Sidonie McLeod one of 14 people who were indicated in 2013 for being involved in a drug running business , New Jersey detectives called ”Operation Air”. The documents show that Mcleod was caught distributing heroine and cocaine by authorities .


  1. Might have been Heroine or cocaine, as oppose to Heroine AND Cocaine. Not sure, but I think the reference to Heroine might have been to the actual Statue, since this is the only time I have ever seen Heroine being mentioned in this case (I could be wrong here). I think she was arrested delivering 3 kilos of Cocaine to that guy McLeod at the Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey. She had Money Laundering charges also, yet McLeod got 16 years and she a maximum of 5 years.

  2. Hi MET how is it that there is no information about Marsha or Flippa whereabouts? Other than the arrest news release its almost like they dont exist. There are stories that they are in witness protection and Marsha is under house arrest. Any info?

    1. There is no information on Marsha in the New Jersey database , according to the court documents Flippa is still in Camden jail along with his brother. Marsha isn’t in the system at all..Maybe they are using her real name because I heard that her last name wasn’t correct and I can’t remember what the person told me it was …but no info on her

  3. The others (Marsha, Kemar, Flapa) must have a tight and sealed documents) All now we cah hear nutten bout fi dem sentencing. Mi a wonder if dem gone star over life ina witness protection? Fi Sidonie get such short time when she tie up ina Conspiracy and indictment leave me a Smh and scratch it at the same time. Not another word me a utter.
    Any word on Roger mafia even tho fi him case did lickel different??

    1. When people deal inna cocaine, dem usually ah deal wid Mexican cartels, and dem man deh nuh ramp fe tek yuh life inna broad daylight in front ah people fe intimidate an scare them so they may very well be in witness protection…

  4. This is the result of hype life, Sidone made a very stupid mistake for whatever reason is between she and fada God.
    God was still good to her though because him still grant her time. I hope this is a lesson to all unnu yung girls weh a run down the hype man dem weh a get unnu involved inna drug runs and dem drug business.
    She left her good good job at Zipfm even if she did a struggle she could have made it, but these girls all about the hype, living above dem means and trying to front for the GRAM and to be popular. Sad, baby girl brush yuhself off yuh still have time to make it up back to your baby girl.

  5. At the time of the indictment, they were 5 other people not arrested and still being sought by the NJ Police. Anyone know who those five other people are?
    I’m still trying to understand why this was not a Federal case to begin with, when drugs were being moved across multiple States and through the US Mail System.

  6. I can’t find a thing on Marsha not one I figured I just didn’t have her real name but even aka would pull up something but nope NOTHING

  7. How comes Kemar baby mother never get locked up? Wasn’t she involved in it too? She pregnant now fi another man. What a life all those flossing the wasting champagne I hope they madea house oour of it as when dem go home them have a room overdem head.

    1. Try leave Fretdem outa dis before you meck she go ina labor. Fretdem seh she happily in love. But all a Philly know its pretened. Its a matter of time before that country bwoy wake up. There is a freak on every corna so Fretdem soon become boring to him.

  8. Met Marsha has been out of jail before flippa get lock up more than a year now before him even come back in the Us #facts

    1. Are you related to Marsha? why anytime Met post anything about this case there is always someone to come type that she is out and it’s facts? Why unuh so devious? knowing that the woman is not out and she still in a Jail, is who unuh want to fool on this site? SMH. Bout Marsha out…LOL.

  9. Mi sill a wonda how Shawn Sharpe and Teflon escape everything. When money a runn you couldn’t even get to Flippa di way how dem was him bench fi him Batty. mi did always suspespicous a dem and me know is never lucky dem lucky. ah gone..

  10. She is smart bc she pled and already knows her fate. She has already served almost half of her time. The ring leader imay want to consider protective custody in the prison bc he loves to cooperate.

  11. Not sure how accurate this is but someone in the “know” told me that Flippa earned some sort of business degree and despite his stupidty in flossing and showing off he his really intelligent. The person also said Marsha ran the show. What I have observed is that Marsha was never on social media (my space, fb, instagram) bc she was the only one who understood the importance of loose lips sinks ships. Again not sure just sharing the info. From their(Marsha, Flippa, Kemar)indictment its as if they cease to exist. My belief is that they are needed to get the big fish. Remember the govt can make a situation look anyhow they want it to. We may think these ppl are locked up but his might not be the case. Also remember that there were unnamed fugitives in this case that they need to reel in.

    1. You are absolutely correct cause look ya, pree dis:
      Ah link weh LMAOPHILLYGIRL post, and here is an excerpt from the article:
      “When detectives intercepted eight kilos of cocaine at the start of this investigation, they didn’t jump to make arrests and tout a major drug seizure. Instead, they stepped back and built a far-reaching case that took down all of the key players in this drug syndicate,” said Director Elie Honig of the Division of Criminal Justice.
      Dem aguh use dem fe bait up the king pin, the main supplier fe everybody, maybe even cut them ah good deal if they “talk”…

  12. Fret dem and kemar did lef mi hear all the 3 sum and freakiness couldn’t hold him. Hopefully she saved some of the money too. Marsha was kind of smart but dis bigger than them.

    1. Di freakiness inna prison aguh hold him doe…he betta neva drop di soap an always keep his back against the wall….

  13. Fact…… when u become a cia = confidential informing agent…….. all ur records from u going in handcuffs are sealed. Not even some law enforcement bureaus are able to access ur file. That could mean as littleas u giving up all information and testifying against when needed (even though that normally is a plea deal to decrease sentence…. but big cases can put u in protective custody and grant u immunity) or as big as u going on a parole and continue working the case with them to sink the root of the ring. It all means selling ur soul because the first thing them love tell yuh is how much money and resources they have for u.
    Don’t know but her info not being able to be located says alot

      1. Metty, just like the girl weh guh ah Feds guh talk pon Keisha Platinum and Devon…mi hear from ah reliable source seh di Feds gi ar ah percentage of the money weh dem seize an she an ar pickney dem inna witness protection, no where tuh be found…

  14. Metty jersey nuh stingy with the info them just not into posting or giving too much access online. But if Somone goes down to any county court house the staff are more than helpful to help you pull up records on any case and print you copies for free

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