You know what I don’t understand why take people things if you know you don’t want it nor gonna pay for it? Now Saturday morning I wake up to bare BC MSG one bbm from Toya pink and landy star life zeen! And everybody know that when people inna cuss cuss people talk anything even if it don’t go so first of all I didn’t like it cause the two a unno a did friend! But Landy yuh dead ass wrong! Yes me a tek it up pon mi head how the hell yuh fi take the girl clothes them from the first week a January and don’t wanna pay for it? That’s the part I don’t understand then ago send out bc pon bbm bout a hungry the gal hungry and a carry the girl baby father n unborn child inna it! Yuh damn out of order! Afta yuh owe the gal so long mi sorry she Neva box yuh down! Wey mi notice with some a unno dancehall gal unno worry bout the wrong things! If the gal baby father go married to a white gal wey the rass that affi do with u nor nuh body else? Everybody a try make it inna farin who nah married r pay them way go so that a nuh nutten fi tek cuss ppl! Then you talk bout the gal wah live hype life and a run in pon ppl table a dance if yuh wicked one more time! That girl only go party with her brother mi nuh know if them a blood r wah but any wey u see him yuh see she r yuh see her by her self a drink wey her money can by if she hype pon u she Neva hype pon mi she don’t even talk much….. And she allowed to hype cause r family have money n tek care of her that’s why nuff a unno inna dancehall friend her n hate her at the same damn time! Landy yuh don’t look good yuh Neva did! You owe the girl pay her now cause yuh Mek a food a yuh party mi see fi mi self but now mi sorry mi even cum cuz dutty heart gal like u nuh fi get my money! Yuh have how much man inna dancehall ( wren fi life, Sheldon Shoota, Rekel impressive the tattoo yute, the yute wey tek pic out a Kingston 13, Romio dream chaser) and the list goes on and yuh nuh deh inna dancehall not even a year yet! But if mi call nuh more name the ppl them woman would a beat yuh! A everything mi talk a fasts cause the man them talk! Only person mi hear that yuh talk bout a wren fi life cause a him buy you the fone yuh have now! Toya a nuh saint even thou a nuff lie unno badmind dancehall gyal tell pon her but a tru mi nuh do mix up why mi nuh carry back unno name to the gyal but right is right landy yuh owe the gal her 8g pay her! Cause 4months a go pon 5months a too much time that fi owe ppl and nuh wah pay! A word to Toya listen to me don’t allow nuh body fi draw you out cause yah breed n yuh nuh need that zeen! Don’t give a shit what nuh body sey bout yuh baby father at the end of the day y’all still together n him a more than own yuh child big up yuh damn self! Landy again pay the gal n go a town go buy some more clothes cause yuh stay bad nuh rasss

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