A shebeen queen yesterday told a Harare magistrate that her son accuses her of witchcraft and prostitution.

Angela Rukovo hauled her son Munyaradzi before the Harare Civil Court seeking a peace order.

She told magistrate Rebecca Kuvhiya that her son verbally assaults her and does not respect her as his mother.

“My son is accusing me of witchcraft and prostitution. He is not eating my food and is saying that I am putting juju in his food,” she said.

“He bangs doors every time he comes home and shouts at me and everyone. I asked my brother to talk to him and he refused. He always accuses me of cursing him with evil spirits.”

Munyaradzi refuted his mother’s allegations saying she was jealous that he was in good books with his late father’s relatives.

“She is lying that I verbally assault her. She operates a shebeen and I do not like that. The problem is that my late father’s property was not shared as per our culture and she is accusing me of planning to sell his vehicle,” Munyaradzi said.

“I just want my late father’s property to be shared the cultural way and we are also having disputes on who should become a chief since our father was a chief.

“I was requesting for my late father’s spirit to be brought back into the family.”

The disgruntled Angela said her son was being pressured by his late father’s relatives whom he started knowing recently.

Magistrate Kavhiya ordered the pair to come back to court today for the continuation of the matter.

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