1. Mi never si when big ass celebrities and dem woman/wives/husband/side piece deh pon vacation coming on blogs answering or even attempt fi clap back at people commenting on their pics… Dis gal need a slice a humble pie Neva si run come si…

  2. A shame she shame I M sure she here reading the comments too! Obviously she petty and fool fool. If a did me me NAH reply mi definitely wrong when mi say she have a game plan she just a regulAr gyal trying to score a few fifty dolla with no end game. She may as well put on her socks and bleachers hat and walk downtown sell pin and needles. Bush if u know it’s a troll why reply we don’t feed trolls

  3. And a she dem call humble? if she humble, I am a nun. Yes, they riding her name hard but it’s all a part of the game. When you become a public figure – because Kasi you are NOT a celebrity, it comes with the territory. You don’t think Riri, Beyoncé, Ciara, even Michelle Omaha have haters ?

    But u maintain your composure and keep it moving. Girl bye with your fake, wannabe ass. Next !!

  4. So true me give uuno de little free advise wha day yah, uuno run go post this fake ass kiss? The girl in the club and lubica got better kisses, this look like 2 little pikney a kiss, forced and no chemistry at all.

    Spare us next time , Kasi we know u ain’t no saint so open you mouth !

  5. Me say I hope when him bring a dose of AIDS come geh her, dem encourage har fi stay wid him same way… I think this trip was planned way before, but me still wouldn’t go, a shame she nuh have, u can see the fakeness in a her tuff face…. She is dummy !

  6. “Demonstrate use of such credentials because all the world sees are body shots and imageries.”

    Shots fired! Kasi swear because she put some letters in her Instagram bio that makes her anything special. The person has all right to ask because what are you doing with those degrees girl? LLB in bio and no law school or call to the bar. MBA and the only thing you’re mastering is IG comments management.

    Maybe you should add that to your resume Kasi so they can stop saying you’re unemployed. Social Media manager is a real position and pays better that what Bolt is giving you.

    1. “Demonstrate use of such credentials because all the world sees are body shots and imageries.”
      No this is what u call a clapback. Lol

  7. I don’t care what Kasi says, she did not enjoy this vacation! She spent the majority of the time on social media and arguing with people. She admitted to being idle enough last night to argue with people in her comments so clearly all the “fun” has come to an end.

    You and Usain can come home now boo. A week is a long time to spend with someone you’ve never traveled with before. You goodly tired of each other. Not to mention Bolt annoying as hell. The bun counting and woyoiii got stale from last weekend and it’s showing on your face that you over it too. Come home now man

    1. Yes a Sadiko gf gyal fool esi jesus itch up under kasi wen kasi use to f**k her man. All Sadiki do a bun she left right and centre

  8. What a worthless Bitch, talking about check credentials, what are you doing with said credentials, you don’t have a job, you don’t own a business, you own nothing except a few pieces of designer shoes and dresses that was bought by Usain. But that’s all you want, to be Instagram famous with your photoshop pics, yuh shape like spongebob in real life. I can’t believe Usain suh frighten that he really f**k his brother wat lef, mi lose affa him big time. When Shaun Paul wife said that the uptown people a laaf afta Usain, now mi know what she was talking about, Kasi f**k all the money man dem uptown and none nuh wife har, Sadaki nuh wife har but Usain a try, they are all laughing at Usain Bolt.

  9. A she a di biggest troll….ZERO class…u now below basic..look like bora bora wash weh di eyebrow and eyelash dem…hush.

  10. Why she Nuh go pon shaderoom and tmz and ballersalert go try answer dem Mek dem done har some more…she’s so stupid. She seh she want to be celebrity, it comes with criticism too so airhead kasi, learn Fi deal wid it idiaat!

  11. Needle eye go pon shade room and you will many celebrities clapping back while on vacation smh y’all salty and mad af.y’all hate the girl cause she dey with Usain ? I don’t get why everyday u people get up amd stalk the gal uno fi come out of people rass business!!!!! Go read a likkle scripture pon daily devotion.kmttt

    1. Dem seh dem one comment and done! Dem have tings fi do. Dis bitch siddung and go back and forth! Move from yasso!

  12. I wouldn’t even post pictures but she surely loves the attention she’s getting and gwaan like it nah badda har. Come off a social media and enjoy Bolt while it last cause all u gonna have is memories. Me a gi dem til February 2017 fi lef and that’s me being generous.

  13. She obviously has time, why clapback if ppl a talk facts. If she’s truly happy why spend time answering obviously she’s bothered.Ms kasi yuh nuh agree fi stay with bolt knowing that other women will be involved? Suh this is the attention you have been dying for yuh getting.

    Yuh leff yuh ex man cause of cheating then go play side chick to sadiki now yuh “in love” wid him bredda,girl come on Yuh think ppl ago with yuh when the facts a lick them?? Girl bye

    PS: yuh going clapback at the wrong person and dem ago read out yuh file fi the overseas blogs!

