole issue? Matter of fact STFU! damn sheep.

  16. Met mi bawl eye wata. Mi not even go work todeh bcuz a pare a him supporters roun mi. Wolves in sheep clothing

  17. It is a disgrace but why are you guys SHOCK the white people dem back him because he was saying what they wanted to do for years,he is not only going to kick out just the mexicans he will be getting rid of everyone that is not WHITE…The KKK backed and now they will be f**g with nuff blacks,as for the blacks that voted for him guess they think because he is a millionaire he will show dem how to get rich or they will get jobs NOPE dumb asses….now for Jamaicans that is in America without docs that been making money and did not shaat out you self was all that flossing worth it cause things are about to change..And for all the people who say dem a move go a Canada they are only taking people in who are going to work you think after what just happen with America they are not going to screen people….America is going to be like slavery days all over again but in a different version

      1. And that fassy FBI Director name Comey who come with the email crap just as she was enjoying a double digit lead. Ole fawt know exactly what him was doing.

        She used her private device to open work emails. And delete some because she know them frigger did want sumn to soak her with Big whoop. From a young lawyer she was working for civil & other rights

        This man cheated on his wives; cheated his taxes; offend latinos, blacks, women, disabled. Call mexicans rapists & drug dealers; hire illegal immigrants; file for bankruptcy 6 times – meaning he kept his money & possessions but them discharge the debt so US taxpayers have to pay it; sued for housing discrimination against blacks; send jobs to the same China him cuss about – even the Make Amer Great hats were made there, building materials for his hotels come from there; is a pervert a look on 10 yo, his daughter & waa grab women by the ; was exposed as the most lying candidate when they check his facts; dont pay his contractors; bringing a woman into the WH who is an escort who work illegally in the country before she get her stay

        And unnu talking bout Hillary? Racism, woman hatred & misinformation more at play here than anything

        1. I know this generation loves running behind people and they love to run with lies but fi something as politics u think dem wudda tek dem future serious.

      2. How Hillary handle the Lewinsky matter….you realize Trump is just like Bill, if not worse when it come to women? So how Hillary measure up less for standing by her husband vs a man who’s just like him?

        You know what let us sit back & see how Trump with a full Republican sweep & the kkk behind him, going to work out for you.

        Think that because you have stay is ‘others’ will be affected. Remember that quote:

        First they came for the socialists & i did not speak out because I was not a socialist

        Then they came for the trade unionists & i did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist

        Then they came for the jews & i did not speak out because I was not a jew

        Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.

        So turn a blind eye or support Trump because you not illegal or you not this or that

    1. They vex because Obama started relations with Cuba even tho a Castro still in power & they feel Hillary would continue his policies. them feel them have them stay already so them safe.

      But you see David Duke, KKK head throw off his sheet & all run in election. Pence, Guilliani & the rest even morr racist than Trump. So life is going to get very tough for all people of colour whether u have stay or not. Racists going to be MUCH bolder now, stop & frisk Guilliani going to make life a hell for people to go about them daily life.

      Not to mention the financial situation when him start war the muslim countries (oil price affected) and others. This is Bush jnr times ten, when him plunge the world into recession

      Me have a special eff you to Blk Americans who voted for him thinking he will keep the immigrants out. Claim them taking their jobs. Nobody stopping them from applying for certain jobs but Them dont want to pick fruit or clean toilet. So dont know what them talking about

  18. The English used to say the sun wi never set on the British Empire, look wah happen. Now America, top nation in the world according to some, this is the beginning of the end. Time alone, oh time will tell. Thing we on heaven but we living in hell.


  20. Hello everyone, We have to take the positives out of everything ..hopefully he will do his best …Hilary is not a saint and maybe he is getting a chance to turn things around (there is no fairness in politics) since she did not win America was saved from a war ..hope for the best


  22. Hilary not a saint we politician do wuss from shell suga deal, to carinosa not to mention the whole heap a money PNP teef up and we come ya a cuss the woman a batty hole some a u come out a just over a private server you cast the woman eena pit, ye who is without sin cast the fuss stone some a we parents do wuss, LOTS A PEOPLE ARE GETTING SICK OVER THIS, MY FAMILY IN JERSEY SAY NO ONE IS ON THE STREET


  24. Both of them are racist … I would have said the same thing if Hilary one none of them are saints …It is said Hilary’s husband told her they would not have to worry about Obama a few years ago because he could only serve them coffee now he wants to be president .. Hilary did state that whites were superior and more intelligent…. She is also backed by the Elites who oppress black people and disregard the Rights of the First Nation people and agreed with the loop holes that exclude them from the health system …..I do not believe in politics but America prides it self on being a democratic country because the people decide .. I am not trying to offend anyone I do not mind the healthy discussion

    1. Which elites is she backed by that disregarded blacks? Hillary has served minorities for over 30 years. As to what people claim bill clinton said, i know u know better than believing what people seh someone seh..Its 2016 technology can prove a lot of things.The people have decided for sure but many are now protesting so we will see

      1. Hilary is backed by the Jewish community she is also a member of OPEC .. It is also stated that funds that were suppose to be distributed in African nations combined with the money seized from Gaddafi has never been accounted for .. As I sad I hope all work out for the best

        1. Jewish are a part of the politics in America for one. How can Hillary be responsible for redistributed funds and do u really believe that funds that were to be redistributed to African nations existed in the first place and den come up missing? Gaddafi was overthrown on Obama’s watch, I dont understand how Hillary as Secretary of State is being held accountable? Lastly Jews try to attach themselves to every political officer and Trump had them behind him as well but they look to hold onto their wealth because they are rich so dem align demself well. It still does not show me how Hillary racist when she has spent so many years helping minorities.

