SO, THEN????

Hello met

This dutty suck p**** selector boy weh nuh live nuh weh come knock on the wrong woman door eno. Me n this man have been playing secret f*** for the past couples of months now me find out 3 weeks ago say me pregnant n him a frown.

Every night when u did a crawl up inna me hole like crab u never know baby can come n this baby u cah get fi find out that this dutty boy just go around n look gal fi mind him. Him have 7 Pickney with how much in women n plus him countless side chick.

Him lef him wife house n Deh a big old long time woman yard hitch up when him tired a she him run to the newest babymada or him at him other f** box woman sandy or dutty hole annmarie a camber well .

The thing is Tony f*** could a stay because is mostly use him ave a big c*cky n it soft like porridge

22 thoughts on “SO, THEN????


  2. Move u nasty bloodclaat an gweh wid u hurry come up hole …u a hide an f** di man an caalis enough fi f*** without condom , a shouldn’t breed him breed u a should an couple uncurable disease him shoot up inna pussc.

    1. Right….germs like she nuffi breed man. Bumboclaat nasty wid yuh raw careless f**k….lucky yuh Neva get “THE MONSTER”….but then again…you probably not even know

  3. Sender….you sound like an idiot….please go siddung before you stress di baby….you brought this on yourself bc it nuh sound like him trick you…you trick yuhself honey….yuh Neva know him have 7 pickney before yuh skin out fi him? Yuh Neva know bout him? Or yuh Neva care? Now you ah breed and care? What ah ting….lmao….this is what careless f*ck bring….that poor baby

  4. Could you change the subject heading to read: “WARNING: big soft like porridge c*cky CAN breed women (at least 8)” Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa……

  5. Senda, yu know say dat yu mentally ill! Yeah, yeah a dat mi say! Yu see when yu come pon JMG wid yu BS, you are just a fuqqing target fe our rage! A come yu come fe ignite de hyper bloodlusting crowd round ya yu know! How yu love fe push yu head inna ants nest so?

    Nuh you same one say dat (a) “de man nuh live nuh wey”,(b) “him a look gal fe mind him” (c) “him have nuff ooman”, and (d) “him cocky soft like porridge”. Den if yu know all these negative tings bout de man, why yu mek him get yu pregnant? Senda, it seems as if yu lifestyle is based upon being a eediat, or a slut. Which one are you, or are you de 2 a dem? Dumb cunt, do you use diapers fe yu period, instead of maxi pads? Cho, yu see right now, right now yu a get mi parro, so mi NOT even gonna go any further wid yu, cause a waste a time, and a mussi DUMBMESHA a yu first name to rass. Bye DUMBMESHA.

    1. Unleash the Kraken pon har yes Mifedup!! All the while me notice them come over here with them male bashing n tales of woes bout the men them,as if them expect unno Ladies pon pinkwall fi mandatorily pick up fi dem n bash men in general.

      Fulltime now unno realize unno can’t manipulate the Bloggers fi unno special interests.Bad 2 Bad u nuh have anyone pon here born big yessiday. Senda Go siddung u too damn disgusting!

  6. Another dumb Jamaican bytch who phucked fi hype and regretted it fully afterwards. Atleast the smarter ones avoided getting knocked up for a waste man. Sender you sound like your retard knob is turned all the way up. Next time do a little bit of homework on your man before you give him your sour crotches to breed.

  7. Good Morning Met.Metters,Peepers nd Others…..

    Whether for love or bizniz de punishment which takes place for sleeping wid a married person is very much real..God doesn’t bless mess.

    The very fact that you have been hiding nd phuck’n for months is the same reason your now pregnant and he will hide it for months,if the hood was soft the first night a second night couldn’t take place,you know this man has a wife but because he was giving you something else along side de sex plus your one of them with the mi can phuck any gal man etc then deal with breed’n fi any gal man who from day is just phuck’n any gal man

  8. I can’t even comment because everyone up top already beat me to the punch with a healthy dose reality.
    Claim seh di man homeless but yuh still a dash out yuh hole like Groupon coupon?
    Did YOU not know that YOU didn’t want to be BM #8?
    If him suh wukliss,di cocky mussi did line with gold and diamonds why such a prize lady like yourself would even look on the likes of him.
    Ma’am, several seats.

  9. U know sometimes mi afi really wonda if some a dem ppl yaaah way send in certain stories really n truly rited cause there is no way this person rited way send in this story

  10. let me see if mi can get inna har mental space: yuh see the man inna him leather biker cap that mek him look like a fired member of the village people, yuh see him struggle prison chest tattoo,yuh see that the man capable of sweating all through the lapels of him exposed stich blazer and you thought WAT A CATCH?
    you know if married, nuh live no weh, have several baby mothers, waan woman mine him, cocky big nuh sweet, no abiding city etc, and thought; HE CAN HIT IT RAW? Lady mi sorry fi u baby, cuz as a woman the most important decision yuh can mek is who u a go have a baby for, now this man breed yuh an gone, never to be your man or a daddy to him baby. Yuh did swear u “good ole and baby” coulda change him don’t? sucks fi the kid. sticky pon yuh.

  11. Senda a you careless. Yuh can a f**k man on the downlow & don’t protect yourself? Self-protection is the number 1 rule when practicing secret f***g! (I’ve read). You should thank God is a baby yuh a carry & not HIV.

  12. Dutty soft hood suck pussy tony platinum. .yuh suck pussy fi true but a just certain people yuh tell me say yuh do..true mi a english yuh think say mi a go keep yuh secret..licky licky bwoy walk round and f**k f**k like dog,and nuh like use protection yuh ago ketch a disease pon yuh cocky…yuh have girl a breed fi true..nasty man

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