Subject: Wutliss babyfathers

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I juss saw a big explosion on Instagram between a girl and her babyfadda. It lead me to write you, because I thought only a few of these man were heartless like my children’s father. I am clueless as to why these men have a bunch a kids and then make it seems like a problem when it’s time to maintain them. I barely get $350 per month from him(not court ordered) and he thinks he is giving me heaven and earth. If I call to say I need a sneaker or a pants for one of the kids. The first thing he tells me is that “ I give you $350 per month and you still ah Stress me out”. Nothing pisses me off more than the fact that he is not taking care of none of his kids(5 of dem 4 diff moms) nor spend quality time with them. It erks the crap out of me to see him in every name brand while my child has to wear Ross and value plus shoes and clothes.
Love my children to death, but they say you know who ur man is when you have kids by him or leave him.. I don’t understand how women to lay up with him and not inquiring why he never has any of his kids or why none lives with him. This man is 39 y/o and life to him is ,partying and looking a new gal every week. He has the latest Iphone plus a side phone to keep up with his gal farm. What human being would waste so much money and then turn around cry broke when their kids needs it. Every week that god send he is in the mall shopping for himself and not a brief for his kids. I am to the point where I wanted to harm him but I thought about my kids and who will take care of them when I go to prison. This man tell so much lie it is ridiculous. He tells these fools I’m blocking him from seeing his kids, when god knows I can use the help at least once a month. I can’t count
one event or dr visit he was ever present at for his kids. He is always busy doing nothing but being a sperm donor.
My sweetest revenge is to have the Sheriff serve his child support paper in the clubs one of these nights he is guaranteed to be present. These men need to do better, If they can’t them fi stop breed up di woman dem and meck dem pickni turn problem child because of broken home and absent fathers. How you buying liquour in the club while your child has no lunch money or school fee,new shoes, clothes to look like they at least have a trying father. He is one of the reasons why I do not meet men in clubs, because they are all impressionist.
I hate to sound ungratefull, but I do not even call him to ask for anything for the kids. I wait until the piece of conscience of his kick in then he do it by that time it is already done. I have excellent families that donate more cash than what he offers monthly. Now he blames me for my kids not even acknowledging or get excited him when he shows his face. To be honest they are tired of his lies and false promise, so he is nobody to them anymore. My son saw him being a pretend step daddy to his new chick son and complained that he doesn’t even come get him but he is holding this little boy hand while in the mall.
To set the record straight, I was married to this loser for 10years and left him after our second child was born as he was a serial cheater and AIDS was not going to be my wake up call. Ever since I left it seems as if he hated my kids as well as me that’s the only explanation I can suggest, because of the way he treats my kids. Men yall need to do better, because a pissed off Baby mother/Ex is ur worst enemy.


  1. Good morning Sender:
    When it comes to sperm donors like a dem, you let the system deal with them and you continue to be a great mommy to your children. It is a complete waste of your time and energy dealing with boys like those, because its your attention they want, which they should not and will not get. Do the right thing. Go to court and file for child support; once that is done and a court order is issued by the judge, it is binding and enforceable by law, which means…

    1. Child support has a duty to enforce that order and keep in constant contact with the non-custodial parent to ensure that he is making his payment ( via in person, mail, or wage garnishments). Child Support Enforcement is usually back logged with cases so action on their part may not be taken immediately, which leads you to Option #2..

    2. If the non-custodial parent has not made payment within 30 days, go down to your local jail/ detention center and file ( Child Abandonment) forms. Once you’ve completed the (4-5 page) documents, you’ll get to briefly speak with a judge, who will then issue a returning court date, to which the non- custodial parent must appear before the judge to explain why he/ she has NOT made payment. Bring all evidence to dis-prove his defense ( pics of expensive name brand clothes, jewelry, bottle poppin, cars, etc.)… Basically anything that will show the judge that he doesn’t have money for your child, but he does for himself and his recreational activities…which usually INFURIATES the judges, because they are parents too. Once that is done, whether the non-custodial parent chooses to appear or NOT, he will be placed under arrest right there in the court/ detention center, or a warrant will be issued for his arrest, and if you know of his where abouts, he will be picked up and arrested right then and there..champagne poppin n’ all :nerd ; then he’ll be placed on probation to make restitution for all pay,nets missed PLUS maintain current payments.

    ** DO NOT** argue, fuss nor fight with this guy, because you don’t have to. The law is on your side, and anyone with common sense or human decency, knows that…children **ALWAYS**come first, irregardless of the punani feelings di man wa carry.