        2. How would she be a part of OPEC as an individual?? The very name stands for Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. She nor her family not even in oil like the Bush them.

          Boy it take this election to expose all sorts. Including people who just repeat anything them hear

          1. I said it to myself last year that people just want to see someone saying something that everyone is listening to for them to believe it. Dem nuh fact check nothing. Real also said that Hillary brought back intelligence about Ghadaffi to Obama…………is not Hillary a gather intelligence ….Hillary’s mistake was to ignore the online rumors thinking that they will go away..and they would have if they were not steady. She needed to have as much people online as on the ground to really address these lies because u have people out there who do believe the bullshit

    2. Real, a propaganda dem spread. WHY dem no speak of Hillary from her college years on up?

      The outcome of this rip off shows who had elite backings and it wasn’t hillary.

      1. From something viral they believe it…..And trump is a propaganda machine. Look how he did obama till di man haffi bring fourth birth certificate??

        1. With all due respect met ms Clinton started the birth certificate rumour when she was against Obama … To answer your last question as Secretary of State she did admit to giving intelligence to Obama regarding gaddafi … I will bow out now not looking to be disrespected or to let anyone feel I am disrespecting them

          1. No she did not. One of the aids in her campaign came up with the information and they told that aid to drop that, what u are repeating is what Trump has tried to pass off. Now, in regards to intelligence giving to Obama, I will ask u a few questions..Did Hillary gather this intelligence? Was Ghadaffi not a target before Obama came into office? Rumors had it that the world order was discombobulated by him wanting to unite africa in currency..and this is why he became a target..not by Hillary but by the real world powers. Im not sure why you mentioned bowing out or disrespect because I have not disrespected u

  25. If you are a foreigner in Jamaica and you are not registered on the system you are deemed an Illegal Immigrant and the Jamaican Government will deport you… This goes for every country in this world, nothing different to what Trump is saying… If you are registered in the USA then you do not have a problem, nothing to worry about concerning such matters… Please try to understand the law and policies. THE USA population is full of immigrants even Trump’s wife they have no problem as I said only if you are not registered then you have a problem. ..

    1. STFU! Yah rass parrot or you phucking retarded?! When trump start load muslims on trains to concentration camps please to pretend your one and be the first on that rass.

      1. Someone should get on his ass the way he did about Obama and his birth certificate mek him show di taxes cause him reach this office pan nothing but lies and story telling

  26. The reason i’m not surprised is that I called it from July and even a few days ago. Usa is a very Racist country pure and simple.Bernie should have been the candidate,not many persons know just how horrible Hillary is and unfit to lead. Google what Hillary did to our kin folks the Haitians and unno ketch a glimpse!Remember Watergate??

    Sent few Days ago

    ‎Met i’ve read a post on JMG where you are stating Hillary will win,well here’s the newsflash stop the press. The facts all show Trump is winning thus far and projected to win. Hillary’s 12pts lead has whittled away to 2 and is largely this poll alone have her leading.All the other reputable polls have Trump ahead and CNN results show him leading in early voting even in traditional Blue states.

    Hillary was on the news telling persons to come out and vote as this election is very close and there is a real possibility Trump can win.She and Trump is now in North Carolina campaigning and their planes are landed near to each other on the same tarmac,it’s that close.

    1. Me respect you views, but for starters Bernie wouldn’t have won and may have gotten lesser votes. He’s a socialist and the main voting base, senior citizens, would never ever vote in a socialist.

      “What Hillary do the haitians” don’t compare to what the haitians do to dem selves…btw did wycliff jean repair HIS charity problems?

      What dem campaigning for today when election done? Writer propaganda was at play from 2008 til yesterday.

      1. THANK YOU!!!!!!! FOH fi dem money always a miss up and other people a get blame fi it..People run with that they hear because this generation is for conspiracy theories and viral stories online..they dont check facts…Das why main stream media is dying because this generation dont want to hear investigative stories..dem waa hear one line of lie and not four lines of facts.

  27. the Haitians in Florida voted trump. Hillary’s foundation collected billions in donations that was supposed to help the people of Haiti and they are still bitter about it. Black men voted Trump as someone said…Yes, some black men hate the idea of having a female as president. I remember when Obama ran and black men said “a black man cant run a country”. backward set of Uncle Sam coons. Not that the black male vote is the sole cause for Trump’s win of course. The illiterate, racist whites and self hating people of colour came out in droves. God help them! nuff a we go get barrel dis chrismus an a go we antie and cousin dem inna it!

    1. Yes I hear the Haitians are but people dont stick to facts, Hillary’s foundation has presented records of all the money that has been collected. Do they really think that the Clinton foundation could have made away with the money? Dem seh di same bout Red Cross and the same about Wycleff..Why does everyone steal haitian money???? The thing that gets me is that Wikileaks said that the Prime Minister of Haiti then and at the time was not corrupt so how so much money rob up? Mi si all Jamaicans vote fi Trump and God knows my opinion of him has nothing to do with immigration. The way he talks and all that he has done makes me sick. I am glad people are now protesting

      1. Majority Haitians dem illeterate and de one dem whey can read figet dem history.

        De Haitian government get funds from these organizations in increments, so dem get it so dem thief it. Me nah vouch fi red cross and money, but they do present themselves in other positive ways.

