Pleasant day Lady Met could you help me understand these four circus clown from South London. Foreign so hard and since lately every penny people hustle or earn they r saving for a rainy day but not these clowns😂😂😂😂. Chin, Janice, Joy and Rita new to clothes & everything that comes with it. Every pic these idiots take the r showing shoes n bag. The people them a South London tired a them and them frighten self.

That Thieving batty man Willy that they r hanging with is wicked plus tax because a pure outlet Sale clothes he sells them & they gladly purchase it.




The people them said there things r fake n they need to see the reciept of that black red bottom😆😆😆

For 4 girls that do surgery they r hard like yam n stay really bad. Stop brag bout house a Jamaica because from you paying mortgage Yu don’t own the house until it’s paid in full.

These 4 clowns need to Take s page out of Roy Fowl book n stop hype with (Edited) n go look a 9 to 5 because easy comes easy goes.


  1. Weight loss is needed here, unless their intention is to plus size model….

    Q: is the one in the black dress (first pic) mother to any of them ???? :bingung

  2. What’s the matter with this sender
    Drop asleep & die bcuz so what if they want to wear & show what they hav on…. sign of haters
    What if someone buy things on sale then resell it back
    GOSH u all need to leave the people them alone & they look happy to me, unuh life sad bad….kmrt next

  3. Boy nothing constructive in any of your comments. These ladies always look well turned out. At least them tek care of themselves.

    All of you argument Is bad minded and you need to focus on your own business. See deh now it a spoil.

    Stop worry about whether them a do surgery are not.

  4. What really a tek some of these bad mind pussy ole dem.

    These women always are well put together. Stop worry about people and whether them a tek surgery or not. Stay deh a scratch unnu head how dem a do it. Time you a focus pon dem your business a spoil. See it deh.

  5. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    Surgery bodies :hoax2 WHERE???

    WHAT EXACTLY ARE THEY WEARING…..WHAT?? Ladies before you spend your money with batty man Willie perhaps you should friend a few “fakers to make it” on IG.

    :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Don’t put u any more pictures ladies until you revisit the Surgeon and learn what is wearing now!

  6. ummmm, wen unno ago sen i di surgery pic?

    cuz dem pics here must be di before pics right? :nerd

  7. I don’t know what these 4 fool have fi nuh body BADMIND nigga plse. BADMIND when everytime dem go dance dem cnt tan up fi 5 minutes in a Di boot cause it a bun dem. Dem come in like for man CRAB. A nuh what Yu wear a how Yu wear it and nuh care how dem in a brand dem nuh cut nuh dash. Most a unu a hypocrite cause unu know seh dem stay & look baddddddddd

  8. Dem gal yah just look BIG & graven cause if there s any truth in what the sender said that dem do surgery. It is obvious dat dem nam dem way bck to obsity

  9. The sender is a hater cause these girls r Dusty Andy sound jealous of them so u must be dusty too lol

  10. Sender ah look summ fi talk bout , da one ya boring.Everybody ah wear clothes and show dem ah sumn fi talk bout come orn man. Badmind ago kill some gal.

  11. Dem stay bad bad bad but memba Willie caan dress neither so him wi dash anything pon anybody wha fool enough fi buy wha nuh tan good pon dem them big and out a shape bad and feel like Dem hot but naw have a clue how fi put on clothes & boot the one wha name Janice pon the boat inna one heap a throw together waan wear everything one time the sister worse uno need fi go fix unuh body and stop Mek Willie clown unuh out wid him bad colour self

  12. Oh gosh man, live and let live. If people want to wear brands weather fake or original and show it off let them do their thing. I don’t know all four girls but I know for sure that Rita the shortest girl is a hard working girl and she not in hype or mix up, she is actually a quiet girl. Everyone have fun in different ways, let them have there’s if it makes them
    Happy ….

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