Met, how u Nuh see Cleo a di same one of Adrian concubine dem. The same dutty, whoring, s*damite gal, who use to drug and bring girl for she and Adrian to f**k. God see and know. The way Cleo love money, I swear on God say a she kill XXX, u Nuh see how she happy in every video at the memorial, all smiles and laughing , have you see her posts. She has not one bit of a grieving mother presence. Everybody who post bout xxx she a like up dem pics, the over 2 million post that has been made. Which mother you know sit down and like up the tributes so and your son just dead, his body didn’t even go cold when she was doing that. Cleo page private from she go on Instagram, all of a sudden she unprivate it, and have over 500,000 followers, it’s all about the fame. But xxx had said it in many news articles and videos, his mama is all about the fame, the designer sh*t, he’s doing the music because he loves it, and he knows his fame will make her love him. Now back to Cleo, anybody from broward know Cleo a long time stripper, the news article say she had him at 18….. lies she had xxx at 14. And she never looked at him one day all she was doing was whoring till this day. Look on her IG page until xxx rose to fame, the last time she posted anything for him was 2014, everything was all about king Aiden and Adrian, if xxx had died she wouldn’t have given a shit. And then he rose to fame, and everything is xxx, that man worshipped her . Bought her a car before himself, give her expensive gifts, have you ever seen xxx in anything expensive other than a louis bag him wear every where, it was all for his ungrateful clout chasing Mom. But God see and know, and even though so many ppl are hurting from the lose of XXX, god has to take him from this world, that boy suffered so much emotional pain from the day he was born, people from broward who know the story can attest to that. People call him crazy, he’s crazy because of Cleo, she was the worst mother you could ever imagine, that when we hear of his legal troubles we say lock up the mother too. And Cleo came back into his life only because of fame and money. And I think God took him, as he saw his struggles, because it did affect him, their was not one interview that he didn’t speak on his mother’s way, not out like how I put it, but he always said she loved money and fame, xxx is in a better place away from all harm and his evil mother.


  1. let the ugliness begin…the child is dead for christ sake nothing will change that…the parents will never win any parent of the year award..but what good will it do to be nasty and hateful after the fact?

    1. Miss Veneita, because your name sound like one long time big woman and I have respect for my elders, This issue with this is, Met site is not going to kibba for none of you, so it’s best if you just wheel and scroll, Talking the truth about the worthless parents is not nasty and hateful it is facts. KMT.

    2. What is cleo doing after the fact to redeem har f*cked up parenting of X? I wouldn’t even remember Instagram muchless to be on there liking posts and selling clothes. It’s business as usual fI dat tuff oman. X said his mom would be angry if he spoke about har dirty life, she tried to silence him but she can’t silence the world. I hope the hip-hop community get her file.

      1. No, that was not my comment.

        I have no qualms in putting my name after any comment I write, after. no one on here can kill me for my opinions KMT.

  2. See it now. She had him at 14, I feel that explains a lot . I’m not condoning anything she did/is doing, just saying it explains a lot. She was was a child herself, body and mind as far as I’m concerned. What the hell did she know about love, maybe didn’t even love herself too tough.

    She must soon mature in mind, and that’s when everything is going to come down on her.

    Everyone getting up in their feelings about this woman, but she has her day to come. I feel that will be enough pain for her.

  3. I may as well dish everybody file smhWhat about all the other Jamaican parents that run to the US and leave dem pickney behind in a whole other country? I can slightly understand leaving them behind while u get on your feet. But some move here and have a whole other set of kids smh If u can raise the ones born here, u damn sure can send for the others and raise them here to! And let’s not get on the men that don’t miss a party, trick off and have red bottom and LV galore while ur kids in JA in a tin house with leaky roof. You ppl act like you neva hear of deadbeat Jamaican’s parents before. Patra wasn’t the greatest young parent starting off but she made up for it latter In her son’s life.

    1. You have a point about the thousands of Jamaican women who abandon their kids in Jamaica and never look back or never send a dime to help support their kids back home. I know of a case where it became know to everyone that a mother had a kid only after her death of breast cancer. Everyone only knew of the two kids she had in a America. She never support or acknowlege her first born, yet she was financially well off for many years.

