Toya, Joe Bogdanovich’s wife dies

Dancehall artiste Toya, who is also the wife of popular business man and CEO of Downsound Records, Joe Bogdanovich, died early this morning in the Unites States of America.

Toya, whose given name is Latoya Alicia Jackson, had been ailing for some time now, though the cause of illness is unknown.

She is known for songs such as True Blessings and Hot Like Fire.

The couple have one son together.


0 thoughts on “SMH R.I.P TOYA

    1. *say it ain’t so

      My condolences to her son and Joe. This world is not ours…we are all visiting.

      :mewek2 :mewek2

  1. ABOSLUTLEY WOOOwwwwwww! I had her songs playing on repeat most of Sunday, added her to my favorite youtube list said day!

    Met, my heart goes out to you, her son,spouse and family.

  2. Rip toya a few weeks back my mind run on her Caz I havnt heard or seen her. God guide and protect her child

  3. Im suh sorry to hear dis may she rest in peace
    But fe ah while now dem seh she did sick
    An dem neva sey weh she sick from
    Does anyone know wah sickness she did have
    Couldnt understand how she get sick all of ah sudden
    Sip toya :rose:

  4. Tears Tears gone too soon ‘ so young & had much to lived for . Don’t trust those old riche men never never.

  5. SIP in peace Toya. My condolences to your son, husband, the rest of your family and Ms Met. God please guide and protect her son.

  6. Only God knows why I pray her soul is at rest n her family I pray for peace n comfort in this their time of pain RIP young lady May God bless your soul.

  7. SAD TO SAY BUT TOYA CANOT RESTIN PEACE WHHEY MURDER HER. I HOPE GOD USE HER SPIRT TO FIGHT THE DEVIL..Destroy the power of the Devil, Lord Jesus, whatever influence he has had, ANY hangovers or remnants of his power or influence, I ask You to remove and destroy it in Jesus’ name! Cast it OUT and cast it AWAY from here and get RID of it, Lord, FOREVER! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

  8. Mi always like to see her I have ah few videos of her Inna mi collection of dh celebritys RIP!

  9. RIP Toya, condolences to Joe and son, so young with so much to Iive for. This world is temporary and earthly things fade, seek ye first the kingdom of God.

  10. Why dem keeping wat she died from a secret? now ppl going to start talking crap about her, you know that rumor spread faster than the truth!!!

    1. Why some of unu don’t go drop asleep or go have a seat somewhere. What is really wrong with these people, Lord? Some a say Joe, a next set a say Ishawna and the rest a say Skatta. Stop call the people dem name and just say R.I.P. and go bout unu business. Let God deal with the matter and go deal with fi unu business. God is the master of this world, and if someone hurt and killed this girl, God will deal with them. Evil doers will be cut off and they will reap what they sow, so leave all to God and quit with the name calling and judging. Just pray for her loved ones, esp her son and mother.

  11. Somebody had left a comment on here some time back that she had gone blind and we were asking about her, but nothing.

    May she RIP. Hope her family and loved ones find strength in their time of sorrow.

  12. I’ve never heard her music but she’s a beautiful girl may her soul rest in peace may the good lord guide and protect her young son.

  13. I just saw a picture of her husband that old fart wow I really hope there wasn’t any foul play as one commentator just mentioned.

  14. This girl is one if the few I really liked, she was quiet and was such a sweetheart, googled her a few times and nothing. She was such a humble girl we went to the same salon couple years back. She use to come book at my then work place on special occasions for her and Joe. I nuh believe this is a just so death something not right and mi so someone talk bout Ishawna smfh if ah she really duh this I pray the gal duppy haunt her and make she reach a worst fate. Rip Toya so sad she gone led had son sad bad. If ah smaddy mess up the girl remember their is a bitch that is worst than any obeah her name is karma and I hope she f**k u wide a dildo up the ass and naam u afta. God give them their just reward amen

  15. May her soul rest in eternal peace, my condolences goes out to her, husband, son and family. God needed her most, time will heal the broken hearts of her loved ones, please take comfort that she is in no more pain now.

  16. God don’t like ugly lets how quick joe go remarried . That’s why me stay farrrrrr from ppl cause iniquity & wickedness exist on this earth mankind full of jealousy & badmind. Toya wos a bright girl & had everything going for her all of a sudden she sick & dead .

  17. My darling Met, my condolences and sympathy goes out to you and the Toya’s family and loved ones, in this, your time of bereavement. May our wonder working Lord grant you all peace and comfort at this solemnly tragic moment. *TEARS* Wow! So young tho’! SIP PRINCESS! My prayers are with her son, you Shani, her husband, parents, extended family, friends and loved ones. Farther along you will understand why!

