1. You think it’s you the HATING coming from Robert? and now you trying to justify it by posting.
    Good morning met

  2. YO Robby Schmurda is nuts. Big gut tk trump work hard where???
    This car is not paid 4 bitch. Now all you gonna do is blow up Apple and Icon scam fi drive new car. Everybody gonna get a car now.. u get a car .. u get a car. lol
    Keep it coming tranny.. I love to watch u make a fool of yourself.
    We all know you have no funds. Bout she a boss. KMT

  3. Ambition where Robert , from the day u birth till now u ever work yet ???? Your mother or father ever work ??? Your sisters ever work ????? Remember the way how u father thief him Bury inna people name all inna death him thief .. Don’t u ever in life use the word ambition in your mouth again

  4. Who gives a f**k about her car you guys make material things run your life. Yes it’s nice to drive fancy cars when your doing extremely well but you bitches love the hype and don’t own a home much less your own business you need to save for later on in life. You can hype with 2016 car go ahead if that’s your lane by all means drive in it but stop thinking people hating cause we stay in our lane. Enuh to nuff that’s why people have something to say all the time humble yourself. You get a car you have to post it like wtf clearly you guys never use to things cause the fist thing you run to social media and post and get mad when people comment. Name brand don’t make you rich folks it what you save for your future. If you have nice things people we see it for themselfs stop bragging and posting how ghetto is that rich people never brag cause the labels speak for its self when u see them. If they so rich and got so much things going on they will never have time to post or even address negative comments duh. Keep your life private then nobody can say shit

  5. Wow she only 23 no man she look like she in her late 30’s .what would she look like in her 30’s than

  6. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    If my parents grow me in a yard wid out even a pit toilet me would a hate dem.

    If me parents carry me abroad and me live as an undocumented me would a hate dem.

    If me family bury me daddy in a false name me would a shame fi people know me.

    Shameless dog stray till dem death.

  7. Only a imbecile would use something that depreciates in value the moment you purchase it as a symbol of wealth. If you don’t own any means of production then you’re not rich, so go sit down. Tangible property is not neccessairly an indicator of wealth, so stop the social media fronting, because intelligent people will always know better.
    Ambition seems like a word that is used way too much these days, to the point it’s becoming cliched. I’ve seen some of the biggest wh0r3s who do nothing but sell phuck and suck for every piece of tangible property theyve acquired and then turn around and try to say their ambitious lol… GTFOH, you guys are ambitious wh0r3s and nothing more than that. Big up to all the people who are living their dreams and acquiring dream items, without compromising their dignity. Real ambitious people don’t break the law or compromise their morals in order to boast on social media.

  8. Most 23 yr old just graduating from institutions of higher learning, getting dem first real job and trying to start dem life. Others taking advanced professional studies, some jump-starting a business, dem 23yr olds are the ambitious ones. Which one of the category your sister fall into?

    Is di sed sister who have a pending trial dis?

  9. A whaa do this ole clutcher, girl bye. Who notice unnuh bout cyar. Go look wuck and come offa social media. Unnuh boring like

  10. Bobette shut the f**k up bout ambitious. Claudia and Bobby is nothing but thieves. The scanning and thieving is heredity. It’s a learnt behavior. You guys are nothing but career criminals.

  11. Bobbette delusional so till it look really bad…. like seriously?? Do ya’ll ladies work a honest 9-5, do ya’ll own businesses?? Smh..

  12. C23 yrs, luckily so WORKING $30 an our and am still riding MTA….BUT AM LOVING IT…SLEEP GOOD AT NITE AMEN…. 401k, check, insurance CHECK, saving for my son EDUCATION CHECK…..SAVING TO BUY A HOUSE,, CHECK ….ROBERT U AND UR SISTA, talk to we 10/15yrs ABOUT UNNU WEALTH……BTW, PLS CALL US BADMIND WHEN UNNU START WORK FOR WHAT UNNU AVE……

  13. Ummmm how about she used someone else account and added her name to it. Bobby you know I know the real deal with yall hoes. Go shit down somewhere in the corner and humble your ugly ass. Never like this ugly bitch. She was always a badmind gremlin.

  14. Bitch were? We’re is ur lisences? Both of you? Work hard doing what? Robbas you sound f**n stupid! Tonikay swipes credit card and steal she been stealing since she was 12! Big up your parents? Your mom is a f***n theif and so was your father! Born theif!! Y’all two fu***n hype! How can people be happy for someone that’s hype! And that sad part about it she saying brand new car? The car has 55 thousand miles yes it’s a 2016 but u never got it with 0 miles dummy I was reading the caption, your the second driver you f**n asshole! Another thing show the title with Toni Kay name on it? F***in asshole! That’s not her car! Toni Kay don’t even have a lisence! Still on welfare! Still live in the basement! And still a f**k like dog with her loose hole! Can count all the scammer them she f**k! Why not buy a house? Vanity whores? Y’all too hype so why people ago happy for y’all when y’all shit not together! Robbas don’t have shit in Jamaica so f**n dum!!

  15. No license but driving a luxury vehicle? Oh, really..!!! Hmmmmm interesting. I should notify the police. Dwfllllllllll

  16. Jus b humble bitches, u kno how u get it !! Gosh Neva seen a set of ugly bitches gwan suh..and swear they cute tru name brand..and I hate that rubb complexion kmt

  17. TK need to stop suck off the mon dem hood at LA..wotless dog she lef her baby fada.Tk show yuh bachelor?? With her two bloodclot knock up knee them.this biggg 23 year old gal weh look like shi in her mid 30 she old before she young

  18. :matabelo :mewek :hn so y’all mean yo tell me they frauds? Because i follow them and thought they was bosses inna real life….but i take it thats not true :cool? Mi not trust social media no more….ah go just shut it down it to blood clot lie….had me hypin them up by my likes and shit :hoax2

  19. X6 and still have roomates. The priorities of our so call dancehall celebrities lol. Im 27 a father and i have achieved more that what they all have put together. One thing i will say is that social media and created more delusional and insecure ppl in this centery.

  20. TK yuh must stop f**k di ugly bwoy a LA and go home to yuh pickney. Dats what u leff your baby father for ? A bare ugly man yuh walk and pick up anyways.. Rass face ol yuh f**k 23 a guh pon 35

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