Dear Met,
Sanda Mcintosh was killed last week, but the presumed killed is her long-time lover. They have been together since the 80’s when she was attending Camperdown high. She immigrated to the U.S. while he wreaked havoc on the Dunkirk community as part of the 110 posse. In the mid-’90s, he and some friends killed a security guard, while in police custody, he escaped. His friend quickly sent him away to America, where he and Sandra resumed their love, until 9 months later, he committed a murder and would spend 17 years in prison. For the 17 years he was there, he complained that Sandra never wrote or came to see him, but her mom Shanti wrote him twice. While he was imprisoned, he met a woman who stuck with him for the better part of 16 years. As soon as he was released, he dropped his prison bae because he claimed she was too black and ugly and not his type. When he came out, Sandra was newly divorced; she was a flight attendant at Jetblue and attending school to become a nurse. She became a nurse in 2017. She moved him in, and soon after, he complained that she is high maintenance and that she would come home from work and be in one part of the house while he is in another. All reports point to the fact that she was tired of him and wanted him out. He did not get along with her family, and her son hated him. I don’t know what led to him killing her on Thursday; there is no excuse, Troy yuh too wicked. Also, the reason he wasn’t deported to Jamaica, where he is still wanted for the murder of the security guard, is that he, like many others, is from “The U.S. Virgin Island.”


  1. Is that Troy in the picture? What is his US Virgin Island name? Apparently, he is on the run with her SUV. Sandra was 46 years old, so she was going with this guy since she was 13-15 years old?

  2. He sounds like he spent most of his life being a bottom feeding b*tch. RIP lady. I feel for her son.

  3. She brought a murderer that spent almost 20 years in prison into her life I’m not sure what outcome she was expecting

    1. Seems like a very harsh comment, but one that I’m sure she had second thoughts about and was probably scared to ask him to leave or did and it result in her demise. He seem like a user, to string this other female along for 16 years only to conclude “she was too black and ugly and not his type”.

      What I don’t understand, is why the news outlet is not naming there prime suspect

      1. Yes we got our own netflix. Him use the woman while in prison…she rarely visited him seem her fears are confirmed..he killed her

  4. This is sad on so many levels! Sandra knew Troy was a murderer from them young. He was one of Aubrey nuffest top shooter. That’s why Aubrey send for him after them commit the security guard murder.

    Troy came to America and was arrested 9 months later where he went in to do a 17 yrs. bid for another murder. What did Sandra think Troy could possibly offer her? As Jamaican women from the garrison we love, love bad man (gun man in ah me hole me like that). Is it a form of protection or security?

    We have to value ourselves, our child/ children, and our families. Why would Sandra not think by letting a known murderer in her life it’s a possibility she could meet the same fate. Troy is a known abuser that use to beat Sandra, tried to fight her son multiple times where her ex-husband had to get involve.

    This man clearly showed signs of sociopathy, but they were blinded by the love Sandra had for him since she was young. They always broke up and went back together hence why he had her car to pick her up from work that evening. I know this hurt Shanti very much especially since she always a encourage Sandra fihh stay wid the bwoi! Sleep easy Sandra, Earl is waiting with open arms!

    Shirley, you gave birth to a cold-hearted monster. Yuh cyaa defend this one as much as yuh love defend yuh pickney dem when them wrong. TROY WRONG FIHH DIS. A far him and Sandra a come from the families know each other very well….Troy your judgment day coming!

    1. You obviously know all parties involved and couldn’t wait to dish. You are absolutely pathetic. Dwrcl that you would ask to have it deleted. You are perfect example why we need to weed out our inner circle all the time.

  5. I realize that you are the sender. But you forgot to add that your sister use to fuck him. As well remember when him came home and your sister took him in. Sender remember troy no who him had all this convo with so him no who a this. You have a lot of time on your hands since school out .

  6. Troy, why yuh a comment ova yah. Pussi, reward money deh out pon yuh. Yuh betta kill yuhself battyole bcos Sandra life nah go suh!

    1. Why you guys refuse to say what this guy real or alias name is or post a recent picture of him. How should outsiders know who he is. You keep referring to him as Troy, but that is of no use to the general public.

  7. @ QNZ_finest , Nah killing his self is too easy . He need to be tripped naked ..tied up and be sodomized by any object so he can feel how Sandra felt taking her last breath!!

  8. I am one of her co-workers. Plus a family friend , she wasn’t with him anymore , they were just friends , she had a new man .

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