      1. Thats all we are saying..but we should take on the topic of jamaican parenting because cleo isnt the only one…3/4 of dancehall is like this and they will post their children’s pic and run up to claim mothers day and they are the worst parents

    2. Hello, we all speak on worthless parents on met site, from the ones who are exactly like CLEO and Dwayne, don’t come here and make it seems we condone any type of worthless behavior please and tonx. Seems

  4. Cassie, I agree. Honestly, mi kinda see everyone’s point and I know ppl are all up in their feelings about this young man. It touch many of us. It really is a tragic and sad story. However, I think it is being taken too far now. This mother and father are being dragged through the mill. I see xxx post on mother’s day that they had their ups and downs, but he said that she was there when it mattered most. We cannot judge any of them. If she had him at 14, she was a baby herself. X was honest about how it affected him, but he forgave her. With regard to all of the posts and Instagram shows, do remember that one of the initial stages of grief is denial. Maybe this is her way of coping. Who knows? Only she knows her true intentions. Personally, I lost someone and I couldn’t even bear to go on social media and see people posting rip. I had to block it out. But maybe she is taking strength from the impact he had on the world. Maybe she wants to catch every post and every picture, so that she can feel close to her son. Who knows…? I will keep saying who knows, because I am not sure. I am merely assuming, the same as most of ya’ll. but I’m sure xxx wouldn’t have wanted his mother to have been treated this way. He loved her regardless. Leave it in gods hands.

    1. She is 38 and will be 39, the person was right when they said she had him at about 19. When we first heard of him, the first thing we heard of is how troubled he was and then to find out that both parents did what they did and other people influenced him..only to see the father bopping to the music and the mom posting up the brand name stuff on ig…………it didnt sit well..then to see her posting on ig n liking pics …then at the really rubbed many people the wrong way

      1. Lady! You have it fi do on your site enuh, cause all them a run in enuh, is come they coming to see if they can stop us from discuss the fact the mother/father is two Jancrows.

      2. But since 2012 she been posting every brand she ever own #justSaying … i dnt think nw is the right time to be dragging her .. good thing is he forgive her before he died

  5. ammm so Ms Met! I was having a conversation with someone and we were browsing pinkwall, came across the news of the young lad, saw the picture and the profile of the mother, her last name Bernard, and took one look at the baby picture and said the boy had the facial feature and eyes of a lady she knew from mobay, a lady she said they used to called “Ms Bernard” very nice and affectionate lady she said, but her husband was a ganja man but he was very very humble, she said at the time she knew the lady, she had 2 sons and a younger daughter, one of the sons name was “jah-B” she didn’t know much about the younger daughter because she was very young, she was looking at the pic, noting the boy eyes and feature and the resemblance to “Ms Bernard” which would’ve been the grandmother and “Jah-B” the uncle, Ms Met could you please look into it to see if the family originated from mobay, it could be a different family but if it is, then I know someone who actually know that family from jamaica, if its them, she said they hail from an area in Bogue mobay called tower hill, never even know mobay had a tower hill, if its not them then I guess its the wrong family.

  6. …..she said if its actually that particular family then there is a lot things about the boy’s mother and her origin that pinkwallers will never be able to fathom, even though there is absolutely no excuse for abandoning or neglecting your child,she stressed that Mrs and Mr Bernard were very humble, down to earth and affectionately loved people at the time, she migrated in the early 1990’s and lost all contacts from then, she mentioned they were linked with a well known big time juggler at the time in mobay by the name of “pickens” and she has no clue what became of him or them, so Ms Met please make your checks.

  7. He looks sad in the picture above. He was such a handsome baby boy. God bless his soul. His mother could have done better. If you can pose up on social media in “fly” shit, you can take care of your children emotionally at least. Oh please, no justifying their unreasonable actions toward their own seed. Money hungry grabbas, God will take care of them as He will us.

  8. This is repugnant! Met, I’m convinced you’re a bitter soul. From the kid die you’ve been tearing down his mother. XXX didn’t hold anything against her, so why you who didn’t know them or knew of XXX until his untimely death, have such a gripe?

