1. You see thats why you no give dem careless people certain job. You a tell me dis careless gal deh pon FB a cuss while she have patients lives in her careless hands? ? Somebody need to call human Resources dat no right. A lawsuits dem a look pon with she on staff.LIABILITY! !

  2. Yes ms. lady, talk di tings dem str8 suh!!!!…yuh pay yuh taxes fe call police ANY amount ah time yuh need tuh for your protection and the safety of others..that is the purpose of paying taxes..I don’t understand why females *BLACK females in particular* always wanna tek set pa dem one anedda fe no good reason…if ah nuh ova wutliss man, ah cause dem ah bad mine dem one anedda when all them have to duh is just simply ignore each other an gwaan dem separate ways…the amount ah black females friends that I have are very limited and dem deh ooman deh ah real big ooman fe me…yes ms. lady, position ah cock up gi yuh husband…spend time wid yuh new grand baby and doe waste NUH time pan ah waste gal….CALL POLICE, call 911!!!…and if police nuh reach deh quick enough, rinse yuh gun mek police come scrape dem up aafa di grung ah fling dem lifeless body inna van back tek dem gaha morgue…if dem doe love fidem life, ah fidem problem dat!!

    1. Yow Yep! call dem blow wow if she want yes…she ole fi a war though, lol. Plus De oman entitle to two 15 minutes break daily and the video less than dat so kin out pan de slave job, lolol

      1. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

        1. Me ago want onu lo GED is either you tek it and bright enough fi earn a HS Diploma; or is either yu fail it or take it and earn a simple GED certificate.
          Stop ‘pred propoganda pon de program mek people shame fi go and take it and uplift them self.
          Nuff of a onu need to ENROLL inna rass preschool! lol

          1. Preschool PP?..but how yuh expect dem fe fit inna the likkle baby seats wid dem big ole grey tone broad back self?…ah ruin the poor pickney dem good furnitures :hammer

      2. PP :peluk, yuh tink dem easy?!..di lady can call upon the assistance of 911 any raass time she see fit; dis is ah big ooman wid ar good good job and newbie grand baby; ar grand baby alone makes her happy, plus di who leap ah cockin up weh she ah duh fe ar man ah nite time…she naah break nuh laws nor commit nuh crime calling 911…we as black people have to start break free from that nigga mentality and learn fe duh betta man, real talk. look hoo much more serious mattas ah inflict wi society and dem fine time fe ah banton each other…any bitch weh run up inna mi wid dem shit can cut, ca mi jus tell dem loud ah str8888..guh suck yuh mumma ah lowe mi bloodclaat *wid middle finga backa it tuh* ca mi nuh inna nuh bantonin wid not ah claat!!..dem too f**kin idle!!

      3. PP, dat ooman fava ole warmunga; she nuh look like she inna nuh tussling wid nuhbody..jus one phone call, dat’s all :ngakak

  3. But ah one thing mi nuh understand wid some ah dem ooman ya…nutten nuh wrong wid going out to a party here and there to enjoy yourself and to have a good time, but where the man/husband fit into this lifestyle?…dem man nuh ask dem fe tone it down pan di constant clubbing and di boogoyagga behavior?..mi jus ah wonda cause any half decent ooman nuh club as much as some ah dem ya ooman weh claims seh dem have man, and any decent man will tell yuh seh dem don’t want them ooman up inna club every minute ah behave like some ole leggo beast..

  4. @yep but di man party with them so they belong with each other. They were all friends at one time no loyalty nuh deh again

  5. The gangster really a go hard she all video are house but when she go fi di panty dem mi nearly have a heart attack dawn you are one mad woman

  6. But dear lawd, unu nuh si seh one set nuh know dem faddah and maddah and duppy deh “aunt” a next set, si yah lawd..if u nuh busy…lol

  7. every day that I look on social media I am thankful that I was raised by a mother who only had one female friend around her and I have followed in her foot steps. I only want positive and up lifting people around me, if I’m around someone and all they can do is tear down other people weather they be men or women, that’s our first and last encounter. I prefer to walk alone than with a bunch of fakes that will betray me in the end and I am proving that more and more each day. In life what makes a person your friend or family is not how long you know them or the blood that runs through their veins, its the loyalty they show you, and these females today are not loyal to man or woman. People be very carful who you call friend, open your life to or trust with your secrets.

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