    This couldn’t have come at WORSE time for you Shani, just as you’re going through the motions in regards to OUR DEARLY DEPARTED QPICK! *TEARS* RIP TOYA! RIP QPICK! SADLY MISSED AND VERY MUCH LOVED.

  18. For gods sake she was sick with stage diabetes no obeah no foul play her husband loved and respected her dearly. Don’t come at him like that it’s so unfair. He did everything he could to help her and for your information ISHAWMA NUH WAAN JOE NEVER DID NEVER WILL!

    1. That would sound possible, as diabetes can lead to blindness and kidney failure in the last stage.

    2. That’s how people are I hate them. My grandma had diabetes her sight went first. The couple years amputation. Then a stroke came n she passed. People are so negative the first thing they scream is foul play and obeah n bring other people name in it. Smh Wicked. But Rest In Beautifullllll Peace Gorgeous!! Will Miss You. Praying for your family and most of all your Son. Be At Peace. He had to take you he saw your pain. Your are Loved. Now fly away n go with his angels.

      1. People are talking bits of truth with lies, her sight wasn’t the first to go and she had diabetes but usually to lose your sight it has to be out of control. Hers was not. A lot went on but may she rest in peace as you said :kiss

  19. I honestly don’t know this girl. When I heard of her is someone showed me a porno she did. And after I heard she was married to joe I asked and I was also told that they ain married they just have a child together and living together. Anyway I remember thinking to myself she’s beautiful and lucky to find a rich man and have a beautiful biracial baby. But anyway when I heard she sick and no1 knows from what. THEN rumors start circulate say it’s obeah and I even heard it from 1 of her family member mouth. Then they start giving me the history on how many ppl died from down sound are become mad. I start believing that place curse for real. But my opinion is not everything glisten is gold. Too much badmind and licky licky ppl deh roun there suh. And I am truly sorry for her son. May her soul rest in piece and always watching over her lil boy.

      1. You would be surprised. Know this black Jamaican girl who had Artificial Insemination using a white sperm donor just so that she could have a biracial child. Know a few others who got with white men who was practically homeless. Most of these kids end up not knowing who the fathers are. Look at all these people damaging their skin by bleaching? What does that say about the state of black people’s mind?

  20. Lol @anon/ishawna love and respect her lol did u say that with a straight face? I know for a fact that old white man was sleeping around on Toya with his freaky ways. Plzzzz. He did take care of her and try everything to make her better yes. But come on he’s in the public eyes and he has money what else would you have expected him to do?

  21. I’m really saddened by this Met. I’m in total shock. The good thing is that she will no longer have to suffer. Rest in peace my darling

  22. Why don’t people wait to hear what she died from before calling other people name. How hard it is to say your condolences without accusing others of killing her…damn

    1. wi don’t trust people dass why old slave masta joe joncrow .one hand a few yuh di next a beat yuh bad to death

      1. It is not your business to trust Joe. He was not married to you, nor was he your “old slave master Joe”. My god, the woman is dead and all some of you can do is throw accusation around.

  23. For the ppl that commenting negatively on a post like this speculating all kind of nasty rumours good god man rip Toya condolences to u met and her family

  24. Met Remember, the Devil really hates to lose ground, and once he has lost any territory, he often attempts to sneak back in and try to regain it. So KEEP PRAYING and TRUSTING the Lord to PROTECT you and DELIVER you and give the COMPLETE VICTORY you’ve asked Him for! — And He WILL! — If you KEEP FIGHTING!

    keep your head up, if she died of naturally sickness God knows why, but if its spiritually wickedness GOD will bring them to justice keep praying and fighting.. they lost and they came back with different force they came back plenty and stronger.. keep praying

  25. I sure read say dem never able to diagnose her, so is diabetes is that her personal physician on here.

  26. RIP Toya U will B miss neva talk to U B4 but I always C U in Jamaica when I’M on vacation eva admire U. always by urself. SIP gurl Lady Bless sey dat.

  27. Very close friend to the family and who was also with her when she was sick and knows for sure its diabetes and I’m not her personal physician now shut the f**k up and run along

  28. someone took out toya because they want something, and to get it e only way to get it is to take out this young lady so they can be close to whatever they want. but me a tell dem say trod light cause na sleep..

    skatta you run go private instramg.. ishwanna you are downsound artiste and not even a condolences u don’t put up for the man wife on your page.. ooun heartless.. skatta all u a do a promote not even a condolence for your boss wife.. greedy and selfish all bout ooun self..