    Come here met, yuh bitter nuh bbc! Me know yuh type. Lowe the woman mek she grief and collect her son royalties. After all, is she birth him. Just mek sure ur own dem weh YOU a raise have some talent suh them can leave sumn for you,

    1. Talent is God given…Mi a nuh turtle whey lay egg and lef dem cause uno swear seh giving birth is it..a uno bitter..dirty and nasty leg egg and leave them to hatch

  9. from what I gathered going through her ig, she mostly posts pics of him on his birthday. She two years at one point without posting him. After he became famous she posted him everyday. what hurt my heart is that she grow her little son like a prince, while the other child was out boxing around. Another disturbing issue is the two lesbians she’s always with (butch black girl and a non black not sure of her race lol). They travel everywhere together. the boy said his mother was hustling as she couldn’t afford to keep him. I saw the opposite on her page. She looks like a disgusting lesbian to me.

  10. She had him at 14, she was just a child herself. Whether or not she was a good or bad mother, let the woman mourn in peace. She lost her child violently, something none of you commenting with your negatives would know nothing about. The son clearly forgave her because he held no venom or animosity towards her. Maybe stripping was all she knew at that age, and she sure as hell couldn’t have taken him to the strip club to babysit. Unnu leave the woman alone, she going to need the money to help take care of his unborn child or pay mortgage, etc. because the reality is, after he’s buried, the bills will still be coming. The Marleys living off Bob Marley 30+ year after his death so what?? This is low let the woman mourn in peace. All of you bitches turn judge, I didn’t know God was hiring!

  11. Well, Cleo getting famous now, Met website is not the only one putting her on blast wooooeeeee!!! Just heard on one of the biggest hip hop radio station in Atlanta entertainment news, They giving her the shine she desire lol. Met, They talking how she wasn’t in X life and all the extra shit she doing now, They even references X interviews when he spoke about her not being there, Let me see all you mange run all over and defend the mother of the century, I predict she will private her insta soon, One thing, when the Yankeee run with something they visious, Hope for miss famous what we are saying here don’t reach the shade room.

    1. @Anon 6:57pm is right over here they got the FACTS from. I bet since XXX died, Met’s page have been flooded more once the worthless heartless mumma posts went up. They’re all taking the news from here like it’s their own. Met’s site bigger than TMZ I bet. All regular people talking about the story as if is not over here them get it from. Give credit where its due causen sey whey dem did dey from 2009 blogspot days, when one post have over 1000 comments and Met had to private some posts when things tun way up tpc?

  12. @StayGood and @TeamPatra I’m convinced you are both stupid. Just because someone forgives someone does that mean the act of cruelty is JUSTIFIABLE?!?! Does it negate the fact that she neglected him and seems to only seek fame and fortune from him? You both seem to echo, “let her grieve in peace ” but where oh where do either of you see her grieving?! At the end of the day, it is clear as day that he sought the love and acceptance of his more present though still absent, parent and that’s his mom. As a result, he developed an unhealthy desire to constantly try to please her. I suggest you research the lyrics of his songs (Met could you maybe post one for a round table discussion and analysis?) to truly get into his mind and maybe then you two will understand what really was going on with him. Kmt

  13. So many people could not be wrong, The defenders missed the point. Grieving what grieving, I wouldn’t comment if i thought that was the case. I heard it out of his mouth, he said parenting him wasn’t his mother’s priority. Can you imagine how he felt, unwanted and unworthy of LOVE, SAD. People are stating FACTS SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM, 2 MANY PEOPLE A TALK. Please come back and attack when someone is telling a lie. She lucky he remembered that a she name mother because nuff children would have asked WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I NEEDED YOU. It is plain to everybody that it was the money that she LOVED. His interviews spoke volume, he was mistreated as a child so stop the BULLSHIT. She wanted Fame and money this is what stars go through

    1. She soon get all the fame she looking for. Life is funny because the younger son who she appeared to “love” may end up rejecting her exactly as she did to X. I hope she get 10 million more followers. The more the merrier. People are digging.

