Jamaica’s paradise has fostered some very unfathomable loathsome individuals that has robbed the island of its innocence and beauty . It makes you wonder if the gift of beauty is forever plagued with curses. Where did we go wrong? When did we go wrong? What did we do wrong?
Something is wrong when a nation full of potential, sets aside its talents in pursuit of trickery for financial gain. So called”gay pretenders” sleep with men for money as was endorsed by dancehall selector Sadiki at Weddy Weddy Wednesday in late February. ”Big up to di man dem still whey haffi do a ting and sleep wid man fi money, mi nah endorse it still but a jus suh it guh sumtime ina di gideon”. Jamaica has become a desperate nation, desperate people making desperate excuses for their desperate actions.

The recent verdict in the trial of Vybz Kartel has brought Jamaica to its reality. We have a country with too many unscrupulous persons. Our culture supports unscrupulous actions and there are way too many illiterate persons patrolling the streets. Jamaica’s illiterates cannot see beyond that which they are shown, illiteracy marginalize’s their thoughts whilst giving the illiterate free range . This seems to be the trait of the The Gaza empire fans. Fans of Vybz Kartel’s music can’t wrap their head around why he would choose such a fate. Fans of dancehall music are looking for the next dancehall great.
In late 2008 there was news on the street that a rape had allegedly taken place in the Gaza Empire . The female was allegedly raped by a group of men and was scared to make a report. The streets spoke of the beatings that happened within the Empire, no journalist dared to publish the facts. Hungry influential young men made up more than 50% of the Empire, the Jamaican media knew this, so not publishing the goings on meant keeping all limbs intact .
2009 brought what was to be the catalyst to string of mild porn released until the artiste’s incarceration. His first victim was former Gaza member Lisa Hype. The picture made its way to Facebook, then to every Jamaican website .

At first the feeling of fresh gossip permeated the online atmosphere, followed by the female members of the Jamaican entertainment industry’s disdain. Lisa Hype had to put on a very tough skin for the scorn she endured. Kartel was said to have admitted to leaking the photo, and every one ignored the involvement he had in Lisa Hype’s degradation . We all seemed to ignore the sad look in her eyes and the fact that she looked as if she was crying a little before the picture had been taken, she was fully dressed and tears were in her eyes. It seemed as if she was forced to perform the act as punishment for something she did. Clearly she was not enjoying what she was doing.

Shortly after Lisa Hype’s exposure and expulsion there was news of Jah Vinci and Black Ryno’s departure from the Empire. Jah Vinci was said to have left because of the numerous beatings he received which has left him practically deaf in one ear. Black Ryno who resisted the beatings and physcially overcame Kartel, lost his home that was said to have been bombed by orders . Ryno’s father was said to have nursed gun shot wounds during the period after his home was riddled by bullets,again by orders. Black Ryno’s orders were allegedly the words of the song ”Wild grain”.

Another braying on the street was that orders were sent out for artiste ”Daddy Vic” who was killed in his sleep. Daddy Vic’s killing was allegedly immortalized in the song ” Daddy Devil”.
Allegations are that as the more crime the artiste carried out, the more paranoid he became. Vybz Kartel at one point became a no show entertain to shows kept outside Jamaica. In the Bahamas it was said that he caused one well known promoter not to be to keep shows on that island anymore. It was said that the entertainer was booked for a show there and was paid $50,000 USD in advance , when the time came for him to go he decided he would not go. The promoter spoke to him and tried to coax him into going. He told the promoter to send him a private jet, the jet was sent. The entertainer did not board the craft. Other entertainers who were within the Empire went on the trip and the guys that were assigned to collect the other half of their contract went with them. There was another incident in Guyana where Popcaan and a few other artistes were kidnapped because Kartel refused to show up for the show that he was paid for. It was alleged that they were held and beaten for a week .

