Where to start??These two seem to be everywhere doing everything together,they dress alike(most of the times)act alike,party together and now they will have one more thing in common f***g men from out of innocent sound.
Now Last Week Sunday,everyone was at Sunday Splash at Poolside,After Escape & V.i.p Coco White Day done and over with.So upon reaching Poolside who do i see big face black Humpty Dumply Fat Kellen & Her Tar Baby Friend Camille Carlene as she goes by on facebook & Randy Innocent looking all depressed.
Now fake ass Kellen spotted Randy Innocent who was suppose to be good friends with Randy Innocent good up good up babymother,the real pretty lightskin babymother who is expecting her second child with Randy Innocent.

So after big bammy presser face big face Kellen was there trying and attempting to play matchmaker between Randy Innocent Camille Carlene The Royal Black Ants,,, and put together,set up,and fix up Randy Innocent & her homegirl The Royal Black Ants!!!!!What kind of friend you suppose to be f***g Kellen setting up one of your good,good friends with one of another good,good friends babydaddy knowing damn well she is in a relationship with his pregnant babymother??
But yall should have seen Randy Innocent f***g face when Camille Carlene,Kellen Black Ugly Friend well made herself comfortable sitting in Randy Innocent lap giving him a f****g damn lap dance and smiling away like he ain’t in a relationship with his pregnant babymother!!
All i have to say if any one of these girls think they have any money getting money getting from Randy Innocent good luck because he broke as f**k you can tell by the way he dresses he stay wearing promo shirts with no clothees,naked self and hungry as f***k!!!!!!


  1. “Tar baby” is a derogatory term, please refrain from using it and add other words to your vocabulary.

  2. Sender, let me guess, you made this post out of love and concern right? You are genuinely interested in preserving the relationship of the sound man and his baby momz, right?

  3. Mi nuh rate the tar baby usage senda.Even if u upset abt being the 3rd or 4th wheel fi di man,yuh doan haffi sink sooo loww!

    1. Both are good looking females fi real. The darker one even Betta looking. Senda, yu Neva buck fi say “pretty light skin” doe? Go dig up a backyard an bury yu self.

      Morning YardieT and even the bleach out senda :p

  4. U pass ur place at tar baby. Then u come again with black ants. People like u need to be killed on site. It’s because of that behaviour why we have people out here bleaching.

  5. Senda u must be a bleacher because according to you light skin equals “pretty” and dark skin “ugly” don’t??? Move u dutty sour self from yah suh an gweh bout tar baby an black ants…look how the two ladies Dem pretty u not getting no forward ova yah suh so stop siddung an watch man koki. P.S the man did love when the tar baby siddung pon him though abayyyyyy.

  6. I not surprised ah same suh kellen was tryna whore out har fren tiny to juxxy AND to twitch while she was hanging out wid whitegirl and dia. joncro dat.

  7. Who cares about color we are all black Kellen is a whore and I can’t belive taxi did ah f** dat raw KMT waste man dem

  8. The Heat is on in the streets of Fort Lauderdale!!!!!!!!Lmao
    So wait Kellen turn big f***g sodomite now f**ing and sucking both man and woman!?!?!
    For a little young girl who just 22 years old why she putting so much mileage on her damn f***g pussy!!!!Fu((g three men one time that all live in the same state??Whoiiiii Kellen you carrying on badly!!!!!!As for Randy Innocent he is just a f***g dog and inbred piece of fu***g shit who live off f****ng women and mooch off them take up f****g space in innocent sound everywhere you see juxxy you see him the only reason why anyone know who Randy is is because he stay following Juxxy everywhere like a bloodclaat battyman all up in Juxxy face and breathing diown his neck and all up in his ass and battyhole like the battyman he is!!!!!Lmao


  10. Wait a minute the bwoy Randy na married to the tall brown gyal.da dutty pregnant gyal having two pickney fi the broke ass bum an him cant even feed fi him self. When you pik up man ina club and tink them have money that’s what happens,the dumb likkle gyal stuck now wid two pickney and a bum ass married nigga. And the likkle gyal walk around like she win ah prize. She need fi go get tested for STD’s then go check into rehab. Hopefully this pickney born healthier than the first pickney wah born all sick cause of STD’s and The mother drinking problem. But when you pick up man in them kinda place wah you think you a go get…And the likkle gyal need fi grow up ,so wah Randy have now 10 pickney no job with a wife..

  11. Listen here my friend don’t want f*** Randy o.k she already set that straight to him from around two f***g weeks ago she aint worrying about that f***g loser Randy who barely have f***g clothes on his back to wear because he stay wearing promo t-shirts and pop up at my friends house unexpectedly rummaging and searching through her kitchen,fridge and pantry talking bout he hungry and want something to eat….talking bout he want f***g snacks bitch please aint nobody want Randy with his one dozen kids all over the place he aint taking care of it must be unruly nay or one of Randy other bitches send this shit in because my friend aint got time for Randy and his bullshit oh f***g please!!!!!The article aint about her so why is her name being called??smh

  12. Rassclaat kmfdt Randy f**k so many bitches from Unruly to Pretty Pinky or Queen Pinkyyy as her name go by on i.g to my good good up friend so why is her name being called in the f**y and foolishness that girl aint worrying about the rhinocerous Randy

  13. Nuff ah oonu ah talk bout mi friend oonu inna worst situation that mi friend just know seh mi friend ah live comfortable,her skin clean,she bathe regular,she nah guh ah nobody yaad ah search thru nobody pantry fi food she nah dead fi hungry so wah else oonu haffi seh kmt she nah wear no clothes from JC Penney old people section so wah oonu haffi seh bout her randy babymomma worthless nuh rass deh inna dance with har big belly before she stay the f**k home ah mind dutty randy just not to experience lonliness

  14. Well then!!!!!My friend might be ugly but one thing for sure she can count on her ten fingers and ten toes how much she f**d flat ass babydaddy that bitch just mad because the obeah that work everyday and all the candles she light and the incense she done lit in her one room shack to tie the people dem husband nah work so that she deh vex cah whatever she put inna him food nah tie him and a mek him ah one woman man cah him still deh a road ah bad abayyyyyyyyyy but wait until him start beat har rass come over mi friend name allah oonu oonu sumbaddy dash battery acid and stale piss and shit on oonu

  15. Everybody inna everybody bussiness ppl love stick dem nose ina ppl relationship oonu a gwan like you ah get rich of ah fi him name or fi har name ! Wen oonu day inna thing nobody na post bout it ! Mi just ah say !

  16. The money dutty Christina A Jagdeo take a guh obeah man fi tie Latoya Brown Johnson husband she better put that money in her bank account and go get an four bedroom apartment one room for her and the bum ass married nigga,one room for her son who live in Washington D.C with her mother Angie Jagdeo,one room for Lyam,
    and one room for her newborn baby and stop worry bout who sitting on her babydaddy dick or being on her babydaddy dick!!!!!!The money she ah tek guh obeah man she go fix up her f**d up body,get a tummy tuck,a lapband,a breast lift and get yourself two set a batty jaw and f**g ass!!!!!!Bitch shape bad no bomboclothe fava compressed metal and a iron board fold up put against a damn wall!!!!!!!

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