0 thoughts on “SO SORRY,

  1. mine a while she a mek the gravey she snap de pic a show weh she use inna har gravey cuz me a luk nd it seems like the food inna a pot even the veg dem luk just cut nuh steamings nuh reach dem yet

  2. The caption a beat mi bawdly :ngakak
    Ms Met yuh me thinking something bad happen :malu
    Mama Kingston duh ting my girl duh yuh ting :kr

  3. All wah a gwahn mi wouldah deal wid piece a di oxtail and some a di chicken still wid piece a roast breshe or some rice and peas and piece a pear (avocado fi sistas and breddahs dem wah nuh member caz dem fareenized)..oh lawd now mi mouth a watah cho…dwl

        1. Yep,simply mistake, mi mek it all di toime so it guh. Just as long as u nuh guh a Happlet school u will be alright. DWL

  4. The way how them ya meat ya look Mek mi Would a draw fi a box a Andrews no sa all wen hungry a kill mi mi wouldn’t wa dis fi eat not appetizing at all stomach burn.

  5. Ello Mama Kingston, come here deh mi dear child. From i was birth me neva see barbecue chicken finish off wid butta, green peppa and tomato. It done cook or nah?

  6. She might have her ways but I have to give credit when it due she can really cook . I know from personal experiences .

  7. come on guys everybody cook different if har stomach can teck it fine. how is she not representing Jamaica???? I’ve seen butter in curry goat when its cooking down, I don’t do it cause I think its already enough fat in the meat and im watching my gease intake, the presentation don’t look bad doah

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