We dont want your apology for that because yuh straight up wrong and stink. Kris was wrong fi guh to Kandi but is better Kandi did tell har she nuh waa talk to har dan fi shade har behind har back and a come now come apologize. Kandi whey always have all dis money and neva look good yet. Kandi whey stay up ina di rainbow clothes dem and all when she have on a million dollar it still look like 50c.


  1. when I heard it I was so offended, she a fret bout green card she must also fret bout she being black. she and her muma fi gweh man

  2. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…

    then she has the nerve to draw the chump card when this been tape like 6months ago…she meant what she said when ppl upset they tell you exactly how the feel it’s because them shell har down last night after it aired and she cuden manage the heat she come wid this half ass apology…Kris Kelli yah try mek amends fi yuh man Block but it’s not your place to walk up in the woman place like dat wuss yuh nuh wife,a him gi out here a chase him dawta and you in his ears encouraging him to,not you going to his baby mother about nothing

    1. But Simply what also bun me is that she’s pretending as if she didn’t know the girl was going to go see her. It’s all a part of the show. Everybody knew this wasvgonna down. I hate that gal essi.

          1. sick stomach a tell yuh nd Kandi a wicked enuh ppl weh eye water ever near or quick fi bawl a wicked dem

        1. This is a perfect example of how scripted these reality shows are.

          You can’t just walk up on set, put on a mic pack and jump in the show. All of this has to be discussed and maybe rehearsed at first.

          Carlos King (The executive producer) is extremely messy, he looks for the most messed up situation in their lives to exploit. He is the reason Nene left the show.

          Also don’t let joker face Kandi fool you. She has no problem bringing her family issues on the show. She probably wanted to expose her baby father for a long time because he is still upset with her for getting pregnant.

  3. So now she’s blaming trump? I can’t stand her and her annoying voice, ugly facial expressions, and always talking with her hands with those damn midget fingers of hers and dragging her words. I was so mad at her while watching the show Ugh…

  4. Kandi’s sentiment is why certain percentage of black folks voted for trump and we all flippin shaking in our boots of uncertainty they think of themselves as the other blk folks and the rest of us as blood sucking illegal immigrants when we aren’t , flippin bafoon. I don’t watch hwatl my mother watches and she call me hot hot bout the comment.

    1. They dont know nothing about immigrants they just want to be like us and instead of putting their energy into being better people dem hate

  5. True met..but Americans always hate Jamaicans I don’t get it and a job they can’t stand us if we have a house they hate that. Like wat the fuk..I can talk about hate cuz I’m dealing with it now…

  6. I dont watch reality TV so i know nothing of this, met responding to your comment about BLACK AMERICANS wanting to be like us immigrant. Met my auntie have this theory and i buss out a laugh when she say it but believe me seh she serious!!! She seh the reasons why caribbean people nuffi class up with african americans is because we were the Strong slaves that work hard and grow food and build tings etc etc but the Black AMERICAN dem lazy and all dem do a pick cotton and complain n play victim everyday ! She seh thats why BLACK AMERICANS dont like us caribbean people and always a carry feelings bout banana boat n dem sheggry deh a because dem grudge we fi we ambition she say anuh today a from slavery days .. but what sweet me the most is she a gwan like she was there :ngakak

    1. can just imagine how she a talk like is a flashback for her literally as if she was out there cooking and de gal Debrah she badmind har through she was picking cotton :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      1. IM SAYINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! lmfaoooo real flash back ..n she a top it off wid “memba mi tell yuh” likeeeee … WERE YOU THERE THOUGH?? DWRCLLL

    2. What was Kandi’s reason fi all a mimic how the girl talk? She sat there and spoke to her but thats how a lot of yankees do they really cant face u. Di girl shudda neva go there fi go talk cause she is a man mascot and based on that Kandi cudda tell har its not her business but she sidung and talk and a go mention greencard and dem have all that is good and plenty here and still cant mek no move. Kandi money neva show pan har yet . Mi nuh know whey she get di clothes dem whey she wear

    3. Me ago want you lo Aunty! :ngakak

      Black Americans heed to massa commands pon de ready;amerikkka surely profited from dem submissive characteristics. Any aggressive black american was an oddity who missed being taken off the ships in the Indies.

      F**k kandi burruss! That nasal bitch and her annoying mother. Unu should have seen who this bitch was from how she allowed her mother to abuse Todd’s mother. Bitch laugh and bout “mom, why you say that” 2 wicked bitch.

      #Kandi Burruss go suck you mother.

      Morning JMG.

      P.S. me no like black americans so who outsude of site admin no like me comment can come CHUCK STRAIGHT THROUGH ME…BACK, FRONT AND CENTRE :2thumbup

    4. Whoa at these comments, I’m American and I don’t hate Jamaicans or any other group as a whole.
      Kandi’s problem with the girlfriend is she showed up unannounced to insert herself in business that’s not really her business.

  7. ‘they just want to be like us’..met, as the admin. u really condone the ignorance more of the time i u said ‘WE’ dont need ur apology..who is ‘WE’ sure kandi wasnt reffering to the whole country of jamaica..

  8. Virtuous..slaves vs slaves like somebody can really take ur comment serious..thats why education is u dont kno no black american that dont like no carribean so stop with the hateful mentalitly..that joke was only funny to u. sad badd

    1. Hey Maxii PAD,

      How are you today? I’m guessing not so good. It look like smaddy fill yuh up wid pare piss n shit this morning mek yuh suh miserable. Take the stick out your ass and have a nice day ! Im not here to argue with the unknown!

