How can a man turn his back on his own kids knowing that his kids are suffering and not turn the black of his eyes to look at them how cold hearted can you be Donavan Oliver Ellis big big soldier at up park camp for almost 20 years all your doing is going around and deceiving woman telling dem you love dem and when they get pregnant you leave dem to take care of the babies by dem selves god Is not sleeping your day is coming and it’s going to be very bitter.


  1. But lady r sender mind a jacket u a give gramps eno cause this man look older than dirt itself so how u breed? Dem soldier here n police a Jamaica bad to u see smh

    1. Chute men a sey him a man, no Mata how old him is him can breed a someone. :ngakak mi jus hope de Pinckney dem no look like him because………

  2. The title of this thread have mi a way, Lol! If this is the soldier in the picture, his mamma must have given him the most yam to eat as a child, ‘cos he looks “ageable”.
    Just like pastor’s sons, I better add soldiers to my “avoid if yuh nuh want kill smaddy” list.

  3. Why this old man sill a trick ooman ? Him look like him should be home rocking his grand kids, instead of making baby. Donavan Oliver Ellis, u too old to be playing these games. Go mine u Pinckney dem!

  4. Call up a camp or guh up deh guh chat to him superior above him….cause him himself look like wan major of higher ranks.Dem nuh we investigate and court martial him, nuh suh it guh or a farin alone dem summn deh wurk fah

  5. Well senda mi should a charge you fi dis information ya,but tru mine never look back pon mi to ,here goes.If member mi sey IF,mi sey IF unno sure sey a fi him pickini dem go Up Park Camp and find which department him work and ask to see him C.O. and report him rass then them will automatic deduct him pay to him children every pay day.Mi nu like dutty man,yu a soldier u muct set example.

  6. But rawtiddddd,sender don’t blame the man only,d women should use condom cuz we all know soldier n police wild,but d women worst wen den lay down open up n tek fk den blame d man,so much contraceptive method deh,so as to reduce d # a unwanted pregnancies,street children etc,d problem today with kids,starts in d home,kids need good parenting and family structure to grow what dem gonna tell d child?father sperm on d loose lmfao weh d madda did deh,oh she left her vagina at Jeff give him fa 3 months n d womb lmao.cho

  7. What a piece a wickedness inna di Monday mawning yah!!! How dis yah poor soon to be retired man-in-uniform, weh luk like dem katch him up fi di picho, fi hab “Sperm on di Rampage” :hoax Senda, a musi di uniform or di boot size ketch di ooman dem cah di ongly ting mi coulda gi dis man weh start wid “S” is a Salute…..NOT Sex!!..

  8. Honestly if woman can mek this look bad soldier man breed them ah good and hunu must protect hunu self,that’s why these kids are father less,I was always told that Yuh can know if ah man is a good father by how he treat his woman, it worked for me! Did this man great u ladies good ? Even had ah long enuff relationship to consider children, woman is sometimes to be blame why there kids are fatherless ,even if he’s ah soldier,money is not all you want from him,children need to have a relationship with there father!

    1. Miss london ,Not even the money ,cause me always would ah think what would happen when him no have none!that have to be true love!

  9. True ting, if u report him a Camp to him Commanding Officer, him have two stripe pon shoulder so him is just a Corpora, mek di Major deal wid him. Dem will tek it out him pay n send 2 di kids. Dem nuh ramp wid family ting inna Up Park Camp

  10. Nasty Donavan dem catch up pon yuh yuh not even a mind yuh daughter a England or yuh son in the US not to mention the 4 yuh have a Jamaica yuh a f**k the Likkle 16 year old gal and put out shawna wid yuh son weh did a tek care a yuh sick mother after the girl a help yuh out yuh diss har fi a young school gal but memba gramps yuh naa get nuh younger

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