  2. And sender…if he wants to see his children…allow him to do so ( if you guys can both behave like adults and be respectable towards one another and/ or your significant others, but if there is ongoing and foreseeable tension between both parties that will go unresolved, still allow him to see his children…thru supervised visitations, which is also court monitored :nerd

  3. I’m weary about chicks like you but let’s say what you’re saying is true, has being “his worst enemy” worked in your favor? Was he wearing brandz befor di kids bawn? caw wearing ross and value shoes n cloze is way betta dan being naked a road. Di children will grow to appreciate di value of a dolla caw name brandz nuh mek it….a grow dem a grow.

    Sender “I don’t understand how women to lay up with him and not inquiring why he never has any of his kids or why none lives with him” My question to you..DID U DUH YOUR CROSS CHECK ON HIM? caw em neva juss cum suh overnite, yuh get 350 sum doah get none an evryday dese poor moddaz deh a welfare office a tri feed dem yutes r child support office a tri get dem bf fi pay up suh be thankful n stop saying things like “revenge” it nuh pay inna di end. Walk gud n live gud best a luk wid di children but like men fi duh betta…ooman fi wise up to

    hayyyyyyyyyy mr man duh betta by your children, guh luk fi dem n if it become a prablem guh to di courts but stay active inna di children dem life or dem wi grow bitta

    1. Sometimes u haffi become dem worse enemy because some a dem really too bad..u cant seh because she a get 350 and some nah get none she fi satisfy way..if he can do better for his kids he should be made to do better

      1. she said she served him so of course that’s what the court see fit to pay….as bitter as both of them are with eachother she won’t get another cent…a suh it guh wen big ppl act like children…..dat man been a guh dance guh floss dat a nuh onernite ting…wi fi stop cry victim caw dem man yah show wi dem true colors an wi put on blinders…she lucky caw a doah get a red cent

        1. how u mean stop cry victim? can someone cry victim for their children? Mi neva see she se one time its about her…a woman will be bitter about the way a man treats her children…believe it or not he could just start party a few years but it nuh matter right now ..what matters is the children..I need fi go read over because mi nuh think she se a by court order she a get the 350, mi think she se she a go carry him go court so mek mi go read over

          1. mi read weh em get serve INNA DI DANCE. An yes sayin she nuh undastan how ooman fi deh wid em knowin dis n dat isn’t about di kids dats personal. Man naw walk a road wid credibility pon dem sleeves or else she and a wol lot of oddaz wud not hav been tek she ten years it mite tek aneddah ooman 20. A life wi all fall fi it…MI INNA DI SAME POSITION N MI NUH GET RED CENTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

          2. it never said that..she says she wants to serve him ina di dance.the 350 is not court ordered and she waa serve him ina di dance..but u and i know that it is not possible to do so based on the time…but zervah if u waa satisfy wid not getting a red cent thats on u..its not fair to the children , its not as if he was married and she run in pan him..some a dem man yah will carry feelings because u and dem lef dem bungle in the babies..and mi nuh think no man whey love him pickney wudda do that so some a dem dont have no love..dem fi mine dem pickey by whatever means!

          3. dem nuh hav no love inna dem dat is di point dem only see demself n care fi demself only, yes of course a feelings a carry..pon both endz, fi a man weh a gi $350 em nuh too bad caw like mi seh me and a lot of women out there…GETS NOTHINGGGGG! Di odda likkle bits n pieces here n there in her story is what I’m eluding to…that’s bitter and lingering. I’m here to speak on both parties not to side with my womanhood caw not to say her but dem tan up inna dance wid man an watch dem bruk ass floss n carry on an still guh lay dung wid dem den bawl afta di consequences reach dem..but as mi seh a life still. Mi nuh hav di time n common sense fi tan up inna long line day in n out an guh chue a bag a fuxxery fi a man feed em kids nopes god wi fite my battles n hol my peace..m feel like tek em out mor time suh mi juss chill n gwaan batta

        2. Mek mi tell yuh summen Servah…my court order ah $500.00 a month and he pays it when he feels like, **IF**he feels like to pay it, suh mi nuh argue, fuss nor fight…tr888 a court me guh… the arguing, fussin n’ fighting ah between him and the judge and the battyman dem weh ago tek set pan dat once dem lock him up..again. Dat can pop all the champagne and floss and do as him like…makes for good evidence in court when he doesn’t pay the child support and the judge sees these photos and he gets locked up…again..if he doesn’t want to pay up voluntarily, he will be forced to do so…Serbah, I don’t know how old your child/ren are, but your baby daddy ain’t got to do what he don’t wanna do, but he go do what he suppose to do, which is to pay for the financial support of your children. Ano you one f**kk and breed yuhself, suh ano you one should haffe provide for your babies…and nutten nuh wrong wid Ross clothes cause dem carry sed name brand clothes in deh as well, at a more affordable price, suh big up Ross everytime!!