        Wond what became of bolt’s 10 million by now :hammer

  28. Mi deh a di gym an all di black ppl a discuss di shocking result and all di white ppl quiet an jus a workout lol…….any candidate wud have won saying di same shit trump was saying (let’s make America great again) in other words let’s bring back lynching an put dem ass back in di back a di bus, cuz in white racist America mind those were di good old days……dem tiad a ppl marching an making up noise evertime a unarm minority get shot dung smfh.

  29. Dem seh Bill Clinton messed up with the TPP but he has gone down as one of the best presidents regardless of whatever happened in his personal life. George Bush is the one that caused all this in America’s economy

  30. Let’s make America great again… Bring back the jobs which have been outsourced. Stop invading countries. Take care of the war veterans. Providing more payable jobs. Have better trade deals including with Russia where there is lots of money to be made. Take back control from the private corporations and not be a puppet of the R child’s, R fellers etc… Spend your money on your states and not on illegal wars…

    1. Russia tell u seh dem want to be friends with the U.S? Jobs were being outsourced before TPP and before China there was ”made in taiwan”. If u knew any veteran u would know that they are well taken care of. As to U.S invading countries I think u need to do some reading..Yes they invade but these people send and beg for the U.S to help them and the U.S has helped them because one hand wash the other..when the time come fi di u.s get help they will have all those allies..if u dont understand politics dont get into it. I thought you would have said that the U.S fi stop provide arms to some of these muslim countries ..but u come with invasion?? No country to date no matter how powerful cant jus run into another country like that.

    2. when has america even been great for minorites? was it great for the native americans, for black ppl during slavery, during reconstruction and the jim crow era, for women, you list the group that is not white an privileged and tell wen was america great for them. make america great again mean let’s be in the lead and put dem ppl back in their places

  31. Here is some info that you may not know just sharing the crime bill that was implemented under the Clinton presidency 3 strikes and your out ..privatization of prisons and the order to keep the demands met were to send “super predators” behind bars for an extended period of time…. The formation of OPEC that Makes policies for the states and seem to only focus on states heavily populated by blacks sending children as young as 14 years to prison.. I am not here in favour of anyone as people of African heritage we should know elections and politics are not for us

    1. All of what you are saying we have heard but the only way demands can be met in prisons is if u have offenders. Some were minors and clinton said that in an interview that he regrets that bill. What you may not know is that a bill that is put before the house is not written by one person and cannot pass without other senators agreeing to it so at that time they must have seen it as a solution to crime. I dont believe for a minute that is was specifically for blacks. They had a teen in the news that shot n killed someone, tell me now, whether black or white, a 14 yr old that shots n kills u family..wedda 14 or not u wudden want dem fi go prison? There is a specific case in New York where a young man now about 26, shot and killed someone when he was 15, they gave him ten years and he came right back out n got in trouble the way he is not black. America on a whole is a racist nation, how racist, the world is just now knowing.You have blacks calling themselves niggers but if a white person say it they take all begins with us but we help the divide by not uniting and not setting a standard amongst ourselves. Blacks in America are programmed to be violent..programmed to commit offenses. It all comes back from slavery and how their mind is.

      1. Also..and I would like people to confirm if im lying..Nuff black Americans will bring their minors out to fight with adults because dem know di minor nah go get time but you the adult will. Dem head luuu..Picture someone and u getting into it in a store and the person jumps on his/her phone and calls their 15/16 oversized child to the scene fi come beat u…jus because that child wont face time..they fight in groups because di gang culture real wid blacks..I cant speak for the whites because dem do more sinister things but the black community has much responsibility in some of the things

        1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

          Me learn fi fight from these savages jumping my little ass!

          Met…lolol you know bout dem pack dog mentality

  32. Met i’ve emailed you a snapshot of some of Hillary’s scandals and wrong Doings. Going on the road now but persons are free to google “16 most notorious Hillary’s Clinton Scandals” for themselves to see how unfit she is.

    Trump is evil personified,Hillary is Satan’s Mistress or sidechick. More time zeen.

  33. Don’t get me wrong it is more of a choice between the lesser evil of them both… neither of them are saints and are corrupted in some forms however I think Trump is the lesser evil, as u have no clue about the Clinton Foundation and their alleged crimes which go deeper than u can ever imagine…

    1. People like u made it about lesser or greater evil..the fact is that office that trump is in he is unqualified for. That man has never done an ounce of public service..U ever see one person come fourth and seh Trump help dem ??????