    1. Am I the only on ein this world who can see evil written all over Skatta face and just see that him very diabolical a tell yuh Skatta is the devil and I will continue stay this.

  29. THE ol’ Devil can’t resist Scripture, the Word, that’s the most powerful weapon you’ve got! — So quote it out loud, sing it, shout it and praise and thank the Lord for all His goodness! Then get BUSY WORKING for the Lord and helping OTHERS! Idleness is the Devil’s workshop! So defeat and drive him away by quoting Scripture, by praising the Lord and by good, positive, active WORK for Jesus!


    1. Mi nah stop and Toya never stop she did a song a it mi jus a type n this was her song
      Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy lovingkindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions.

      2 Wash me throughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin.

      3 For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me.

      4 Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight: that thou mightest be justified when thou speakest, and be clear when thou judgest.

      5 Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.

      6 Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom.

      7 Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

      8 Make me to hear joy and gladness; that the bones which thou hast broken may rejoice.

      9 Hide thy face from my sins, and blot out all mine iniquities.

      10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

      11 Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me.

      12 Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.

      13 Then will I teach transgressors thy ways; and sinners shall be converted unto thee.

      14 Deliver me from bloodguiltiness, O God, thou God of my salvation: and my tongue shall sing aloud of thy righteousness.

      15 O Lord, open thou my lips; and my mouth shall shew forth thy praise.

      16 For thou desirest not sacrifice; else would I give it: thou delightest not in burnt offering.

      17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.

      18 Do good in thy good pleasure unto Zion: build thou the walls of Jerusalem.

      19 Then shalt thou be pleased with the sacrifices of righteousness, with burnt offering and whole burnt offering: then shall they offer bullocks upon thine altar.

      1. she was tired, I cannot tak this anymore tears.. I am so sorry I wish I could help her, lord help her to rest now please while you do the rest lord.. comfort her family and friends in this trying and difficult time

  30. Ah wonda why anonymous ah run mi bout f**k outta here, we here for information from morningball people saying is obeah, I nah confirm or dispel cause I nuh know, mi ask if u at doctor cause u the first I hear giving a diognosis, why unnuh being rude, I never said or stated the cause of her death. RIP yah Toya if is illness God knows best but if is evil business God give the evildoer them just reward!

  31. I cannot strive and trust in my own strength, I must look to YOU, Lord, and YOU must win the battle! So help me to TRUST You, to keep my heart right with You and to follow You closer than ever before, in Jesus’ name! Keep me CLOSE to You, Lord, in Your Will, obedient, following moment by moment! Every moment keep my HEART right with You, Jesus, my MOTIVES right, my WILL right and EVERYTHING right with You! Hallelujah!

  32. so i’m just curious MET

    if they saying is diabetes she had , why do you say its spiritual wickedness ?

    just asking – i dont mean to be to insensitive at a time like this

    RIP Toya – always thought she was pretty and hot and outgoing

    just goes to show you anyone can go at anytime

    time to live better people

  33. Met I will have u in my thoughts and prayers. Evil cannot win inequity workers can’t prevail the Lord will strike them down in their moments of glory making the world see them.met Toya fought a valiant fight it was just too much for her to carry may her soul r.i.p Toya may her family find strength to continue.i pray for peace and protection over her son such a beautiful little boy to her husband Joe I pray that u find peace in her memories and comfort when u look at the miracle that u both created in your son.met the pain is overwhelming I sympathize with ur grief know that With time the burden will become easier to carry

  34. I dont know the decease but i will tell u a obeah kill har dem sen sickness n kill da girl ppl wicked memba me tell u. Be strong met n the family that love her

  35. So a man thinketh so is he is years now she struggling with this illness but she never took heed till it was too late when she could more than afford to. Drinking smoking partying and not eating right. She was not a very likeable person btw but I wish death upon no man so maybe that’s why the fellow down sound workers not showing any great sympathy. But that doesn’t justify showing some respect. We all are gonna face death one day. Just remember that. Nobody’s perfect. Sleep well sister

    1. you are a sick person.. may GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU ARE HEARTLESS.. not what a man eats that defiles him IS WHAT COME OUT OF HIS MOUTH

    2. This comments was not necessary. Toya gone it nuh make sense fi throw shade. All if smaddy is not the best them coworkers fi sympathize especially with her husband who employ them

  36. I am one of those people from Jamaica and I am going to say this and please nobody don’t come cow me down, My sympathy goes out to you Met. But to my point, I never grew up knowing or understanding obeah, I have never had any family members who suffer such faith so I am NOT a believer. They say believe kill and believe cure no so? I rely on my Bible and read and pray every day as I was thought in my household, My parents don’t believe in obeah either, But one thing I can say, If you have diabetes and don’t take care of it initially, it doesn’t matter what you do after it will kill you silently. Now RIP Baby Girl and may your family and friends find peace. I know people who died from diabetes, I remember one of my father friend, He never listen, still drinks, smokes and eat what was not suppose to be in his diet as a diabetic.

