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SIX children are left without parents following a murder/suicide that rocked McCook’s Pen just outside of Spanish Town in St Catherine, Monday evening.
The police report that about 6:10 pm, the bodies of Dave Smith, a 52-year-old tiler and his 27-year-old common-law wife Jodi-Ann McNerr were found in a two-bedroom board house located in the farming community.
Reports from the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) are that Smith and McNerr were in an argument earlier in the day when she was stabbed several times. Her body was later found in the house in a pool of blood. The body of Smith was discovered not far away hanging by a length of rope.
Residents say they suspect that the killing was the result of their relationship having turned sour as the two had separated earlier in the year and had made several attempts to reunite.
McNerr leaves behind two children, aged five and seven from another relationship, while Smith died leaving four children.
Residents in the area have expressed shock and anger at the incident.
“Right now I still can’t come to terms with this tragic incident. This can’t be real,” said a man who identified himself as Michael.
He was among a group of residents who said that they did not see any indication that the relationship would end in such a gruesome manner.
One person who was left trying to come to grips with the incident was Paul Smith, 27-year-old son of the man who was accused of carrying out the attack.
“All now mi can’t come to terms with what has happened, my father was a person who always had big plans and who was always looking to improve his way of living.”
“I never saw this coming,” said the obviously distraught man.
As he sat talking about the incident Smith said that he had to remain strong to provide support for his siblings who were now left behind.
The incident is the second case of murder/suicide recorded in the St Catherine North Police Division since the start of the year.
In the first incident a policewoman, 28-year-old Pagiet Davie who was assigned to the Flying Squad Division, was shot and killed by her common-law husband, 28-year-old Sheldon Doufe, who is believed to have killed himself afterwards.


  1. Peoples with children’s are becoming increasingly selfish all over the world, they don’t think twice to kill and leave the poor children’s to suffer and it’s the men mainly killing the woman ,their motto is if I can’t have you no one else will . No thoughts for the many children’s leaving behind.

  2. Tragic beyond words. The deceased common – law – wife and the man who excused himself from the Human Race’s son are the same age. Not saying it is so, but I wonder if the couple’s 25 years age difference had something to do with them arguing all the time, which eventually led to this murder – suicide.

  3. I don’t know their story or why this happened but I will say this. He is 25 years older than her and she has 2 kids that aren’t his, so she may have been a single mother when she met him. Now I’ve seen time and time again where younger women find themselves with older men for a better survival. Them pay dearly fi di yung gal company. Tek care of her an all. Then yung gal get pon har foot now, find yung boy an run leff grandpa. Granpa say not a all…..not after mi spend so much pon yuh. Not saying this is the case but it happens alot. Most cases I’ve seen don’t end like this but not every man tek it the same way. Smh. My condolences to the families.

  4. I have a 28 year different with my man (Been together 5 years and counting) and I’ve never had anyone in my life who I’ve seen eye to eye on just about everything with. Sorry to disappoint but our relationship is as close to perfect as one can be. Sometimes age is not as people deem it to be. However, whatever the circumstances surrounding their disagreement I am sad that it ended up in bloodshed and feel terrible for the poor children who are the biggest victims.

  5. was reading this on fb nd ppl weh knw har a seh she didnt want the man just his money cuz him work hard and she was still sleeping with her babyfather plus others is it why dem did part the fuss time nd she did a batta cum back nd things the same (I DONT KNW LIKE MI SEH MI ONLY READ WEH OTHERS A SEY EDAH WAY HIM SUDEN KILL HAR)…as always wen it cum tuh dese story all i can say is my condolences to each and everyone,no1 seems to ask dem self if mi dweet wah guh happen tuh the kids dem,very sad situation

    1. Well she paid dearly with th eprice of her life, dem fi stop tek them man them things if them know dem don’t want the man so sad and tragic!!!!! now she leave her two kids motherless

    1. That wasn’t very nice of you tuh say that…sad all around, but even more devastating for the children smrch….

    2. gold digger??? These men know what time it is. If you pass 22 you too ole fi dem. They know if they want a younger female counterpart, it is sugar daddy time. So I wish society would stop blaming females when things don’t go how these men want it. They know what is up from commencement……..uhm hmmmmm.