      1. As to Clinton Foundation please speak FACTS..cause if they were using a non-profit to commit crimes as big as the foundation is they could not hide..come with facts

    2. Bullshit! You keep coughing up bullshit. Not even fox news utter such bullshit.

      Met, no facts can be provided because is bullshit. If fox news couldn’t uncover these deep crimes otjer thsn bengazhi, emails, whores and whitewater then it really is horseshit! :ngakak

      1. I want to ask them if dem think as Secretary , Hillary made the decisions..She was a titled courier that is all. She could not make any decisions on her own mi nuh know what they really think. Dem soon start seh Obama kill people because I know for a fact that muslims are blaming him for arming countries..dem seh him give out the most arms so he is at fault for the war..I have not heard of Obama giving away guns ..The U.S sell dem turn it round and seh Obama arming people. A lot of viral crap out there that people are quick to believe because its easier for them to believe one single line than to read a whole paragraphs of facts

  34. What the hell Hillary have to do with Watergate that was Richard Nixon. What Politician doesn’t have a checkered past. My concern is the fact that the neo nazi’s that voted for Trump now think they have a voice. So now Black lives really don’t matter. Having Rudy Guiliani as Attorney General of the united states means a police state that would amp up stop and frisk of mostly black, hispanic and muslims. absolutely no accountability of police murdering unarmed people of color. Not to mention the building of more private prisons to enforce institutionalized slavery. The list goes on and on. We people who lived in NY are aware of Guiliani track record when it comes to black people. All of these are legitimate concerns for every person of color right now. I for one will beat the brakes of the first whitey that calls me nigger

    1. Sweet he was laughing when him FBI friend come out with the email bullshit. Every politician that has worked in a senate will have something in their past because they will sign bills that will work and they will sign ones that dont.

  35. Alot of Bandwagonist were rallying for Hilary. Their mouths said Hilary but their hearts said Trump. I feel very strongly tht some of those celebrities tht campaign for Hilary voted for Trump. They only said Hilary bcuz they dnt want ppl 2 b mad @ dem if public they said Trump. The non- celebs followed Hilary jus so tht they can see n meet their favourite stars & go to free concerts. Thts jus my opinion.

    1. That is what really floored me. This man who dont like blacks but black people dont like demself ..Some hispanics feel they are white..

  36. USA under Bush invaded Iraq, USA under Obama and Hillary invaded Libya, and now invading Syria… None of these countries asked for help. THEY WERE INVADED ON A LIE.. Weapons of mass destruction, killing Their own people bullshit lies… You need to understand the New World Order and know what it means by those elites want to rule every country, if you don’t be a puppet then they destroy you… Bush Obama Hillary all are of the same order…take their orders from the imperial masters…and yes they illegally invaded those sovereign countries and they should face prosecution in the international criminal courts

    1. Smh..when Trump seh people fi surprise people and go to war I know u believe that is possible too. Ghadaffi ASKKKKKKKKED and got U.S help before so therefore he was indebted to them. He used to help that the U.S gave to maime/kill and control..den di people dem in him country start bawl bout di treatment and Ghadaffi start gwaan like him waa cut out the rest of the world with currency…Dem always ask for help and this is why Cuba turned back U.S aid..from u help certain ways u will have debts to pay..ITS SIMPLE

  37. A lot of people switched their votes because they think whilst under Trump it will be better for their businesses. I don’t even think people actually voted for him because they wanted him to become president they did it for their own benefit and other miscellaneous reasons such as Racism. It is u fortunate but what can we do? Just have to wait & see how it plays out.

    I was too shocked that African Americans & Latinos even Asians voted for him but media is media and they do lie ! Also the election was clearly rigged.

      1. I feel that Russia may have attacked the electorial system..Im waiting to see what will come out of it because a di first election ever an people numb from east to west. Georgia whey have so much batteyman vote fi Trump?

  38. Mi have a Puerto Rican friend and nobody can’t tell her that she’s not white no sir she said she’s white , she will not talk to or date a black man nope, and I’m the one who taught her English her first word was bomboclaat lol… love you Rita , she’s living in Albany now and she voted for chump too …#hesnotmypresident

  39. Trump is a big disgrace,can u imagine how Hillary feel n Obama? Americans hate Hillary so much n they don’t agree with her but lord god they could put the country 1st over hate n race.met u think u shame? I cannot get outta bed I am heart broken trump lie, wicked,fool, dum and a disgraceful clown and Americans elected him.trump know what he were doing by running his campaign on race

  40. Did y’all notice with the email thing with Hillary how the media had a field day with it but when the tape came out with him talking how he is with women y’all see how quickly it simmer down and just stop. The white House is built for white coons only so for the past 8 years a black man was in it y’all think they were gonna sit back and watch the party whose for the minority win again oh please.This was all stamped sealed and delivered. Y’all remember that speech he made the other day that he already won so might as well Hillary give it up okay then.

  41. That’s the problem u lot get your news from CNN FOX and a few more establishment owned news stations, where they feed you with bullshit lies… Get your news from other credible places via YouTube. ..



    1. Trump whey dont have one policy and cannot tame dem vote fi represent them. If trump was so good they did not have to hide and vote for him

  44. I think it is a good thing that Chump won, Malcom X spoke about times like these, we negros need a Chump in our lives to put fire under our wire, learn to stand on our own two feet and stop waiting on a Government to make something happen for us. Now we know that we have a racist, and a warmonger in the white house, what are we gonna do for ourselves. Our forefathers put up a great fight because they were fighting for survival I dont know what this generation is really fighting for. This should make more immigrants build up back their countries. Non of those two was good for us anyway. Russia controls most of the worlds uranium, Trump believes if you can’t beat them you join them. This is not a race war this is a wealth war, they wanted to distract the poor with black lives matter. Donald was always in the lead while we were busy in our feelings about racism and sexism. If you have always been the oppressor of course you dont want the oppress to be on top.