  14. I cum on here and dash out my BD file and tell the truth stating some of the same exact tings y’all say about Patra and I’m met wit backlash! You ppl take up for the deadbeat dad. I say he left his pickney he don’t take care or love his kids and don’t send a dime u ppl get on here and scream whore and u ran him away, u dis u dat etc but wat da f**k does have to do with my BD taking care of his seed and being a parent? U ppl confused af and love badmind if you don’t feel the need to tell di truth about ur deadbeat cousins, fadas, brothers, uncles and friends please don’t drag Patra as a deadbeat mom. Dats da problem u wanna hold women accountable but u let di man get away wit everything! Start at home wit speaking up bout ur family and the lack of parenting there smdh

  15. my father been absent my entire life and now that im 36 and he is 66, he want to have relationship so i can take care of him…sad to say but i want no part of him . i managed thus far without him so at this point he can stay where he at… i forgave him but im not gonna be the one to take care of him. thts what all he is looking forward to…it is your parental right to take care of your children especially minors at that

  16. it hurt me when dutty parents come an act like parents of the year and turn round seeking help or assistance from the child/children . they never support

  17. @team patra.. get which royalties? The unborn child will be recieving most his assets. Must be one of her thirsty friends who ah look a ting come write that. That woman manipulated that boy so baf and yurn him against the people wjo looked out for him while she run the streets..all because of greed. Gal ypu will NEVERRRRR GET TO ENJOY THAT LITTLE Boy’s $$. God wont allow it.
    Met his grandmother try with him, but he rararely mentions her..him talk more bout deh jezebel.

  18. Cleo, her best friend who is also married to Adrian legally, and her sister the the butch looking one all live in one house. All of them f**k together and bring gal for Adrian to f**k. I can’t speak before she met Adrian but for the past 8 years her life has been set. Porsche, X6, G wagon so for her to tell her son she can’t afford to have him around was heartless. The only thing that could make sense is because he was a danger to her or her young child, or maybe cause he was always in trouble, Adrian didn’t want him around as it may have involved the police, and man like dem don’t like police. This is a sick twisted story. Nuff science and Obeah work for Cleo, that’s why she has the life she has. I have seen Adrian deh wid some girls in my lifetime, and fall head over heels for them, but he always runs back to Cleo. I see Adrian diss his right own woman Marsha who deh wid him from when him use to work as a side man pon truck and pack box out a Spanish town, almost 15 years ago that. Diss her up for Cleo. So people this bigger than you think, but God always show him face, and time always runs out.

  19. This woman Cleo is so fake and love fame, Can you believe this woman follow herself with X page just to gain followers and sell clothes!!!! She is so heartless!!! This is more about her than X.

  20. Like dutty kizzy she have her daughter born here in America send her go Jamaica from she a six months old and never look back on the little girl she not even mine her pickney and she have other kids here plus man and grown ass woman she take up and a mine kizzy go send for your child u in apart every night and u born American child stuck a Jamaica a wha make she can’t reach back America

  21. The butch is Dwayne Jahseh biological father and she Adrian and Chrissy all are sleeping together one of Cleo x stripper friend told us that Cleo invited her to a birthday yatch party and downstairs in the boat Adrian and the butch was eating out Cleo and two other girls vagina . She was very shocked cause Cleo invited her in to do the freaky stuff and she claim she didn’t but from then she and them travel do everything Together so she sure must of engaged in the sex party . She talks a lot so she always a chat Cleo business but none work Adrian was financially taking care of them but his business dealing start slow up because of his arrest and his connect got killed so xxxtencion became successful right in time to continue her Luxury life . She and Adrian was living in rental homes in parkland for years he does have a bad house a Jamaica cause the same stripper talk it cause she start f**k Adrian pon the side and Cleo don’t know . All the Miami girls friend her to get close to Adrian but Cleo love people around suh she either dumb or don’t care cause she like girls more than man . Adrian wouldn’t even let her leave to do her nails or hair everyone has to come to her he watched her hard ! But Marsha start tek Cleo to and they live as one blended family and all the time Marsha was sleeping with Adrian bestfriend and righthand man . There sorted life is full of sex greed and party , this the only way it could end tragically

  22. Deandra “the butch” that use to live with dwayne and his first baby mada. That ungrateful bitch… cleo manipulated her to..and she look deh hype just like cleo.

  23. :mewek I have never seen a clearer case of a youth crying out for help. Literally crying.Listen to his song, “save me”. Someone needed to take this young man to counselling. All the signs were obvious. The songs about death and suicide. The yearning for appreciation. I cannot read anything about this young man without my eyes welling with tears. I met the man personally and honest to God, it had been a long time since I met a young person so “mannersable”. Real Talk. He called all grown folks sir and ma’am. Just downright depressing that such an awesome soul was taken by people who have absolutely nothing to contribute to society.
    I truly hope you are at peace now young man. :sorry
    Real Talk 😡

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