          1. YEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP same so…dem fi mine dem pickney..imagine u have 5000 set a aside u save fi u child fi dem likkle much cudda mek 10,000 ! it make a difference so dem fi mine dem straight..some of these men act like child support is a crime and then open dem mouth like dem love dem do you love your children and nuh waa mine dem?

          2. tru tru yeppie but mi nuh hav di patienceeeeeeeeeeeee fi deal wid dis bishh pon nuh support ting caw em not paying shiiit em seh a jamaica em cum fram suh fuxx me n di judge..mi lef dat puxxy fi gwaan florish god wi tek care a me n mines

            Thanks for your input on the ross clothing because I had that issue as I mentioned with the sender. Absolutely nothing is wrong if the children are wearing Ross clothing…a di same namebrand fuxxery har babyfadda/ex huzbna a pree n she hate it suh doah want dat fi di pitney dem..not a ting rong wid ross clothing

          3. met mama i wi talk to yuh off di air but a my husband tek care a dem dats y mi nuh complain…it mek mi a strongah person inthat mi pray mor n I’m mor humble…em end a guh bittah ooooooo very bittah

          4. mi try metty mi try i caw duh it no mor…mi get up 5am, guh a di big ole dutty buildin, full out paper work til mi get paper cuts, wait wait n wait den dis man a guh gi me papah fi serve dis man like wtf unnuh serve em, den dem seh dem wi serve em 2-3 times den judge wi mek decision. Guh see judge 2 weeks lata onli fi ere seh dem a gi em time fi ansa allegations of non support. Ok, den mi get date fi one mth lata, mr puxxy doah cum court, judge seh it seems he’s not getting di orders in di mail. Maam do you know where he lives? Mi wah tel di judge bout em mummahhhhhh if mi did noe mi wuddnt bloodclawt deh yah a mek yuh duh dis yuh wudda a read bout em in di newz an a sentence mi raaws..yooooo son is a bagga a fuxxery weh mi caw baddah wid ooooooo. Den agen mr puxxy seh mi muss guh luk wok an em well noe i wok fi em rich family dem (can’t blow my cover)>>>>>>dis pussy a guh gwaan mi a tel yuh…all family seh dem nuh noe weh em deh..evrydaii i rob dem baxside (god forgive mi :nohope:)

          5. oh well leave it as dat………… mek di name tan ina di system him mus sekkle one day..mi seh some a dem man yah smhhhhhh…i see one di other day put pan him face book’..”I WORK 7 DAYS A WEEK SO MY KIDS STAY SWAGGED” n only buy di daughter 2 pair a shoes from birth dem fi get public shaming man

          6. Servah, your husband is taking care of his family and children because he loves ya’ll and he wants to..yo deadbeat baby daddy **IS** going to take care of his financial responsibilities to his children because **HE IS SUPPOSE TO**. Hate me all you got damnn want to, but in the end you go respect me cause I’m doing the right thing, for my child…and yours. We went in half on a baby, so you go shell out half on our baby..bump dat!!

          7. i wish em cudda read n write suh wen em talk pon fb mi tek it to di courts an di family a gwaan like weh dem gi mi is a baggggggggggggg a money please pitney duh much mor as weh yeppie seh dung a battam deh…em a guh suffah man muss suffah

    2. @ observer sounds like one of the chicks that believe in her man and anything her sells her. Di woman seh she did married fi 10 yrs so obiously something must of been right. As far as I can see di man a carry punnani feelings per di senda cause him heartless and lie. Di woman seh if a even quality time once a month. Sad bad., especially when him present every party..
      Observer have some compassion, you and i know man a di liaddest thing a road.. di woman no sound too careless. thank God har family dem a help har out.