    1. A nuh Trump alone believe if u cant beat them join them. Russia wants to become the world’s next super power…its not about who can beat who is about who can rule the world. He is just dumb not to understand that and remember him wife a Russian so he cant act like he hate Russia. Blacks will still find reasons not to come together, they should have stomped out the blacks who came and spoke up for Trump and believe that the world is taking jobs from them when they dont want to work. No job shortage not here..They just dont want to work

      1. Chump believes that as president you have the power to do what you want because he is dumb. When the country collapses lets see how he brings it back

  45. Ok Met i’m back in office so let’s reason this out. Howdy Phantom Phoenix,Sweet I meant white water thanks.

    Do you accept the credibility of Wikileaks?The same Wikileaks that ketch Peter a bash Portia? The uniqueness of Wikileaks Is no matter how ppl protest and Deny the stuff or how they got access,it is typically true that the person say and did so and so. Let me release some factual stuff since using stuff of google is a questionable source as u point out.

    1. Wikileaks while they may have some credibility the motive cancels that and here is why. At first they made it seem like Wikileaks was a lone team working on outing corruption in America…For a while we all bought that because information is information. The U.S solider was blamed for leaking the information to Wikileaks…………..and is locked up but Wikieaks has been leaking steadily after he is gone…With Julian Assaignage ..however his name is spelt …with him being the head……..When Snowden came out..Russia gave him cover right? Since the election Wikileaks has LIEDDDDDDD numerous times ….and tried to make it seem as if the U.S was trying to block them and stop them. The fact that they were focused on this election via the steady Hillary leaks makes me now see that it was Russia in control of Wikileaks all along. They were doing the hacking in order to out the U.S to the world. Whatever was leaked did not create any enemies so the next step was the election but we should have known Trump would win from the Filipino president up and broke U.S ties and linked to China who is not a world power..something is amiss and Trump will be the puppet but he has bitten off more than he can chew so he will choke. The sole intention of Wikileaks is to demean the U.S authority. We just did not see this at the beginning

      1. If u notice the U.S has not tried to go after Assinage , maybe because they know that there is someone bigger behind him. Assinage deh a Equador and those two countries are in dealings. There is always a bigger picture

    2. Howdy… 😀 😀

      As Met stated, Wikileaks has a percentage of credibility. With that said, it has lost alot of credibility in the past weeks because assanage used it in a manner that is deceptive, with political leanings/manipulations.

      Now that i’ve seen it used in such a way I will not buy into it any more and I question the authenticity of its data since they are able to extract at will.

  46. Wikileaks gained acces to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign chairman”s Podesta’s email account. Here are some stuff off it.The focus is on how two faced barefaced and uncommon wicked liar Hillary is.Her own people don’t believe her.

    A stout defender of Clinton in public, in private Tanden injects some bracing honesty that suggests the candidate is not surrounded by sycophants. After the former first lady described herself as a moderate, Tanden asked of Podesta: “Why did she call herself a moderate?”

    He wrote back: “I pushed her on this on Sunday night. She claims she didn’t remember saying it. Not sure I believe her.”

    Tanden replied: “I mean it makes my life more difficult after telling every reporter I know she’s actually progressive but that is really the smallest of issues. It worries me more that she doesn’t seem to know what planet we are all living in at the moment.”

    The daily dump of stolen emails has uncovered Clinton’s lucrative Wall Street speeches, lists of 39 potential vice-presidents and 84 potential campaign slogans, fresh questions over a conflict of interest with the Clinton Foundation and alleged advance warnings of debate questions.

    1. What does this say? There is nothing incriminating in there, Podesta works for Hillary so he has to defend her in public not private and these were his private emails. They say nothing

      1. Met if I hired you to be my leading voice to promote to ppl that i’m fit to be a Leader.You tell the public how great i am and qualified but in ur heart and in privacy you think i’m a liar.

        Question…Is someone who Doesn’t have a clue as to what planet we are on fit to be President and leader of the FreeWorld??

        1. Because him seh him dont believe her that concedes that he thinks she is a liar? Im sure u have people in your life that u think tell u one and two lie…It doesnt say that they are overall a liar…

    2. So lets decipher – she had a choice of slogans & wondered who she going to choose for VP, got paid to give speeches while she was a private citizen and some people work with her but never like her much…… still waiting for evidence of a crime or to see where she evil

      1. No evidence. I even hear people seh she and bill clinton kill people …the picture that they painted of her was of unfounded lies

        1. But if people really voted Trump in why so many people rush canadian immigration site fi try leave? This is a first in U.S history

  47. bad senda go back a Jamaica wid people a kick off u door afta election, if Hilary a satans mistress, who is sniffer him trample workers rights u need to google how much people Donald work and no pay illegals just like what happen to some of us in this country, put his dirt out there u pussy grabber. house enemy oriole coconut

    1. It doesn’t quite go suh or work like that dearie. Irrespective of how high emotions are running,one this occassion and post we’ve sorta agreed to have a mature discussion and sharing of views.Soon 150 comments and I bet u will struggle to show anyone else being personal and Disrespectful.

      Don’t settle for that Dubious distinction we can disagree without being acting as if i’m a Trump supporter!! Satta

    2. Hi, no do Senda so at all at all. Senda using points made by the media, so you can’t a go personal on him.

  48. Florida better not ask for more help when the next hurricane come.

    Louisiana I’m not using that weak ass hot sauce no more.

