Him name Andrew dile from gold st now lives in the bronx..him and harrysha was together till married an cum a farrin claims marriage was bizniz then she found out it wasnt she left him last summer..harrydha seh him a stalk har n wont leave her alone..she dont want him n him nuh stop act like feds wen she in ja…him call everyday n sen credit fi watch har.. d 2 been back n forth on fb arguing..him doh want d wife bet yet still him breed har.. pointblank harrysha seh DILE fi lowe har out n Gwey wid him likkle cocky..







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    1. Jenni sound like dude trick the B and slaughter the…Don’t trust we innuh.We are men,we tell unnuh any story fe get the likkle som’n …LOL

  1. The bwoy a number one liad daddy bring wah? Him married and live wid him wife and have gal all bout him nuh have nuttin bout him, love liges waan woman fi mine him a harrysha broke him bad cuz she mine him wid har man a farrin money and all gi him car fi drive weh d man buy har wen him did deh a gold him use to dat n think dem yah a farrin ago do the same but it just nah happen.him dont want him wife cuss she nuh up to him standards she nuh ready at all, the amount a bun she get a hope she nuh buy none fi easter poor thing but mi nuh sorry fi har, the man waan everything weh move a bx the dutty bwoy a one fb whore but the gal dem a plan fi him man him have something coming, if him f**k a gal him nuh dun wid u till him dun n him love toe to toe like agal him inna the wrong body this dutty batty man try nuh mek him trace you enuh cuss him nuh stop yah so

    1. Stephanie Chloe nasty shavel mi will tek unu on fi him face to face
      Lef di man alone Dile a gud yute Unuh nuh knw mi but mi knw Unuh
      Unuh betta bloodclaat stop it

  2. Met you have time a post this.. We need fi stop post gal weh send in themselves like what harrysha once said any gal met no put up no hot gal a guess she hot yah now.. I won’t even comment pon this situation cause she use to affi mine dah buddy deh till she weak so why the hype now?? Can’t wrong the man if you money tree left you look it back

  3. We are gathered here today to celebrate the short life of our beloved dog Andrew Dile…. Please take a moment of silence and leave your comments to the decease family of Andrew Dile Brown lol a that fi reach him

  4. Harrysha luv dah bwoy deh till she fool
    Gyal head har true di bwoy happily married..
    Harrysha n har Bronx hore crew whe a f*•k each oda fi
    Gwe…Dile a gyalis from mi knw him

  5. Harrysha body stay bad she run and fawn do breast and em lean face white body black stop mine cocky young girl every minute yuh fly fi go watch the boy old skermige

  6. Harrysha fe gweh a true Andrew no want har she a mad she need fe go get a life dash weh belly Harrysha Andrew file no want yuh go down a sea and go truck off yuh used to pay him fe no leave yuh and true him no want you no more yuh a mad you are going to die nasty f**k out gal me know say a you put it up him still nah call yuh yuh ago mad him no want you deal with it bitch get over yourself already

  7. All the things you a post nah make it f**k out gal go look a life Andrew don’t want you no more so go and die the sea is close by so go and drown yourself as soon as him reach up yuh run go book ticket fe run come behind him a who a run down who a you a run him down me know it hurt no more hype for you bye FELESHIA

  8. She have it inna har nasty hole cause she can’t keep one man all the man a mine har she a take it and a give Andrew when no want har f**k out cocky mouth harrysha whe yuh fren dem have yuh a foreign a sell yuh to the highest bidder slut bucket harrysha

  9. Dile can go suck harrysha wid a long straw like she seh short likkle cocky long tongue bwoy..all unuh famiky do a work bare obeah unuh a devil people
    .harrysha nah back dutty people unuh know weh fi find wi anything a anything mek sure u ready or unuh ago just go a the obeah man dwl this is crazy..harrysha dont want dutty batty dile the gal move on long time a d f**k dem a stress hin weh she a pudung n him na get none lol mine u have heart failure old dutty man u careless and worthess bout u a playboy u a freak grandpa foh

  10. Munchie mi neva know seh yuh a di biggest man mascot ina merica mi nuh si how yuh fi married a bleach out face bredda yah weh a clown yuh out like queen clown.Where is your pride,dignity and respect for that lovely daughter of yours is that the example u r setting for her.Come on a soh yuh selh esteem LOWWWWWWW!!!!!