      1. if yuh did continue fi read yuh wudda gadda undastandin suh please doah open yuh mout n luk foolish. Mi inna di same position suh guh read agen n den cum bak…mi nuh deh yah fi len pity

      2. No sir, sender is looking out for the well being of her children, so for her to even reach out for help in order to make provisions for her babies, is very telling to me that she is a great mommy. Mi naah lick out pon mi bad fren Servah cause she prolly just frustrated and said f**kkk it and threw in the towel, but she betta pick that muthaf**kka up and keep on sweatin and gettin that money for her babies as well…because IT’S THEIR MONEY AND THEY DESERVE IT!!!! PICKNEY NYAAM EVERYDAY-ALL 16-17 TIMES A DAY, PICKNEY NEED CLOTHING, SOCKS AH BOOT, CLEAN BRIEF AH BAGGY, TOILETRIES, CURRENT BILL HAFFE PAY CAUSE DEM LOVE WATCH T.V, PLAY VIDEO GAMES, BUN EEH LIGHT A NIGHT TIME FE DUH HOMEWORK AH READ BOOKS, PICKNEY NEED SCHOOL FEES, DEM HAFFE GO A DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT-SOME HAVE MEDICAID AND SO E HAVE PRIVATE I SURANCE WHICH REQUIRE CO-PAYMENTS, PICKNEY WANT DUH RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES WHICH REQUIRE WHOLEEEEAAAAPPP AH MONEY….SERVAH. MEK DI BWOY PAY UP FI FEEM HALF AH DI BABY!!!! ( Mi dun shout now)..Then you can provide the one thing money cannot buy…continue to provide your babies with tender love and care..

          1. Zevah please haul him by di pants hem to court without delay ..dem a go suffer same way because financial support isnt all

          2. den di rawzcloth judge a guh tel mi fi serve em…whereeeeeeeeeeee?? man nuh live no whereee an em nuh hav shiit fi lose suh a jamaica em seh stra8 suh mi juss hol mi peace…please nuh mek mi stawt cry oooooooo like mi seh senda juss be thankful dear…dem man is a rare breed

          3. zervah doe cry be strong…because ur children have inner tears of their own so u cyah cry more dan hold up u head and solider it out..him can win lottery anywhere ina di world so mek sure file di papers even if u doe have di address fi serve di air as u seh

          4. Servah, hush mummy, nuh badda cry. He can run but he can’t hide fe too long babes. Leave him to time and sacrifice and keep yuh eyes and ears open as to when him touch U.S soil again. Doe seh nutten, just tek time guh dung by Ms. Justice office and file the necessary documents needed to serve and haul his ass before **ANOTHER** judge. Just because one judge says nay, doesn’t mean another one wont say ok..

        1. Yes ma’am I sure will…afta I done gave you the opportunity MANY a times to provide the basic necessities for your child every week/ bi-weekly and yuh ah come tell me fe mek my new man provide fe your pickney?! …that’s all you got to tell me, and you ain’t got to tell me but ONE damnnn time! :nerd

        2. but yeppie mi tink yuh did seh yuh a cut chuh :kiss dis raws senda juss mek mi ignahrance get up fi dis man dis mawnin smh :nohope:

          1. Servah, mi cut and then mi come back again lol. Mummy, don’t think mi not going thru the same thing neither, but now it’s in the court’s hands..and that’s it…that’s it Servah. The hard part is filing the necessary paper works, but after that you need not do anything more..

          2. yeppie all nung not a word an em a collect government help now mi sehhhhhhh :ngakak mi haffi tek bad tings mek joke, di man put em self pon di system fi show seh em a have financial hardships smhhhhhhh suh wah bout di yute dem>>> dem nuh niam to? mi sehhh mi tink all di judge is a dutty puxxyole to ooooooooooo now dem write mi bout em a mek below di poverty dollar line suh em caw afford $10.33 fi gi mi…di judge almost call sekurdyyyyyyyyyyyy caw if di papah dem neva fly weh mi fling dem em face wudda swell all now :mewek2

          3. If he is collecting government assistance then HE HAS AN ADDRESS TO BE REACHED……..GET’IM Zervah!!!!
            Sad these men that don’t care for their children!

    3. well said Observor…. this man never became this monster over night, she should av done her homework… still that is the pass, he should step up to the table….. but he having a bunch of kids is a bunch of $350 that a month time…. n more time looks can be deceiving, a man might look sort out but him pocket empty…. n a nuff woman tek dem babyfather money which is to compensate the kids to mine man n party…. suh every side av a story….

