1. Metty, sometimes in life yuh have to cut off certain people, especially if dem mean yuh no good; Spanner seems to be a simple man weh nuh too fussy bout much ah nutten, so he needs to stop entertain certain argument and jus block out certain people…full stop!! Spanner seh him feel like him deh pon ah episode of Cribs tuh how him haffe ah showcase the likkle furnitures dem :hammer :hammer

      1. mi understand but a over one year now absolute talk dis argument so mi jus waa ask a velly small question…
        Spanner u dus buy bed har wha? All dis shoulda put up fresh when di tings dus talk

    2. not a obeah a destruction a tek dem.. GOD a beat dem, God a try spanner banner faith, him neva haffie cut the hair he is just confused. it just start bout u a serve GOD? then you should a read weh the bible say bout sleeping with a married woman nine years a crosses unda him cockaole it just start and him caah manage it.. in life if you continue to do bad and nuh wan change u see when God ready fi you. not even when u pray and dem carry you go church! you still a go pay, cause me sure him get warning fi stop

  1. Jah know…. ” WHO FEELS IT ***KNOWS IT ***
    This man is in a LOT of PAIN.
    If you spiritual u woulda feel it.
    He is hurting* from who ever it is trying to HURT him.
    You can SEE and VIBES that he is not into mix up, but HAD to make the video to ward off certain people and to maintain his sanity.
    FAME is a blessing and a CURSE. The downside* of entertainment is the living under public scrutiny and dealing with d demands and jealously and bad mind that comes along with money and fame… Even ‘likkle paper’
    It is still sad that every thing personal we so I shared so publicly, but I understand him say he was holding in for a very very long time.
    I not sure who trying to INTIMIDATE him,
    But his point was WAY bigger than obeah… It is about someone/ people constant harassment and intimidation of his life. Dem NUH WAH SEE HIM PROSPER.
    All I can say from EXPERIENCED is… When a person CUT dem locks… It is often because they are going are going through major internal conflicts and sometimes need a rebirth, a change… An easing of the ‘ physical ‘ burden of the crown and all that it carries.
    – you don’t have to be dread to be Rasta. You can also serve God Almighty with locks.
    This man lick off him crown to SEVERE his ties with d wicked people dem who AH try ANTAGONIZE him life… He fed up of it.
    – also I hoped he did a cat scan of his head after the terrible accident, because sometimes undetected head injuries cause people to behave differently.
    I respect yuh decision and yuh video Lion. One Love.

  2. @ Yep , … The – trimming what he did here is very symbolic because, If you read your bible… Especially NUMBERS 6 … It is where Rastafarians and other religious people who let their hair grow take the inspiration.
    This Chapter talks about the ‘ VOWS OF A NAZARETH,
    Which is a man or a woman who takes a vow to separate themselves unto the Lord,
    During this time the bible speaks about
    ” no razor shall come upon the crown of his head,… Until his days be fulfilled…”
    Thus a Rastas and others grow this “crown. ‘
    – many cut when they go through personal tribulations including internal conflicts, death of a loved one.
    – other Rastas are known to trim when they are BETRAYED terribly especially by other Rasta friend , brethren etc
    – some trim fi start over them life. Turn new leaf.

    1. What? The youth was never a Rasta. Wearing dreadlocks have nothing whatsoever to do with Rastafarianism. Wasn’t he banging the man’s wife while she was still married? That alone salt him up. Tribulation a reach him and he can’t handle the stress. Why would a man marry a woman that cheats on her husband with him. Doesn’t he know she is set to do the same with him?

    ( The order of the host: THE NAZARITES.
    -1- And the Lord spake unto Moses saying,
    -2- Speak unto the children of Israel and say unto them,
    When either a man or a woman shall **separate ** themselves to vow a vow of a NAZARITE, to separate themselves unto the Lord….
    -5- All the days of the vow of his separation, No razor shall come upon his head: until the days be fulfilled, in which he separated himself unto the Lord, he shall be holy and
    – Let the locks of the hair of his head grow-
    -6- All the days that he separateth himself unto the Lord, he shall come at no dead body.
    -7- He shall not make himself unclean for his mother , or his father, for his sister or his brother, when they die,

  4. It depends on WHAt the you consider ‘ mental.’
    Darling we all suffer from some type of flaw. Some deal with stress and pain and betrayal better than others.
    – good night-

  5. What a WAY CARIBBEAN people MISS d KEY elements and jump into dem OWN passa passa argument!
    And TOTALLY missed.. Unno NUH HEAR d man say him nearly DEAD in a CAR accident, car write off.. Then wife drop out … And OTHA things going on.. ???
    Did he confess to being ‘ not affected’ mentally?
    And WHEN did he call any NAME in d video EXCEPT mention wife and pickni and furniture.
    What a way some love of unno LOVE turn molehill ( or rat hole) into mountain !
    ((( Steups )))

  6. dem stress out di man .,,,,neva u date someone that is married…dem tek a crus oath wen dem seh till death do us part …….spanna a feel di death now

    1. Yes oooooooooooo bay crosses and stress but I doe really think I buying it two weeks ago suziq put out article..they like the little spotlight thingy :maho

  7. Sometimes the effect of trauma kick in way after. PTS. He was not affected physically by the accident, but it mess up him head. We hope it is only temporary.