  11. Tamoy nuh have no self esteem at all she a claffy dile have everybody a laugh after har him do what him please a so him do keisha she a d next clown him f**k everything and siddung and wait like one f**king claffy foh not fi no crocodile after him nuh cute unuh si him hairline? Keisha hope yuh nuh siddung a wait cuz tomorrow nuh promise go look a man keisha yuh is not a ugly girl so why you two fools sit and let this walkin germs do this to unuh, keisha stop fren your mates it dont look good back to tamoy yuh is no saint yuh dash out u pussy like dog I can call a whole bunch a names all from your workplace your pussy a home depot itself dwl so a redundance you deh pan whoring gal look how yuh daughter pretty just hope she nuh cum like yuh, yuh is a worthless skirtless yuh tell u husband why you dont dig men from Bronx???? Ur file need the fbi lol mek mi leff dah man mascot yah.Harrysha weh mi ask u is when you ago do yuh mouth and your pussy? You just a swallow man, where do you live? One room nah mek it when yuh have u things a ja smh my girl stop sleep pan floor wid dem titi deh yuh mek mi shame the whola need fi go inna one big blue barrel and bun yuh start f**k gal now what a site it shameful yuh mek Shavel d whore broke u out unuh f**k suck n lick out batty all a mek man piss pan unuh , mi nah lie a betta u did a sell pussy and mek man pay yuh fi suck cocky.That poor soul of a man weh yuh deh wid weh a gi yuh the world and him inna d dark a sumbody prisp him n tell him foh F**kbox u cum a f**kout bronx.sum scotch bonnet ago reach yuh n shavel d bronx whore

  12. Harrysha u just lame and outdated like the sperm dem weh ah build grey hair pan u front> come offa Andrew mucky pussy tan bad harrysha a bare cocky a beat kete drum inna yuh mouth..Yes bitch mi ready fi buss it like clappaz who fah cocky likkkle?? A ur pussy big like boston rd yah try hard fi tun celebrity but it nah work out u do breast go n do ur big hole..bitch a cum mi cum fi bury u so plz choose the picture u waan mi use pan u funeral flyers..madden just ring mi dem seh dem a pic u up so deh yah a write u eulogy!! Fi now gwan pick out u casket mi done chatt u just too nuff harrysha wid the torch hole aak n spit tuuh!

  13. Mi fren harrysha ago mad uno dutty bloodclat… Nuh wonda so much a uno a dead frm high blood pressure cause uno tek ppl weh inna betta position dan uno ,bizniz put pan uno head…..all a who a chat caah walk inna di gal bloodclat shoes. Mi knw uno wish uno did inna har position doh? Wen harrysha an har man done f**k uno set uno mouth and ketch di discharge uno germs uno….uno nuh si di more uno chat a di more di gal a shine….bad mind is really di worse disease…uno need if go look a work and stop sidsung a rd side and beg 10 and 20…

  14. Who di f**k is dile a bare clown mi fren use to clown him out….him was har yes bwoy dile walk and suck pussy like dwog mi fren Neva want him only if wash har clothes and clean up di yaad… Bloodclat mawma man!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Big up mi nice clean fren wid har neat body and har stiff breast wi har nice clean man pay fah….Nuff a uno man not even a buy uno a bag juice , bcuz mi fren get wise and stop gi uno har things uno mad…..mek uno nuh go nyam rat poisin and drink some bleach bcuz uno nuh stand no purpose. Any man mi fren tek want up har good up body memba a dutty dile sen out bc pan bb bout mi fren good pussy and den go get matching tattoo, nuff a uno germs not even a get call to wen uno man si uno a rd but yet still a mek harrysha bizniz badda uno…uno nuh si di gal a shine Brite like a diamond and trek plain like taxi…. Wah!!!!!! Wah!!!!!!! wah!!!!!!!!!! Harrysha hot nuh bomboclat!!!!!!!!!

    1. only unemployed people go around harrysha, the ones who hungry, naked & needy. none of you make sense

  16. not taking any side but this need to stop…harrysha & dile is my friend
    harrysha you kool at times but your heart need to cleanse material things, waste friends get to your head look into yourself before you becomes laughing stock. you know Dile before you Deh with him is Dile give you hype & make sure you keep your head high.Dile fault is him wild & will lick di piss outa you because he dont like nonsense. Dile deal with your son like his own, him help you get the car & visa. From suzie q hear him ago foreign she provoke him because she know him ignorant di bwoy ignore she. Harrysha my friend stop plan with people to provoke dile because they want him get in trouble to lose the greencard. Stop it & stop lie dile not paying you any attention no text or whatever you are saying. If him was badmind like your friends he would get your man involved. Harrysha my friend you was a better person 2yrs ago.

  17. Miss Fleet Street, how dlile fi help harrysha get car and visa wen him not even have dry shit inna him batty oh plz…….and yes this needs to stop and if u knew harrysha like u said u do u would now that harrysha is still a good person and a dile and some a dutty south ppl always a provoke har to wrath…..but mi always tell har don’t Mek bad mind ppl get har down silence is a killer so jus don’t give them ur attention. Harrysha yuh a god bless gal!!!!!!

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