  4. Met dem overload ina Philly.
    Everyone a dem dancehall man deh no have dem priorities together. If every drum pan knock him present, where is all the extra money coming from. di whole a dem brukkk and no hustling nah gwan.. some a dem pickni affi a nyaam oddles and noodles everynight cause daddy deh a road a impress groupies Skilly Banks, shabba mogella, roger mafia,,burgs, Dan Dan, One Gran, Dave from di money team, Coot,,. Dem ano selecta but dem present everyday. di whole a dem have di noahs ark wid dem different babby madda.Di sad part about it is the Kids dem a suffa if dem madda head no too stable. Roger just have a 1 y/o dawta and him have gal a breed again. sick tummuk badd.

  5. @ sender sure a lot of females can relate to this situation, but just try n continue doing ur best as a mom, I know first hand that being a single mom is hard, but pray to god for health, strength and guidance…sometimes as crazy as it sounds its for the best that some dads don’t stay around(blessings in disguise) because they are toxic…not every household who has both parents in there comes out on top, at times their the ones that are the most dysfunctional…never try to poison ur kids minds about their dad, because in due time they will see….leave the line of communication open to him, because although they are kids they have feelings too, they have their own little door open for dad to come in and do right by them, but each time he disappoints, neglect and ignore them, the door pushes close a little until eventually they lock them out..

    1. Mi like the reasoning Ms.B
      Morning Metsy n everyone, boy mi no think mi woulda a run dung a big man fi handle him responsibilities eno smh

      1. chuet run dem down fi di moolah because with the psychological trauma whey di children may end up got through because a di absent parent the money will help soften the blow so run dem down for the money..NOT THEIR TIME
        MORNINGGGG :peluk

        1. Yea Met mi understand that but truer see my madda just hold har cool n deal wid har ting by har self send mi go school n mi Neva go bed hungry yet n mi live fi see my father a beg mi money n a boast a tell ppl say him daughter a successful woman n blah blah n him no know how me reach whey mi deh, so a time a the master of all things n trust n believe dem wutliss man ya alwaysssssssssssssss end up a suffah

          1. chuet fi we young days did different..they were not so many expenses and now if u really want the very best for your child it a go tek more dan food, clothing and shelter..u know how many kids are sometimes abused because of financial frustration ? mi nah se it right or there is an excuse but it takes a toll on mothers when they want to provide for their child and father will give his last and not have mek sure any of his children have it..him tell we point blank that his earning are ours ad mi cannot remember one time ever asking him for anything nuh matter how insignificant that he has ever said can be done..if dem nuh waa deh deh emotionally..LET THE COURT BLEED DEM DRY

          2. A true u a tawk Met cause a different ting a gwaan dese days n that’s y it good fi have family inna u corner more time cause it takes a village to raise a child n dem man ya really terrible to

          3. dats di mentality mi hav chuet, mi stay like ur maddah caw mi caw tek di disappointmnet dem..mi get ignahrant an yuh noe ignorancy nuh mek it

      2. chuety shake mi han caw mi naw run dunggggggggggggg none… god wi deal wid a bwoy in due time caw dat naw help me it only build anger n gi stress

  6. Afta mi seh this then mi ago cut…sender, he doesn’t hate your’s you he has a vengeance against.; by him neglecting his own children and playing daddy to someone else’s, is his way of trying to spite you because he’s angry and hurt, and I’m almost certain that his new woman/ wife/ significant other is fueling his immoral behavior to make herself feel more than the woman she really is, because if she was any kind of a mother/ woman, she would encourage him to do the right thing, which is to involve all of his children into their lives. Don’t get me wrong, women do that shit too…have multiple baby daddies and get one likkle frighten man fe play daddy role fe bun di ex man, which is NOT a good example for her children either, but when you get 2 people of like minds together who seek to spite both their exes and benefit themselves and not that of their children from previous relationships…that’s their ultimate downfall in a matter of time.. Child support makes for daily expenses and provisions needed for these children, but some of these men see it as pumpum support, which is why a lot of ’em refuse to pay up. To the men who neglect your children in spite of money…do the right thing and man up. Come to terms with your grievances and take it before God, because He is the ultimate mediator of all things big n’ small. Make peace with yourself before you can make peace with your children. :babyboy :babygirl … :angel

  7. And dem a bitch ah complain fe pay the likkle child support order while the pickney dem still young???!!! Wait til eeh pickney dem reach college and dem haffe shell out half of those expenses…yes, child support also extends thru the child’s college years..

      1. Metty, sed way me fight fe my yute dem money, is the same way I will do for another child’s.. So disgraceful…an pd them have the audacity fe tan up inna video light like dem a smaddy wid dem dirty heart and badmine, knowing they ain’t doing right by they kids…shaking my damnn head fe real fe real!!!

