Good day Met and everyone,

I am very please to report Sidney came outta the hospital and although is foot mash up bad, he is alive.Who is Sidney?Sidney is a yute bout 39yo who work delivering gas Inna jungle. On that fateful day he was by the van park up but something went wrong and it rolled off di banking and headed for the gully below. The driver n the owner of the biz/van ‎saw n did nutten but Sidney ran into di van and a try stop it.

He fell and it run dung Inna di gully where he was flung thru di glass n the van fell on top of him!‎Many ppl wouldn’t even understand when u have a job that a provide ur butter u haffi do ur best to safeguard it enuh. Sidney knew widout dat van him woulda out of a job.At the same time u can’t a risk ur life fi save other ppl property n bizness esp when dem di owners neva a go dat fi dem selves or fi you!

Reminded me of a time when they put in the company rule book in the event of fire the employee must first ascertain then try to out the fire Then raise the alarm. I objected cuz I was like workers ain’t firemen,they should raise an alarm 1st and get to safety.Management said the best thing was to out the fire wid an extinguisher before it got outta control in the time it would take to raise an alarm or di fire brigade get there.They said by then we would all be outta a job.I organized a strike n they had to change the rule while we agreed to ppl being trained as fire wardens n officers who agreed to act in the event of a fire.

A man come eena ur workplace a rob just co-operate n don’t be any Hero!Dont protect ur livlihood at the expense of your very life!

3 thoughts on “YOU OR YOUR LIVELIHOOD ?

  1. Was the vehicle insured? Not sure why he risked his life even if the vehicle was not insured … Good to know he has recovered.

  2. Poor fool. Glad him alright.

    So, Writa, him get any compensation fi him bravery, lost wages and injuries? The boss could at least tie him over a bit. Insurance not even a :maho…cause him place him self in danger.

    Good pon you fi strike…company overseer/slave driver still around? lolol

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