As Kartel’s popularity grew so did his influence on young men who wanted to become dancers or DJs. Any entertainer who spoke about his negative impact on Jamaica faced his wrath. Dancehall artiste Agent Sasco aka Assassin can attest to this as he was confronted by Kartel’s boys outside his studio after including the artiste in his music. The pack was said to be led by a street assassin who goes by the name by the name Leng. Notnice , Kartel’s famous producer was said to be beaten numerous times and after he decided to leave, his house was ambushed and orders were given to remove everything with exception of the bed.

Kartel’s publicist also felt his wrath when he was sent for and given a thorough beaten on Kartel’s premises. Gaza Kim who had a fall out with the artiste was sent for and beaten by the artiste’s cronies. Kim went with brother and it was said that when he saw that she had urinated on herself, he tried to intervene and was told by his sister to leave before they killed him. Kartel denied the attack. The artiste fell out with just about everyone he was close to. The men who did runs for him on the street were complaining of doing time and their families were not taken care of. It was alleged that one of the girlfriends of one of the men complained about the lack of support from the artiste and was ”done away with” a week later.

Paranoia and control took over the camp and the artiste wanted to do away with his long time partner Corey Todd. I was said that his plans were recorded and played for the man who was Kartel’s manager.
The streets spoke about robberies and drug money surrounding the Empire but none of it was proven……….TO BE CONTINUED

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  1. Yes, Met. dash out the runnings without mercy. Mek dem weh nuh kno nuh betta read this . Nobody who came into this man’s path was safe. It’s coming like people had to audition for his friendship. Due to his paranoia (deserved and earned), he would “move the goalposts” all the time.
    Imagine him a beat big man like any slave. Jeezam peeze! Dem shudda kick him inna him troat!

    1. A “plantation” thing him did a gwan wid. Whoever did want him see him de…man de a prison can use some dollars to. Long run, short catch.

  2. My first encounter with Kartel was on a Air Jamaica flight when he was jus up an coming. He tried to be fresh with a nice looking flight attendant, when she spurn his advance, his comments was ..”a me Kartel’, she jus kissed her teeth an walked off. I had to turn a look at this bway whose face looks like when P….y a peep thru tear draws and wonder if dis bway have nuh mirrow a him yard……de man had more acne than pores on his face.

  3. Met please to hurry and send on part two deh, my God him wickidda dan SATAN!!…DEN YUH MEAN TO TELL MI SEY HIM, family who knows him very well doe know dis side ah him, fi ah galang like him ah saint suh???…me could neva support no family memba whey this wicked all if ah mi mumma!!

    1. Obara it look like yu nuh siseh this a generational ting either kartel mother or father ….one or either side mix up inna inequity …..they do not take blame …..and as far as mi si anybody inna dem way dem do not see anyting wrong wid getting rid of them…him mother weh u si deh is not innocent

      1. yuh know @yuh know mi swear sey yuh ah madda!!..yuh always sey de correct tings dem and yuh see far far!!…mi pree dat bout yuh…de mumma an him ah de same mi aguh sey something and mi not going to ansa anybody whey come cuss mi bout it, because I KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING!!!….here goes…

        No wonda dis bwoy here mix up inna fish business, there is a generational curse placed upon de family by their own hands, coming from before him bawn and for all who never know mek mi tell oonuh (snicker all oonuh want, I KNOW SOME DEEP THINGS) this fish ting yah is not a nawmal ting, it is actual a demon, yes a real entity, they are apart of the incubus succubus family…kmt..mi cyaan badd explain yah..mek mi low it, mi ah go too far!!

          1. Obara n real mi always say it enuh the sins of the fathers (mothers) shall be visited upon the children is a very serious thing too.
            But Obara I been looking for u from the other day I had a dream that I had a rotten tooth in my mouth my friend who is very spiritual is saying this is God telling me that my spiritual or maybe even physical has decay but ole time Jcan ppl use to say its a death wat is ur interpretation on teeth dreams on a whole ???? Thank you

          2. Obara where is the father??? Weh dem claim dem live wid ??? Yu nuh siseh a di fada stand dis inna everything ….Him always absent …dem probably tun di man inna zombie as u can si a di mumma alone a talk bout pickney and mi nuh hear nobody seh daddy or papa …one time dem call him name when dem a tell di lie bout dem have such a great family

  4. Excellent interesting piece Metsy I love when you di these n ur riddles make haste wit part 2 pls b tonks

    1. speaking of dat…mi have a piece a riggle yah u know say unno a go run lef unno device this morning brb :travel

    2. @Real, yuh tawking truth…ah true mi nuh waan go inn tuh much caws mi done pree and tally up de ting my way already, and mi tings dem doe lie!!….