    1. all dat ole mastah seh em neva guh a college suh mi lucky if mi wah sen dem a my business, yuh noe sumthin mi cum offa dis post :travel

      1. Obs no watch nothing take my word him ago get a beating whey a Gooda u same one haffi tun round help him cause to how mi deal wit my fadda rash mi madda call me one day n beg mi fi call him n send on a ting pon him cause him lose him house n one whole heap a someting mi tell har call me back wit da argument deh inna 2020 cause that is the year mi plan fi start CARE she bawl out OH GAWDDDDD!!!!!!

  8. Good morning JMG family. When I was pregnant with my child, my daughter’s father left me from the start of pregnancy till she was born. Of course he was not there when I was at the hospital giving birth either. I begged him to buy her pampers or even to be in her life for one long year before I put his ass in court. When I put him in court he questioned her paternity. His sister talked trash to me asking me why I would take her brother to court and told me that he has many children and that I would not get more than $10 a week. Well, I told that bitch I didn’t care if I only got $5 a week, he was going to support this child. The court order is $350 a month. There were other orders from different baby mother’s but as fast as they opened up the order they dropped them. I guess they have some kind of agreement thing. My child is 13 and I never dropped my order yet no matter what sweet talk he came with. I got married and he tried asking me to stop the order. Hell no, it is not happening until the day comes that I by law can get no more support. He is not in her life and that is by choice but now that I know his family from the mother on down, I believe that things worked out this way for a reason. My daughter realizes who loves her and has her best interest at heart. I used to be upset that he pick and chose which children he bothered with but those days are over. I learned to just get my support and keep it moving. If you don’t make them own up to responsibility, they never will and it is not fair to the child. Don’t bear the responsibility by yourself, unless you knew from day one that this is how you wanted things to be.

    1. same way…tek u support and keep it moving especially if they are deadbeat…GO GET A RAISE ALSO… u married so because u married u fi drop the order? Let me take a few deep breaths u know I dont understand these men

        1. always..and the children come first ..that man out of order bout since u married change order…so a next man fi mine his child?

  9. Mawning One and All,

    Fi mi fadda did use to beat mi mother and starve us cause my mother didn’t want to sell weed for him. Undercover police come deh come buy weed from har and she sell him and the police did ago lock har up but a true him see she did have mi in a har hand and know har family. From dat my mother decide sey she nah go a prison leff pickney dem so she stop sell. My wutliss puppa cuss har, beat har, starve har, a nuh likkle bit a beg she did haffi beg milk powder and cornmeal fi feed us.

    Now mi see my fadda a get vex cause mi nuh call him, him a get vex cause him hungry and him nuh have nuh good shoes pon him foot. A talk bout him pickney dem deh a farin and him deh a JA a suffer. Mi sey my step father will get the world from me. A him school we, house we, provide nice lifestyle for us, private lessons, good clothes. Him cuss mi madda and tell har fi go mek har new man mine she and har pickney dem. See now him a suffa.

    1. omg so sad…these men nuh know dem a go get old and feeble..May God bless your mother mi know how hungry feel and I know how she must have died a thousand deaths inside smh

  10. Before mi cut ah guh touch di road, lemme just say this one thing…..**NEVER MISTREAT A CHILD, BECAUSE CHILDREN GROW UP TO BE ADULTS…AND THE SAME WAY YOU WALKED AWAY FROM THEM, WILL BE THE VERY SAME WAY THEY WALK AWAY FROM YOU…AND NEVER LOOK BACK..( and I am not even yelling when I say that in my most calmest voice, because it is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…and I am speaking this from my own personal experience). Touching the road now, soon come back peeps :travel

  11. Me, mi hate every man weh nuh take care of their children, the bible call them a vagabond, if them not caring for my children, I don’t encourage no communications, for what? for to keep promising them and telling them you don’t have the time to come see them, not in my cabinet, I refuse to make my kids feel out of place, if they desire to see the wutliss father so be it, if them ok in not seeing no father, all the better for me and them. a lot of kids raise perfectly fine without having any, my first son is a living example to that, a fine, decent, upstanding man, and you all would be shocked at what age I had this wonderful son of mine, and raise him to be who he is today, a man of integrity, thank God I had my parents who stood by me, he is now the feather in my and my mother cap, is bread winner, and I mean a very good one too, and he turned out well without a father.