    Kentucky y’all can keep that weak ass KFC.

    Idaho F**k them nasty ass potatoes.

    Oklahoma that’s why Kevin Durant left y’all bitch ass.

    Texas y’all can keep that weak ass toast ain’t eating it no more…

  49. a mirror was held up to america’s face and most are revolted by the reflection, like dem neva know a suh dem stay from long time

  50. Hillary Doesn’t play fair. There is factual evidence that she got as much as 3 questions before the Debate and thus prep for it.No candidates are to know what the questions will be. CNN said they were uncomfortable with the staffer conduct and them part company.

    After she teef for Hillary and CNN let her go guess who gave her work??Isn’t that corrupt Met? You remember the Bank lady that leaked confidential Banking info breaking our laws just to tell Bruce GolDing bout Trafigura? When the bank fired her are you aware she got a top govt position in PM Bruce govt? Just know she dead less than 1year after so never get to reap the benefits Dear poor thing.

    11/07/2016 07:11 PM EST Share Tweet
    More evidence Brazile leaked CNN questions to Clinton campaign
    More hacked emails posted by WikiLeaks contain more instances of Donna Brazile sharing CNN questions with the Hillary Clinton campaign

    full story on

    As previously reported, Brazile resigned from her contributor position with CNN (which was suspended while she was interim chair) after hacked emails showed her sharing questions ahead of a CNN town hall with the Clinton campaign. Brazile now serves as interim chair of the Democratic National Committee.

    1. Senda, Donna Brazile isn’t some staffer and been in her DNC position from July. She wasn’t given a job- she earned it from years of being a voice of the party.

  51. At least two protests against President-elect Donald Trump are planned in New York City Wednesday, hours after the brash businessman won the race for the White House in a stunning upset over Democrat Hillary Clinton.
    Facebook events for demonstrations in Union Square and Columbus Circle were created on Wednesday morning, with more than 2,500 Facebook users responding that they would be present at the protests.

    The Union Square protest is hosted by Socialist Alternative. The group said demonstrators will march more than 40 blocks uptown at 8 p.m. to picket outside Trump Tower in midtown. The demonstration is set to begin at 6 p.m.

    The Columbus Circle demonstration, meanwhile, is hosted by the anti-racism group Answer Coalition. That event is set to begin at 5:30 p.m.

    There was also at least one instance of election-related vandalism in the city on Wednesday. Someone appeared to have written the words “I will kill you Trump” on a subway train window, though it’s not clear when the vandal wrote the message.

    The NYPD said officers responded to the location, but the vandalism had been removed by the time they arrived on scene.

    Despite spending his entire life in New York City, Trump was not a popular choice in the Big Apple on Election Day. He was beaten by Clinton in every borough except Staten Island. He also lost the popular vote statewide by nearly a 2-to-1 margin.

  52. Trump was saying that the system is rigged and nothing anyone said could stop him from saying so..He was rigging the system

  53. So disappointed in my fellow Americans especially women. White men voted the way I thought they would vote but, I expected more from women.

  54. just imagine if the other politicians over the world spoke the truth on their intentions for the country and not tell lies to win your votes.

      1. Met save your energy. He showed them who he was and I dont know if is house slave syndrome or what, some people back him. You going to need the energy to comfort them when them get caught in the dragnet too

        1. I cant help it because dem a chat bout bring back jobs whey dem dont want. Mi jus blown away that people really bought into the lies but mi know a so this generation is or this new age of people. Dem seh Hillary a go cause war and Trump a look fi bomb people. Im waiting for him to be impeached still.

  55. The system been rigged from 2000 when Bush took Fl. So Trump was telling the truth ,it started with the republicans stealing the election in 2000.The man is a con artist the best defense is a great offense. Talk about the Democrats so nobody would pay attention to the real thief who was the republicans. Please people lets not let our emotions override our common sense. I grew up in the chicago so i was taught to look out for these white people, nothing they say is really what it is nothing Chump say can work anyway, Mexico is with the East, that is why he said he is gonna build a wall. BIN LADEN sons were hiding out in mexico they are looking for one world order. Rich people know whey dem a do.

    1. I think its bigger than Bin Laden’s sons. China and Russia been going around looking for countries to be with them so they are really looking to lick the U.S outa position. Its about power and not money


    1. Georgia Crawford with har yeb yeb mouth. Since Trump a nuh racist, what has he done for anyone???????? What was sheryl lee saying?

      1. If Trump was any good New Yorkers would vote for him. His own state did not vote fi him because they know exactly how he is

        1. MET this is a man that Macy’s, NBC and the Miss USA organization dropped because of his comments about being rapists etc. This is a man who couldn’t win a governership or mayorship in NY, so how the hell the rest of the country gave him the highest job in the land? WE are a joke.

  57. Hillary, like every other politician has done her deeds.I don’t make excuses for politicians but Trump though….the johncrow doesn’t have any experience to even qualify to RUN for president. Then those spiteful Cubans in Miami, I swear they only voted for him because they feared Hillary would have continued normalizing the relation between US and Cuba. A normal relationship would benefit the Cuban people. Them probably figet seh dem a immigrant too and at this point only straight white Christian males are safe in this country. *not that we didn’t know that before* but lawddd… * if anyone feels the need to rip me to shreds because of my opinion…go ahead but don’t except a reply from me*….don’t have no energy to debate about this pig that will be leading the U.S

    1. They hate castro so much they dont want no U.S relations wid cuba. Castro whey never do nothing more than defend his country and run dem out wid dem prejudice because some of them swear they white.