  8. Bwoy spannah mi nuh know, mi nuh know at al bout deh video yah and u face kinda look have that far far away look. However, di locks did a seh one still. Hope u find di peace wah u a look fah, innah de mean time nuh mek dem draw u out like ah Cribs u deh pan yahn star, nuh mek dem know bout u Italian bed dem and wickah basket table, and all dem odah tings u mention (btw mi nevah si di chinah), caz dem wi sen man come tek dem weh..membah u seh ebrytime u try nyam a food dem box it outah u mout or try tek it weh? Dis SM thing yah have all kinda sharp edge. Suh mek dem gwan wuk dem obeah and u gwan serve di Lord yahn, just pray yeah.

  9. suzie q really curse,every man shi tek up shi mash dem down! Spanner look lost him a feel it a ready not even one year yet since dem married! suzie q cut fi are hair to,not a new furniture same furniture dem wah she and de ex husband did buy! she did a talk sey a fi her money buy them suh shi nuh care! all i know Spanner nuh know what him buck up in a!!

  10. Mrs and Mr bonner sh read this..
    Some Pharisees came to him to test him. They asked, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any and every reason?” “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” “Why then,” they asked, “did Moses command that a man give his wife a certificate of divorce and send her away?” Jesus replied, “Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning. I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.” (TNIV, Matthew 19:3-9)

  11. As man that been there di yute real absolute still in love wid him ex wife but if di ooman move on leave she and har new man alone a so di pums good that u caa let it go leave di ppl dem mek dem live dem life star and go look a next ooman

  12. I comment on this page to kill time occasionally… Give a likkle reflection and also see what others are thinking… And to get a little laughter here and there. … But WHAT A WAY some people make OTHER PEOPLE’S relationship and problems their ONLY life mission and goals and constantly pass judgement pon OTHA people… When it hit, NUFF AH dem NEED fi FIX UP DEM OWN LIFE. –
    – I not here to JUDGE no one. Whether Spanner was ‘ Rasta’ or not, christistans and priest and Nun all fall short and SIN.
    The HYPOCRISY of d Jamaican society!! Like ah Soanner span a alone ended up wit a next man wife… At least he married her, NUFF man AH F**K dem friend gyal at d side ah Yaard.
    Mi NOT here to defend Suzie Q ancient dinosaur pussy, I was NOT there when she and Absolute was having an absolute time.
    – it is D FASSNESS of JAMAICANS mi CYANT cyant handle…
    All like d NEX washout one British that gone on Winford to CHAT BOUT “OTHA” people life need fixing… I am NOT even watching dat shit. I enjoying my Sunday- good evening-
    WHY is she INVOLVED?
    People in Jamaica NEED to STOP with d HYPOCRISY and Gwaan like dem ownna life can be served sweet and bubbly Inna champagne glass!

    1. It is sickening when people cannot accept that others will often share a difference in opinion, just sickening. As objective as Wally was in answering the questions she was asked, it would have been better not to say anything because going against her for being objective shows your own bias.

  13. Wow…why all the upsetness?????
    I was actually OFFENDED by the title of d video and the previous knowledge that FOOTAH had bragged prior that British who ever d hell she is….I DONT give a f**k
    was ” coming on to talk about his life…dont miss it”
    – how can it be ‘sickening’ because of a difference of opinion??? Wtf??
    I’m say I’m Nah watch d video. How so that offensive?
    – it seems like all wo NUH agree pon here gets BUN out?
    I notice a pattern here, if yuh comment NUH go wit d flow, yuh get dissed.
    My girrrrrrrl Met… Cool out..
    – my statement was also adrressin d one who cut him hair (Susie husband) and I responded to d ones dat draw out him morals like dem perfect.
    Let mi do u a favor and NOT COMMENT ANY further on your site
    (though my thoughts are always informative, if not interesting). .
    Bless up yuh .. Hear?
    – good night-

    1. But if u didnt watch the video how u know what Wally said? I dont care about what you said here about Spanner if you were reading correctly..something u never seem to do. Your thoughts are welcome sure but u seem very aggressive for no reason. Wally I mentioned because you made it seem as if she got up and said her opinion when in fact she was asked..and she was very objective. No reason to attack her because she did not take sides..The video was published by a media house and with every media house they use prose to grab their audience. If you didnt listen you wouldnt know what you missed which is why your opinion would have been biased because u didnt listen..Thank you for explaining about the title but your comments sometimes are aggressive sometimes

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