Dear Met,

Last week me a tell my co-worker about a situation and she say she know a lady who went thru something similar.Last week Mr.M took sick sick and a so comes dis drama start agen. My ex gf n her sista live a Farrin now.Their Mother did married to Mr.M.The daughters sent money and they did a massive add-on to the house.The Mother died from Lupus n apparently lef the house to Mr.M.

Mr.M remarry n bring him wife from country to live Inna the house. Mr.M ketch sick n go mek will fi give him wife the house so for the 2nd time the sistas gonna get lef out.While this is legal it is so not morally right cuz Mr.M wife tell him fi put Her kids on it. The sista’s have wu reciepts fi how much $Jmillions dem send but they weren’t in their mom’s will.


My co-worker say a same way a St.Elizabeth this woman work side by side for 17yrs Inna di sun plant n reap n sell ganja wid her man.They built a majestic 6bedroom Mansion and the week they were to move in as a couple the man tell her it over! She never got a chance to step foot Inna what her blOod,sweat n tears earned her. The farmer move in with a young girl n end up marry her after 2months.The poor farmer chick have 3kids fi him n the dad never want them Inna di house so she lives with them in a 1bedroom shack.She can’t get any justice cuz as u know weed is an illicit trade n dem woulda lose di house under proceeds of crime act(poca).

Met i just think both the sisters and that weed farmer chick need a good good lawyer or may God forgive me fi sey this…..bun dung di 2 houses when nobody not at home n call it a loss n done!What yuh think?


  1. These scenarios happen a lot in JA. Many ppl labour fi someone else come reap. Yes, a very good lawyer could sort it out, but one needs to have money to retain a lawyer, therein lies the problem.

    Di house woulda have to bun dung fi me. Sorry, meck wi both lose. Nah wuck suh hawd and give you mi youthfulness fi u jook mi out and waltz een your flashy new model, hellz no

  2. Bun dung dem rass yes….sorry fi mawga dog Dem tun round bite u.That’s why mi not putting no man through school, not building with no man, not starting a business with no man mi hear too much a this same bullsh*t happening every damn day.

  3. I am a decent christian lady who says, thinks or does NO WRONG :angel :angel Dwlllll. I believe in peace…….but….I say bun dung dat bumboraaspussyclart. Bun dem duuuuunnggg . When dem empty of course. No fatalities. We don’t entertain killing of innocent people. But bun it right dung to ashes. Old wicked them

  4. Mi find it strange seh di madda leff di house to di man instead of har kids. Is either those kids are sh-it or di madda is a man clown.

    mi nuh wrong di second wife fi a scrap wid no conscience fi she an har pickney dem, weh nuh know how house build.

    i cant give an opinion on what to do, cuz di pickney dem fool fool fi sen money an nuh put nuttin pon paper.

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