  58. Met you know some fool on ur site like trump? No disrespect but if them nuh go read n educate themselves them nuh need to come n say Hillary do dis n dat without real facts.Hillary movement for years was far better than what Americans sold her for they hate blacks so much they don’t care that they leader is a dogshit as long as hes gonna make blacks ppl live in hell the country can always go down.

      1. And a lot of people think what comes up in google search is facts..How can you want your fact to be based of someone’s facts that may or may not be true. All u hear dem a talk dem a seh emails and they dont know what is inside none a di emails but she cant be trusted because of emails. Wikileaks it go as far as fi seh Podesta did ina obeah/spirit cooking. They used everything they could find…At one point I thought the U.S government would put a stop to them but they really couldnt do anything cause Wikileaks was crying foul all the way

        1. Lazy college students use wikipediaand these summaries from google searches in papers…result is usually a “F” lololol

          Internet searches are perfect propaganda transmitters.

          1. Universities tell students not to google and do no paper cause dem is going to get that nice fresh fat F deh. Google is a search engine, it does not fact check or separate fact from fiction but people will run to it , quickly quote things without reading or checking how credible the sources are.

  59. Hillary built up a $250million speaking engagement,book Deals and endorsement from special interests.Never Before has a candidate for President been so compromised to return favours to Lobbyists. At least Portia was mainly Beholding to Gay funders and promised a repeal of Buggery act.

    Do you have even the slightest idea how far, wide and thin Hillary was beholden and spread to special interests? Bernie beholden to poor ppl and lower Middle class.

    Met u asked for reasons she unfit so i’m respectfully given some and it is in no way shape or form a endorsement of Trump.He’s not fit for being even a PTA President!

    1. In America that would have been illegal so if there was proof the foundation would be dissolved. Jamaica and America run two different way. Exposed corruption is dealt with. So that was fed propaganda again

    2. Every dignitary earns 5 to 6 figure salaries for speaking engagements and that $250 million is the combined network of Bill & Hillary. At least they didn’t earn their money from ripping off the working class and not paying workers.

  60. The main story that i’m shocked hasn’t been Denied is the wikileaks re Hillary telling a group of big wigs investors and leaders/CEOs, that the tactics to use is ok to say one thing to the public that u Don’t believe in or agree with in private.

    Is a person fit to be President who is encouraging and actively promoting lying to the public and sharing views you don’t believe in private??

    1. That was not what she said. She explained that there is a way to sell someone an idea in public but it does not have to be the same in private. While on the debate stage she was asked about it and I think she explained that abraham lincoln had two ways for dealing with people. It is logical that you would be less personal in public than private.

  61. Met he who holds the wealth holds the power so it’s one in the same. It’s not about Bin Laden sons. I only use that to show you that mexico is allies with the east that is why Trump and Putin is mad. They are not accomodating their ideas that is why he said he is gonna build a wall. Racism will never die just like sexism America brainwash the world. America is still loging years behind. They still have never seen a woman leader, at least us Jamaicans are use to queens and female prime minister to hell with dem pass wi a pass thru.

    1. In my opinion no. You can have wealth and can buy connections but you can have power and not the money..Obama never rich but he was in a position of great power so both may not walk together. Power can get u wealth and wealth can give u power …that is the only connection they share the fact that u can use one to gain the other. Putin nuh business with Mexico, he does not care bout Bin Laden son dem and no world order him jus want tek over and the U.S ina him way..What u said about logging behind I said to my sister today, America seh dem good and dem a first world but dem cant accept a woman in a powerful position? Dem lacking big time

      1. Russia ran into cuba and a lot of countries whey never really ina U.S good graces. China is steadily buying resources worldwide and they still have poverty in their county and lots of natural resources so there is no need to be buying but they want the connections. Russia si seh Cuba nah tek telling so they have pulled out somewhat and the U.S wants to step in where they stepped out. Im a news fanatic :nohope:

        1. The system now in the U.S has disabled them. People cant think for themselves, they have been brainwashed into eating what is being fed. It is the system’s fault.

  62. Russia DNA is all over America’s election. Hillary don’t have the power to investigate it so she gave trump her blessings n move on with the hurt n pain.if she had call rigged like trump dogshit she could the fony F ppl to look in it. Met big up urself n ur site n the ppl we have who read n educate themselves. Trump could not win a without Russia help. It nuh matter how u said we got our news about the polls from CNN. Even after FBI letter about the 600 + emails she was leading right up to election result was read. Don’t be fooled ppl. Met big up I admire u for ur strength n the time u take to educate urself n teaching other a 1 or 4.

    1. Hillary went in like a lady and came out like one. This is bigger than her but when Putin realize seh di clown cyah tame, we shall see who took the votes. I hear seh Canada lock off dem border mi nuh know how true it is but if this man was elected by the people why the uproar?

  63. So no one watched Clinton Cash and see how she do the people in Haiti? Di same BBC people weh dead out from hurricane wah dey? Is how dem supposed to dead when BILLIONS was raised after the earthquake. ALL STOLEN. Watch Clinton Cash.

    You never read the Wikileaks or wah?

    Set of dumb people. Trying to class all white as racist. Open your eyes.