    1. Bammy, I don’t communicate with mine AT ALL!! I keep the lines of communication open with the court system, because he knows what his responsibilities are, and I know what mine are as well, so I ain’t got to him, hem nor hum not a damnn word to him. :hammer

    2. And you are also 109% correct Bammy, but if a vagabond feel he bout to pop champagne and not pay his child support FIRST, i’ma leave him to the boys in orange to pop that assss :hammer

    3. See Bammy this is my thing right hur…you know what you pose to do and I know what I’m pose to do, so of one don’t do what it pose to do, the other one gone do what it gotta do, so I ain’t got to debate NOTHANG with the absentee parent, cause what Mr. Judge man say…goes :nerd

  12. My advice to all NON mothers. Do not have kids unless you can maintain them by yourself. When the man jumps ship so does the money. He forgets that he planted seeds on the other side while he is comfortable elsewhere. Forget everything he ever stood for, because now you see his true identity. Once you are prepared going into the situation you can’t be defeated . It’s a hard battle being a single mother and working, just remember God makes no mistakes. I live to see my Ex being miserable ,sorry, and dam near going crazy, changing partner like his Panties(because he is no man). He will never be happy if he keep searching for a replica of me and I oh so love it. Let him live in the misery he put me through. Time is the healer of all wound I can attest to that.

  13. How about you focus less on what HE is NOT doing, and MORE on what YOU can do to fill the void financially and emotionally. Just take the money he gives you and keep it moving. You can’t force or shame a man into being a father. You’re their mother, just do for your kids like a mother should. You don’t like seeing your kids in Ross clothing, then do something about it. You know what IRKS me women can’t come to grasp you can’t fit a square peg into a circle. If your baby father is not a willing participant in your child’s life that doesn’t mean your child must get the short end of the stick.
    You need to put his unwillingness and other drama behind you and be a mother and father to your children. Push on like he doesn’t exist and God will do the rest. You made a very true statement towards the end ” he hates you, so he hates the kids as well”. I have heard men attest to that, therefore you know there is no light at the end of the tunnel.
    Do for your kids like you would if he were dead. You could surround these kids with so much love and care that they will even forget they had a father. Children are not ingrates they know who is looking out for them and who is not.
    The sooner you stop worrying about what his every move, the happier you and your childen will be.
    Btw Sender, I hope you are not secretly haboring feelings for this guy?? because some women tend to be so insistent more for their own satisfaction and not the child’s…. just asking.

  14. Servah mi jus scroll up fe ketch up on the comments and read one weh yuh seh you’ve exhausted all efforts; been there n’ done that girl cause mine all use to quit job and pack up and move to avoid service, court dates, etc., til one day the judge heard me out, saw my persistence and decided to issue a warrant for his arrest, along with Child Support Enforcement suspending his license. He evaded the law for about a good year and some change til he was caught during a traffic stop, and it was a wrap from then on. He has been a repeat offender ever since, but I tell you what….my babies get they coins…back pay n’ all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. And try yuh bes nuffe tell the judge bout him parents; betta yuh jus walk out of the courtroom in frustration ah galang bow yuh sweet business ya mi dear :travel

  16. And if all else fails Servah…you might wanna considering a private investigator. They will get the job done! And that expense is also reimbursable, if asked for by the judge..

    1. yeppie dats di ting rite dere di tings weh di court put pon di ooman shoulder is not fair. Mi fi mail off papers (priority mail) dat cost money, constant appearances at court, dat a money…mi haffi park car fi $32 dollar inna garage or tek train dis bag a hustle bustle only fi hear a bag a bullshiiiit like yuh a tek dis man side…mi hate di man judge dem. Wait nuh den em mek sure get a PO box address an em mek em money guh pon a paid mastercard a tru unnuh doah evn noeeeee mi seh my pitney dem nuh need em oooooooo di added money wud be nice caw dem entitled to it but mi caw tek di up n dung no morrrr it juss drive sum kine a hate weh god nuh like an em personal feelings getin in di way to caw em hate my man but my man gets di job done caw em is a real man an mi hav no stress n di kids dem great..PRAISES BE TO GOD

  17. I agree with some of the things you are saying, just pretend as if him dead, don’t let the emotions get the better of you, do every thing you do in the best interest of your child, if you have the time for child support, go a head by all means, it’s the child’s right to be maintained by it’s father, after al, you did not get the baby by your self, I did it by my self, mostly my parents as I was real young, I don’t regret my son, he is blessing to me in every good sense of the word. And he never missed a father, now the father would want to establish that it is his son because of how he as turned out, owning more than one business, doing right by me, loving his step father and giving him gifts too, make the culprit of a father dizzy, which I care zero about. And it’s not about him, because we are far away from him, he tries to keep a tab on us which we complexly ignore my son is a grown well accomplished man at his age with my2 beautiful grand children, so the thing tun up wid out puppa, because this very young mamma was making sure her son got the best of every thing including good manners, and by the way I was 13, and the boy was 14, so know from experience life is really what you make of it. At that very tender age I became a woman over night, and we made it.