  37. Metty sorry for your loss.
    Condolences to her family,son,husband and friends.
    Toya sweetie,rest in peace. They can kill the body but not the soul.
    Wickedness exist whether we believe it or not……I r out

  38. I really admired this young lady!!!! I was always happy for Her to meet Her husband who provided such a beautiful life for her when I saw this I cried because this is really heart breaking!!! rip Toya … The real BOSS LADY

  39. I do believe in wickedness it is real
    I believe in Ghost because I have had encounters and no cataracts never cover my eyes..The spirit realm is real
    I believe their is a Good God and Evil Satan exist.
    I believe in Obeah for I have seen people do unbelievable things make court papers disappear, Turn somebody who was on the path to greatness all of a sudden turn mad man
    People will be against your success and will call on one of the Evil spirits in the realm to attack you.

  40. condolences to the family,
    may she rest in piece.
    this is a young women with a brite future.
    ok,she has diabetes, her husbband has money
    what happen to the novolog, regular and lantus insulin..
    didd any one mention renal failure.
    what about hhemodialysis treatments..
    she is just too young to endure such a faith by loosing her life at such a young age.
    we all know that evil exits
    it is also written in the bible.
    my opinion this promising uprising young lady lost her life too soon.

  41. Met I am very sorry for your loss, and I just want to take this time out to send my condolences to you and toya’s family. RIp Toya and may your soul rest in peace!!!!

  42. did not know much about her before her death.
    she looks well and healthy to me.
    she can dance and she has a lot of body movements.
    this one look very fishy.
    this is not normal nor natural causes.
    she knew she had plenty of enemies.
    so sad.
    evil is really present.

  43. Yes ppl witch craft can end anyone life’s let anyone have or get untimely death . Watch The Haitian documentry serious voodoo or whatever u guys want to called iniquity’ mess with & u fall like Egypt . Remember the Egyptian wos the brightest them messing with witch craft befall them just like Hatie anyone mess with iniquity list them soul forever . Yes toya did have her underline sicknes but the devil pray on the weak also . Parable me done talk may her soul rest in peace . Anywhere there is too much traffic especially in your home the devil can present him self easy access to befall u. Met please stay strong & keep up the good work on your blogging God a God forever.

  44. RIP Toya and condolences to your son, husband, family and mettyyy. Gone too soon baby girl

  45. RIP Latoya, may the Lord give your family and friends the strength and faith to get through this pain

  46. My deepest condolences to the immediate family friends and love ones especially Joe nd her son. …Rest In Peace Toya.

    Mi read every comment nd sign in fi dip up bit chue de admin a guh chue a gwine old mi finga till further notice…set a savages sum a unno be

  47. RIP Toya. We use to live by strathairn court n she was fun n welcogoming to me. Even carry me go road. Sorry to hear met.

  48. My deepest and sincere condolences to you, Met. Guidance for her husband, son, family & friends. Losing someone you love is never easy, but remember that even though the physical body is gone, the memories will always be present. RIP beautiful one.

  49. SIP hun…:( always fond of her. Remember the last music vid she did call “Thank you God.” And really did like it. Smh…life, i tell you. Condolences and strenght to Joe, the immediate family and Yourself Met.

  50. I find it strange as hell how ishawna has sent no condolences regarding this woman’s death smh she put up pic promoting her show tonight but not even a rip. Anyways Rip Toya

  51. That picture with Joe and ishawna tho. Couldn’t even wait till they rest toya body in the earth. This death right here, give me the chills. This young vibrant girl at the verge of career just get sick so. Rest in peace Angel. Take it easy met!

  52. Dear Met,

    My deepest condolences on the loss of your love one. Dealing with losing someone close to you is never easy, but even though her physical body may no longer be here with us, her love, spirit, and memories will forever remain. I pray you find comfort & healing in the love,laughter, & prayer you shared with her. …. blessedone

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