      Later GATOR 🙂

      1. Mi a go mek a list fi dem if Maxii come back. They will always have a problem with immigrants because most immigrants have an identity or were given an identity ..slavery took that away from them totally…hence the reason marcus garvey tried to give them one. Dem cyah talk to mi

        1. Dem nuh si seh every dance we dance and di whole a we mannerism dem still link back to africa?? If an african was to observe them they’ll just look at them puzzled because dem nuh know where that set a black people come from. Americans haffi seek, find…look fi their african heritage because it is not inherent . Mi nuh waa dem draw mi out todeh di way mi vex wid Kandi dis mawnin

        2. Met dat is so damn true the people dem comin like dem born wid 10 dose a backwardness dung to mi puzzled by dem behavior

          1. White people did a real number on them mentally. Their whole being was wiped out. Till today di way how Jamaicans cuss and gwaan and jump roun…it is indigenous to Africa because some Nigerians cuss same way..even the way some ghetto people show dem battam when dem a cuss, thats african right there. They have absolutely no identity and educated black Americans who realize that try to find their roots

  9. I can never get along with African Americans ever! its like they grudge you for the least of things!!! They look down on us its a shame! They look at Caribbean people the same way they look down on Latinos! Its now that Jamaica big every weh and every rapper and american singer a hitch on to we everybody want a jamaican friend or wanna be jamaican so bad! mad hypocritical inna every rapp song dem mention something bout jamaican women or the island in itself ole frigging dck riders!

  10. Met a pic of kandi and her daughter on yahoo, with her in a pink pants mi cant believe but it look like a fold she fold up her foot put ina the shoes. I don’t know what dat a bulge out but it nuh tan good fi smaddy weh have moeny

    1. She and shoes always ina problem to :ngakak. When I see how she did mek har mother disrespect Todd mother knowing that they lady was dying mi nuh have no like fi kandi

  11. Black Americans hateeee foreigners I’m not asking jus stating facts!! Other day I ask this dirty Yankee bout trump hear her Nuh bout she want all non black Americans go back to them country them badmine red-eye everything we come build for in their so call country that’ they been here frm wappa kill centuries n Nuh Ave nutten to show

    1. Black Americans as a whole do not hate foreigners. Most of us are very receptive to other black people. Stop generalizing the whole group based on your experiences.

  12. Big wide clown mouth carpet munching kandi must worry about her husband that is using her ugly ass. She forced and breed and turn round want 3some with Porsha fi keep him. That’s why mama Joyce don’t like her friend (can’t rem her name) the one that works for her. Todd is f*cking the 2 of them, that’s how she keep Todd. Kandi go and worry about why you look the worst on the show and you worth more than all of them. I never like that clown mouth ugly ass bitch from jump.

  13. @Maxii…I have a coworker who hate immigrants. I always wonder what have I done to her for her not to like me, and one day she said it in my presence: ” I don’t like foreigners”. Then she throw out a list of countries. Haitians, Jamaicans, Africans. Then it hits me! That’s why she disli. ke me. Now this woman’s son in law, the father of her grandchildren and whos house she lived in is Haitian , she has nothing good to say about him. There are some AA who don’t like foreigners. They do exist.

  14. Facts that most African Americans & even alot of islanders hates Jamaicans guts but they play the hypocrite well..unfortunately they caan fool me ah mi fi tell unu. I see in in their eyes & their behavior towards us smh. Another set is the trini & guyanese gal dem hate jamaican women but quick fi f**k the yard man dem lmao shit is funny

  15. Black americans are the worst especially in the work place I hateeeee them. Them badmine, carry news and try to get u fired. They are intimidated by other black immigrants.As a carribbean immigrant especially jamaican you are 90 times more likely to be hired by a white or Indian person than a black Americans or Latino( spanish) not to mention Asian. Not to mention your own will screw you over.

  16. Kandi has no reason whatsoever to grudge Kelli, as Kelli and her man living in Kandi’s chadow…Kandi money lonnnggggg like smoke, remember a she used to mind kelli and her man

  17. But Kris Kelly nuh the long time sing j whey make 2, 2 hit wonder song? Cah call it one it wonder… She get fat thou cause mi know she look familiar.. Kandi too outta harder.. Todd a look greens to… All a fi har greens..

  18. Everybody comment on here is bias as f**k….first of all you guys wanna hate Kandy for what she said about the green card comment…but let’s be real as f**k here. Met true or false…every story u post on here about other Jamaican girls eg. Apple,Robbas, jaydion etc. Don’t you guys talk about how them dutty and they don’t have no papers and how immigration should come get them and fling them out a the country???? How many times I come on here and see Jamaicans saying that about other fellow Jamaican. Oh just becuz Kandy isn’t Jamaican she can’t say it??

  19. In defense of Kandi doing threesomes, why does it have to be because she wants to please her husband? Kandi is obviously a butch and I think she likes the cat more than the stick. Her and her friend Carmon were together long before Todd. Kandi is also said to be sleeping with the girl Shamea that was on the show.

    That said, my point is some women enjoy the company of other women, not just because they are “trying to keep a man”.

  20. The problem with Kandi is that she got pregnant for Block when he was in a relationship with someone else. Both were wrong but you can see where the animosity started from.

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