    3. Goldigger? u nuh read seh di man hab har inna two bedroom bwoad house? You nuh read di man son seh him faada always had big plans and looking to improve him way of living? If at 52 him still hab big plans and a look fi seek out greener pastures seems like him didn’t hab much going on feem financially, cause by dat age most ppl sekkled. Dis man was likely one a dem wah hab lots of chat but dem rocket can never get off di ground. Dat coward couldn’t even find gold fi meck one teet much less fi nuhbady look fi dig…kmt
      RIP Jodi-Ann

  6. My condolences goes out to the children and their families of the deceased. It’s sad to see how a human being has no problem killing another human being and especially someone you supposed to be loving and she has your children. That’s a selfish act.

  7. ppl always quick to put ridicule on the woman victim.. as a woman dead pple run come say she neva want the man she neva dis and she neva dat.. pple need fi stop run off dem mouth if they dont know the true story

    1. luk ere wen yah cum indirest jus cum direct nd done a unda de observer sintin dem deh a seh weh dem a seh nd like mi sey if a suh near suh far from suh HE HAS NO PHUCK’N RITE FE KILL DE GAL JUS RUN HAR ONCE AGEN…kmft

  8. Metty….what we look at as $20 is $200 to others…..board house nuh mek nuh difference….dat man was probably taking care of her n her 2 kids…..over a period of time

  9. But for real we don’t know what kinda life she was living…some people out there living real bad…a board house might have been better than where she was before. Again we don’t know the story but it is very sad…Condolences to these families.

  10. As a fren of the decease i will like to share with yall who are talking and dont know shit!!!!! Jodie has been with him for over 3 years so if she was gold digging or looking something she wouldn’t have been with him for so long!!!! Secondly she was a trying girl, she never stay home and not work or not do anything, she used to do her little hair work and try everthing to see to it that her kids were ok, she didn’t have any kids for him and even if she was going outside that gave him no right to do what he did.
    Its not the first he tried to hurt his ladies, the one before her he cut her throat and left her to die…………. Knowing the type of guy he was she still went ahead and spoke to him because she’s not a judgemental person…he had serious trust issues and she got tired and left…..she left and went back to the house for something thats when it happen. ppl need to stop taking what they dont know.
    RIP Jodie, u will be missed dearly.

    1. Ma’am, she knew of him slashing his ex’s throat and she still went ahead an geem ah bly cause she wasn’t judgmental ??????????????????????? …WOW!!!!!!!!

  11. @6:30 ur fren know this man cut his previous xgirlfren throat n she still give him a chance??? So she walked right into the blazing fire not thinking about her kids safety for her own selfish reasons. She bring a man around her kids that she knows is violent n deadly now she pay with her life n her kids haunted forever. Stupid bad choices some women make

  12. Based on what is being said about the deceased woman by an alleged friend, why on God’s earth would she take up wid a man like dat afta she know him history and the things he has done before??? why?????..My God, what a tragedy?

  13. Same knife that Stick Sheep. …Stick Goat …..very Sad…..guy tried to fight me when I was in Constant Spring. ….I called the police while running ..A bus coming from Golden Spring,headed to HWT came around the corner just in time to save my life. #END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.

    1. If you don’t mind me asking, was this a person you were romantically involved with? I understand if you do not want to answer.
      I have been saying it for years, and I will say it till my LP chip and bruck up; The most dangerous thing a woman will ever do in her lifetime is to love the wrong man. There is nothing that will put a woman’s life at greater risk than a bad romance, and dat is wedda it is casual dating, boyfriend/girlfriend, common-law, engaged or married situation. Women, seek spiritual wisdom before you choose to share company with any man. I don’t care how you seek di wisdom, just seek it!

  14. @11:05 tnx for that comment I was thinking going out with this man but every time my intuition spirit keep holding me back. We was supposed to go out n eat n I cancel at last min n da way this man blowup my fone wasn’t not normal I get 15 miss calls 8 VM msg all within 24hr. Spirits don’t lie

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