Denzel Blacklisted! Sony Execs Warned Not To Cast Washington In Big Flicks Because Black Leads
After President Obama, Kevin Hart, and Angelina Jolie came under fire from racist Sony executives, has learned that Denzel Washington is the latest target to be revealed in the explosive hacker email leak. According to emails from the execs, two-time Oscar winner Washington should not be cast in films that will get play overseas — because he is black.
The unbelievable e-mail thread was sent soon after Sony released Washington’s latest film The Equalizer, and was posted online by hackers who are demanding the studio not release The Interview, a comedy about the assassination of North Korea’s dictator.
The producer who sent the e-mail to Sony Chairman Michael Lynton said he or she hoped the incredible statement wasn’t “inappropriate or provocative.” But the producer — whose name was erased from the emails — suggested Sony should avoid casting black actors to appeal to an international market that the producer deemed “racist.”
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“No, I am not saying The Equalizer should not have been made or that African American actors should not have been used (I personally think Denzel is the best actor of his generation),” the producer wrote.

“Casting him is saying we’re ok with a double if the picture works,” the producer wrote, using a baseball analogy. “He’s reliable at the domestic [box office], safe, but has not had a huge success in years. I believe whenever possible the non event pictures, extra ‘bets’ should have a large inherent upside and be made for the right price. Here there isn’t a large inherent upside.”
Washington’s The Equalizer grossed $191 million at theaters worldwide, with 47% of the ticket sales coming from outside of the United States. Still, the e-mail chain suggested that the overseas box office percentage was not good enough. Other films should expect 65% of the sales abroad, the analysis said. The reason for the disparity? According to the producer, it was Washington’s race.

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“I believe that the international motion picture audience is racist — in general pictures with an African American lead don’t play well overseas,” the producer wrote. “But Sony sometimes seems to disregard that a picture must work well internationally to both maximize returns and reduce risk, especially pics with decent size budgets.”
An Equalizer sequel, which another e-mail said was set for 2017, would be “a double, with a remote chance of a home run,” the producer wrote.
Along with slamming Washington’s box office draw, the analysis also took a hit at Adam Sandler and Kevin James, suggesting Sony is also swinging for a double and not a home run by casting them in the upcoming film Pixels. The email suggested that Sony “may not have had much choice without blowing the relationship with Sandler, and they want another Grownups, although after That’s My Boy they could have dumped him.”
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Previous emails exposed racist jokes about President Obama, and a racist joke about the trend of white celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Madonna adopting black babies.
Another chain revealed that Alex Trebek almost quit Jeopardy! over a standoff with the mother of a Jeopardy! Kids contestant.
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  1. SMH, What goes on in the dark shall come to light!! Racism will NEVER end! So much of this goes on in this country and we dont even realized.

  2. I love it! Keep it coming shorty, and America claim they’re the baddest country….shorty got them canceling movie from left to right.
    I don’t think Denzil will be faze by Sony, he’s in Hollyhood long enough to know that it’s run by racist Jews. You would think a group of people who’s parent,grandparents, and great grand parents had such atrocities committed against them would be senctive to other minorities. I love how Kim have them shaking in their boots lol.

  3. We should make a stand as a community and not support their movies. I personally will not watch another Sony movie or allow my kids to. I’m sick and tired of sitting back and allowing people who don’t like me because of my race to make any more money off of me.

  4. I personally don’t need to read items like this to know that racism is alive and well and the aim is always to keep the black man down

    1. No I dont think she was defending them she was defending the principle where privacy is concerned. Although we know now that they are racist we shouldnt have to worry that what we say in confidence will never stay where it was meant to stay.

  5. Sony is the devil, according to Michael Jackson, remember when him and Al Sharpton was walking around with a plac card, and it read Tommy Motolla is the devil, I know that for a fact them is racists, them mash up a lot of black youths career in the industry, I could call some name but I won’t, them give you big Rolls Royce, and Lamborghini to entice you, and if you have a stupid mother, when them tell you say you’re going to be the next Jonas brothers or Mily Cerus. She jump and sign big contract, but guess what those two are white, you end up never make another hit. And I know for sure, mi just not calling no name.

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