    1. You phucking fool! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak go watch the letters that form the word FACTS and lo the woman :ngakak

      Why onnu no go watch THE THIEVING HAITIAN dem a spend the monies from the CLINTON FOUNDATION when it a spend a bal harbor and Paris?!

    2. Trump balls sucker yah get promoted in January to batty licker.

      If push come to shove and civil unrest tek place me a harm me self against blacks as well as whites cause history shows that oonu cannot be trusted as your brothers keeper.

  64. Clinton was going to do WW3. Putin said it straight. 4 star US General said it too.

    Wikileaks is not Russian. 10 years of leaks and none wrong yet.

    Do you realize how many people had to vote Trump for him to win when you consider all the fake votes for Hillary?

    And what about Bernie? You guys act like he took himself out of the race. Hillary stole the nomination from him. Trump could not win if Bernie ran, so blame Hillary for the L.

  65. Yea met, Hillary show class n grace all the way.the point I was making is if the dogshit did lost him would say rigged.. He cry rigged because he new the outcome with Russia help. Met each time I rem that I am not dreaming n that the dogshit won my head n ole body hurts me I am so devastated!!

    1. Everybody devastated. I wish it was a dream and we would wake up to another reality but the higher monkey climb the more his ass is exposed so we shall be seeing

  66. Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin are not states considered as states with poor whites without a degree.

    Blacks voted for Trump too. Latinos too.

  67. shet u rass we shall see what we shall see, u hear wa u want hear rass traitor this no jus so, something happened smaddy did something before u look out for u ppl interest u tun uncle tom like u a suck some tinkin cratches the man no show him taxes up till now an u think It cute. all she did was tell putin him teef the election from that him hav up the woman . kiss out we rass claat go help trump suck him gal when man got no use a so dem behave

  68. Met met met…I didn’t turn on no TV all day mi jus see all these protest.met met met listen to me it nah done met watch n believe it gonna get bigger

    1. I dont watch or read no news today not one………and thats not me Im a news fein but I need a few days fi recoop..It should get bigger people need fi get answers because he is not the choice of the people

    2. It should get bigger. People take this shit fi joke.

      Protest and state if emergencies should take place on the streets of America!

      America denounce “elected” candidates in other countries, they nplaceo denounce this one at home!

      My fellow Jamaicans relish in Jamaica’s poliical mishaps, but want to write off this disaster as a hush…you NIGGERS have life f**k up and is time America show unu say dem just as faulty. You bitches fi go in a hutrican mode while the true Americans fight fi dem rights since a immigration alone onnu concern wid..damn damn spineless frauds.

  69. When Trump and the GOP dismantle social security and privatize Medicare. The very same voters are going to want his head. As for providing Jobs, those that are not outsourced went the way of technology. Trump is not going to be able to get people back to the jobs they had in the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. As for Hispanics taking the jobs. Mek mi see if Billy Bob going to want to pick orange for $3.00 a bushel in 90 degree weather 6 days a week. Or lay tar 12 hours a day for $7.25 a hr. All these glorious promises. He better produce. White people feel disenfranchised, that’s what I heard a white man say on the news. Why because in 20 yrs they will be a minority.

  70. Mi say met i am so depressed is like mi haffi give myself a pep talk to get out of bed and eat something in the 3pm bells I cried and cried and then forced myself fi go bade and tidy up the house likkle. Is like I’m mourning a death and perhaps it’s a death I don’t think I would taken it so hard if it was a mccain or romney win atleast you know on the surface they weren’t megalomaniacs. Like you i believe something was amiss because I refused to except the idea people so disgusting black ppl included. I saw the face of the white house staff and they looked like mourners. I will say this though hillary speech moved me to tears because she exuberated hurt and pain energy and petty wouldn’t have gone out there and address nobody. This is truly a terrible day to be alive I had a gut feeling yesterday morning about this but i prayed it wasn’t true, however I will have to find some way to detox my mind from american politics and focus on my family which is most important.

  71. Good morning everyone; hope this comment finds you all in good health. I completely understand why some of you are angry, worried and outright disappointed with the latest election results, but I want to reassure you all that no matter what, you all will be safe. Your families will be safe. God is in total control. I pray for you all protection today, tomorrow and years to come. Please do not allow the results from what seems to be a rigged election to sadden you, depress you and cause you to stay out of work. You have bills, roofs to secure over your heads, mouths to feed and goals to achieve. Get up and be encouraged. I for one refuse to let anything damper my spirit. I suffered from depression for many years; as I allowed what was happening outside of me to affect inside of me; NO MORE WILL I ALLOW MATTERS BEYOND MY CONTROL TO AFFECT ME INTERNALLY. I know it’s easier said than done, but please, I urge you all to remain confident in God and God alone. You are secure in His land. You nor your families will be deported. Trust and believe that He Who has set the crooked places straight before is still the same God. The president might have changed or about to change, but God remains the same God. He shall keep you today and forevermore. Bless up one and all.

    1. Blessings to you and yours as well Anon. Is di same approach mi tek from 9:15pm Election Night. When mi see di numbers dem in favor of di almshouse, reality kicked in and mi dus prepare miself and gah mi bed. Mi reach ah wuk early di next day…caw mi dun knoe seh Jah NEVERRRR make ah mistake. My focus is fi finish di likkle structure weh mi start ah Yaard cause dis doe nawmal.

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