    1. Bam 13 n 14 oh my god u all were babies but the difference is u had to grow up quickly while he didn’t have to smh boy God is good thank God for ur parents support. THANK GOD!!!!!!

  18. why some of these women see the men as a bank ? why do they know a man spend his time flossing in the dance , has no job, has several baby mothers and then have a child with him, expect him to change , and then wants the world to curse him when he does not ?.

    every time I see a woman cussing how worthless there man is, I don’t see it as a reflection of himself ( because he was worthless from morning) but more of a reflection of how ‘loose’ she is.

    A woman who says her baby fadda deserted her from day one and is not mining his other six kids with different baby mothers is just another loose woman too !!!

  19. Judging by how some other women come on here and rant and behave out of jealousy, I dont sense that that its personal, I truly believe that this lady is genuinely upset and lashing out because this fellow is flossing and buying expensive things for himself and is merely giving spare change, one flat rate for his kid. A bet when him go a the bar and the bartender seh him bill a xyz him nuh complain, but when the woman a tell him seh the kid need so and so him a come object. We all know $350 is chump change, chicken feed to those flossers. Yuh caan expect the woman fi settle fi less than har kid deserve thru some woman nah get nothing, a them waan di man fi go scotch free… this a 50/50, them waan p@#$* and pickney and nuh waan spend money, dem pocket gwine burn them. Da woman yah sound lenient pan him a thru him nuh meet the gold digger yet fi mek him walk wid him b&*%$ and him c(*&% out a door, and start nam out a rubbish pan some a dem too wicked to them youth but them nuh wicked to them woman and them friend. Them nah tell di gal them weh waan nam them out seh them nuh have it, but them a tell them baby mother seh them nuh have it. Unnuh just wait them nuh waan mine them biological pickney, but them gwine mine jacket, mek them stay deh. Its just not fair, some fathers are working so hard to be able to provide for their kids, and some worthless boy nah do nothing, WOMAN NUH SETTLE FI NUH $350 YUH MAD, SOME FATHERS OUT DEH A GI TEN TIMES MORE THAN THAT, AND A NUH SEH CHRISTMAS AND BIRTHDAY HIM A GI SOMETHING EXTRA, JUST THE DEAD $350. gWAAN LODGE UNUH MONEY A HAIRY BANK, SOME A UNUH GWINE NAM UNUH OWNA SHIT WHEN UNUH GET OLD, U MARK MY WORDS!!!!!! HOW UNUH FI A TREAT UNUH PICKNEY SO!!!!??? An the hottest thing $350 cant last them flosser deh not even a day, much less one whole month….them spend more than that a dance. Lunch money fi cum out a that, breakfast, lunch an dinner, soap fi bathe, wash clothes, go a doctor, help wid light bill and water rate, Boy yuh mad, tell mi why the pickney them fi live like pauper while u live lakka king!!!!!!!!!! I think this woman would meet him half way and be civil with him, if he was playing a greater role in his kid life. Even his own son is making reference to him holding his gilffriend son hand at the mall, but not even a pick him up and spend time with him, nuh f**kery that, BUT I SHALL SAY IT AGAIN< UNUH NUH WAAN MIND UNUH YOUTH BUT SOME REAL JEZEBEL & DELILAH OUT DEH GWINE FLING YUH A JACKET UNDER UNUH CLAAT WEH UNUH AFFI MINE!!!! Pressure hin raas yah woman, mek hin cut down pan him spending and scale back pan the clubbing and the whole heap and trailer load a money weh him a gi him gal. A fool him waan tek baby mother and him pickney fa, damn brite or bright, however unuh waan fi spell it!!!!

  20. People wise up. A man a floss in a dance and buying champagne does not mean them have money. Most times it is just a hype and an image you are buying into, and then you end up holding the bag.

    Which woman goes to look a man in the dance on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night and expect him to have the same stability of a person who does a 9 -5 .

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