      @Chuety, yes, the rotting tooth is indicative of a a sickness, (not you), to the point of almost death…now if you tel me which tooth I can tell you if is family, far relation, friend or enemy!!…ole time Jamaican people correct with that one!1

      1. ————————————————————————————————– a who tellyu??

      2. Obara thanks my friends yea it was the front middle tooth and come to think of it I have a family member who has moved back to JA because her doctors have told her that chemo is no longer of use to her so she has decided to go home to live out her last days smh I hope n pray so much it’s not death ahhh boy *tears*

        1. But hope dide fi ar shi probably need juice therapy and greens because a nuh like di teeth drop out or a shake shi can get help shi haffi drink and eat greens and eat tomato and strawberry

        2. yes it is family, sick and going soon…your head came to tell you..gwan chuet yuh head strong!!..sorry to hear though, may she transition well!!, again, NO ONE DIES, THEY JUST BORN SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

          1. Obara Meji. I need your help. How can I contact you? I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ and I pray daily….My spirit has been moving me to believe that something is wrong in my life. I have visions in my dreams and I need help after a particular dream.. The man I am dating has children from a woman whose family has a well known history in this “Obeah” business.I believe his ex has consulted some dark evil forces against me and my son and him. This is stronger than me. Please how can I contact you?

    1. @jesus is you obeah. You no easy a rass lolol. Go pray go down on you knees and pray.. if your soul right with God he willhelp you.. put your trust in God

        1. @Met no laugh this lady want help with her man problem… a mussi u ways make the man not staying.. miss lady a so ooun walk and look the people them man and when them no want ooun, ooun say a obeah… dman fool kmt. Alll now obara doe even look

          1. Thats not it. You wouldnt understand. I wasnt talking to you. I cant take what I already have. Im not here to argue or fuss over “people man”. damn fool! Everyone is not a man taker and doer of evil. Its a spiritual warfare and its not about a man. That man been gone 4 years now. Sorry to even come here Met. Ill get the help I need. God know.

  5. Morning everyone, this so deep, it touch a core subject, Obara yuh know what you are talking about, I am feeling so weak I can’t even comment. Met just fling out the rest mi deh yere!

  6. I will not say all I will say most…………..Any many that has a woman is either a direct opposite of his mother or very very similar…….No young man can beat and mistreat a woman and then say he loves her and she is the mother of his children and has other children out there and do not regard them….Kartel lived under extremely abusive situations .him father used to abuse him mother and he was helpless so as soon as him get a voice he started to control other people …..him neva have nutten but him figot fi seh him neva did even have love ……him vulnerable and love company so di sitten dem tek set but him …he is also not very smart but him try him darnest so him coulda escape some a di terror…but it crash and him couldnt push forward nuh more him start be defiant and because him father could not really continue with the abuse him Kartel use him head and copy every body weh him know ….thats why him did start cling to russian because him always did wah live uptown life and think ppl of a certain colour and class did not face what he had that was his dream life ………Kartel get rid a everybody weh hurt him because he is weak and he always try to impress ppl …him nuh like him mada because shi subject him to terror weh him tink shi shoulda control and ….that grille up ting ….di fada did jus controlling dem live inna fear