  14. Met I been watching and reading and I can’t believe this girl even if a so the story go you on vacation one of the most beautiful island remember a nuh live yuh live dey and she on social media and not enjoying her self smfh gal the media a go destroy you too dam fool mi a gwaan sip tea because this a tea yah bitter

  15. Her comebacks are sooo wack !! if bun life suh nice why is she soo bothered, if it did nice she wouldnt need phone. Bolt need fi tek har phone an dash it weh an mek she know seh har phone days done, she woulda jumb an do it cuz she senseless.

  16. Kasi baby girl, stop feeding into these comments you’re reading, everything you’re doing is clearly an indication that we’re getting to you. That kiss looks so forced, that’s how I legit kiss my grandpa

  17. Boy oh boy when lil exposure get to ur head cause she trying to live a celebrity lifestyle. But no celebrity with class or good PR team claps back to haters online period. Some may engage in twitter beef with other celebrities. Their love story is played out and faded out like bolt head middle. If you are so bothered by haters then stop living ur life in the spotlight. A queen is never bothered by what peasants thinks. Smh all this talk bout the public hating I just can’t believe one girl is so starved for attention no Sah. Wish them all the best cause even if they marry she will always be seen as a fool with no self worth….

  18. LoL everything you guys say they do. Do you realize they put up SC vids demonstrating them? Like pics/video in bed? Latest SC post LOL Kiss ect?! LOL if dem dumb one more time yuh see! LOL cho LOL. Met a years now me nuh comment so much pon JMG enuh

    1. Nutn nuh wrong if u answer back one likkle time which is what CELEBRITIES usually do. As far as Rihanna, she would answer maybe once and she gone. She too busy a sign checks, store openings, Puma events, ride off Drake dick, etc. Rihanna nuh have time!!!! Lol. Try again. Kasi is pathetic.

  19. Kasi, if you’re not bothered, why don’t you answer people when they ask about Sadiki, why you keep blocking everybody that asked about him. And is people like you that turn up your nose at ghetto and poor people. Well let me tell you, you are no better than anyone else in fact, those same people are better than you because none of us here on JMG never f**k two brothers yet.

  20. Kasi need validation and not getting it from bolt.cmon now Bolt you need to school her tell her to stay off social media and do not comment.She can post but comment is forbidden.i seen real celebs clapback here and there but this girl stay trolling to clapback to everything.Its obvious you not built for the celeb life.Bolt just give you a little exposure and look how you handling it.You messing up the test run.You off to a fake start girl.You and bolt is all that matters but clearly you are bothered and having a hard time dealing with the choice you made.
    Is a wonder she not not threatening to sue or say is slander maybe because she know is facts .That must hurt when your secrets become public
    On another note why don’t his PR encourage them to shut down the social media down and stay off.
    I guess everybody in his camp just around for the $$from top to bottom.
    Bolt and Kasi is a train wreck.

  21. Uno leave the gal alone .uno bruck and hungry .let the girl enjoy her rich life. She have a right to comment and defend herself that nuh mean sey she not enjoying her vacation . Badmind Jamaican people Wey all a uno give bun ,teck bun ,nam bun ,sell bun , teef bun over and over. So why uno come a bother the girl day and night. Uno guh try get a man fi tun unno into popishow and stop bother kasi and bolt. Bolt future and Kasi future bright. Fi uno bulb bruck. Good God man. All Jamaican men and women give bun and accept bun
    Who don’t give bun accept bun. Jamaican women give the most jacket Pinckney. Enjoy yuh life kasi .haters a time fi uno stop it. Kobe Bryant wife still with him. Hillary still with Bill Clinton. Beyonce still with jay z .Rita Marley never left Bob Marley after him breed how many other women.all them woman here with power get them bun and teck them bun. LIFE IS ABOUT FORGIVENESS. WETHER IT’S PUBLIC OR PRIVATE. JAMAICAN PEOPLE PLEASE TO GIVE KASI AND BOLT A CHANCE AND LET THEM SEE IF THEY TRULY LOVE EACH OTHER. THEY YOUNG STOP PUT THEM DOWN.AFTER ALL THE GREAT WORK THAT BOLT AS DONE FOR OUR COUNTRY. GIVE HIM MORE RESPECT BY RESPECTING THE GIRL OF his choice. Jamaican people love bring down each other too much and Jamaican people love to rejoice over each other downfall too much. Mi nuh love how Jamaican people a threat usain bolt God know. It hurt mi how uno a bash’s the first bolt claiming a girl give her a chance because we all play the fool at some point. So if kasi wish to be a fool for bolt let her be. We all makes mistake. Duh better Jamaican people.

    1. Ok youuu a go need fi f**g summarize. Couldn’t read all that but if it shorter maybe u can get some friendly banter me bored like Kasi in Bora bora

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