  7. Unhealthy relationships between mother and son do exist. (speaking from experience)
    kartels’ mother is very instrumental in his demise!
    Let me elaborate. I have watched my mother, over the years, enable my sibling (her son)
    thru his addiction. She is completely in denial….to us, EVEN THOUGH she knows the truth!
    There are mothers’ out there, all over the world, who are enablers, and they do not acknowledge the wrongs of the son…..and this is where it becomes “generational”. I on the other hand will not be an enabler to either of my sons’….u nuh waa bloodcl#$t hear u ah guh feel!
    Wrong is wrong and right is right, if u do the crime do the time. If all involved are guilty, including the deceased, justice has been served. If “lizard” ah d sacrificial lamb, so be it! His death led to a guilty verdict….so it was not in vain…..Selassie I
    They all have mothers, and all of them right now a bawl!!!! Nashing of teet a gwaan rite ya now!!!
    All of them are saying wat now?……No not my son!!!!

    Bless-up JMG, met, jmg crew, bloggers, peepers an all.

  8. Gm Met, Thank you for help shedding the light on the devil and his followers. A long time Kartel a keep up him f**kery, mek him mumma gwan bout har business with har bad breed pickney dem, you reap what u sow. Rip to Daddy Vic good yute from Spain Town, not to mention Kartel name mixed up in a Bun man killing that why him cyan go a certain place a Spain because him paranoid, because the duppy dem a ride him.

    1. sp morning, but look at it…many in the industry are now relieved that he is behind bars but are still afraid to say..u will never hear one of them say oh he is a nice guy, that name has never been associated with him

  9. YES UNUH memba when Corey Todd did come pon onstage and say him fraid fi him life kartel a ole wicked and these so call supporter are actin like kartel has ever done anything for them. Before kartel there was music and after there will still be. He deserves to be locked away for ever….

  10. im so glad the justis system still work in jamaica im so happy this animal is off the street im must say i cant wait for march 27 so they can put this animal away for good so that life can go back to normal the future of the young people can move in a diffrent direction

  11. Met someone on twitter call Mr, Insensitive @GILLY_ROYAL a talk bout an encounter(a bad one) him av with kartel… a think he is a reporter, u might find it interesting….

  12. I’m just happy the justice system work. This man think he was above law and he could just go around and kill off ppl pickney. Remember seh him send man fi stab up Deva Brat and him have to run fi him life.. remember seh him did supply Dela Vega man dem wid gun, not to mention him and batty boi Tesha Miller create havoc a Spain Town with gun supply from Haiti..

  13. Cause all now it noh clear who kill bunman it is only known say a man dress up in khaki clothes an pple say a clans

    1. Bunman was a good man . More than everybody else him did want peace .That’s why him dead .If you nuh know shut up

      1. @Met dah genius smaddy yah look like it mad!! mnl!!!…doe badd wid mi enuh Genius before mi tun yuh inna eediat!!!…lolololololollllll,,,,,

          1. rotfl… pot ah call de keckle……loololololololololollol!!!!!!hahahahahaha!!!

  14. talk bout the radio disc jocks dem zip and all a demwha fraid like puss …affi play kartel all sunday and during soul sessions… smhhhhhh sad sad sad

  15. Met, Jeremy Taylor,Paula and Judge Lennox need fi read this…600 yrs fi him….him family know weh him did a do but money sweet them…dem gwaan like Kartel a saint at least Lizard sister accept and she her bredda a nu saint,but he was a law abiding citizen before him meet Kartel…Lizard a nu killa,u can tell …thats why him go him gun fi lock.him a wanna b bad man….RIP Lizard…hats off to Chow…A long time Kartel a do him foolishness..The entertainer them a Jamaica fraud…only Ninja talk truth,Met watch part 1 On Stage with Ninja ..u only show part 2

  16. Leer from boston katel dweet , pintos from grasslane katel set them up fi tesha milla kill him daddy vic see and talk tesha kill him kirk lynch from the mob katel mek dem dun him thats mikey pelpa kill scrachy b madda n shell dung gaza . Nomore fi unuh

  17. Larry lynch force katel fi bad him coudnt tek nomore diss so him start buy gun. Lizaad kill kana speng katel again ppl fi know can go on n on

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