19 thoughts on “SPICE AND CARDIB

  1. Gwaan tru Mumma Spice. A nuh lie Cardi a tell she name out all of you old song dung to Rudeboy love ft Pinchers. Yuh career is at it’s peak, just keep out of the unnecessary drama

  2. Yardie weh wah know the lady IG for after u don’t like girls someone made a comment the other day about u being a queen and come to think of it u are I agree with the person for a man “str8 man’’ u live pon pinkwall like some gyal u comment up and up Ina everybody business like some big drawz fish if u admit u are a queen then no problem but clearly u are not a man u are a girl I would never want a gossip monger man like den again in person ur gay personality can’t hide queen queen we know u yardieluvthug

  3. Big big up Spice, really proud of u but easy pon di badword dem because alot of decent Jamaican a cheer fi u and di badword dem nuh sound good. I wish u continued success

  4. @Anon 1:35, ME A BEG U LEAVE YAADIE ALONE..U R A BLASTED TROUBLE-MEKKER..Di man ask a simple question loww him…cho!!

  5. I deeply admire Black Belts n all that Karate stuff.It is my understanding that the lessons are relatively expensive but I encourage Parents to enroll their children. It teaches ultimate self discipline n how to handle awesome power responsibly.

    To know that u can powerknee a fassie inna him nuts or even drop kick/fly kick a Satan’s toenail like u anon inna her deep n wide dungeon of doom…sighh i swear it gives me a raging LIFT to exercise restraint knowing i can soooo easily crush the waste non matter of u looking for a buss seeker.

    I would have continued to ignore you 1million more times n will revert to as we were because I’m satisfied with the fact that not a soul a carry or bring u.No one is using u boo boo which is the exact reason u resorted to this stunt of agreeing with yourpatheticself haaaa haaa.Feel like having some church up in ya cuz the Holy Spirit move me to call u out pon yuh stunt since you are so beyond dumb that u don’t know how pinkwall avatars work to identify who exactly is commenting!!

    Thanks fellow bloggers for putting me on to my new addiction… That Keisha Kior a happen big time!!In closing why would Grammar police use up scarce resources to follow up smaddie who has never seen a fullstop/period(yuh bung up or nah) inna dem life?People look pon a quote ya ”

    someone made a comment the other day about u being a queen and come to think of it u are I agree with the person for a man “str8 man’’

    Dumbo dumbass don’t u know str8 man shouldn’t be highlighted cuz doing so defeat the purpose of what u trying to sey!!??
    “U are I agree”!!WtF..mi personally a link mi fren Bounty killa fi mek him sue out yuh nastiness fi massacre n mock how the General speaks!!
    I love ,music,art,reading n of course mixup…Big up the pinkwall men dem,we are a rare breed…men who express demselves freely pon any topic.

    I have my Fans and indeed I have my “fans”,as a rule u ain’t popping until u get ur very own pinkwall stalker so we good now that I have addressed u.Kindly note that you will be seeing me commenting in nuff more current n future mixup…get it through yuh thick skull n just get use to the fact that there ain’t shyt YOU can do about IT.Unless yuh obeah mi fingers them…please doah obeah mi fingers dem pretty please :hoax :mahongintip :recsel :maho :najis :ngakak :malu :request :kr

  6. It’s so funny,cause spice didn’t rate cardi B. Cause of the Nicki Minaj beef. She most feel like shit yes! When cardi B voice out one of her ole song dem. Cause Nicki Minaj never notice hat until Shi men the soca song with the Trinidad man. Spice yuh a hypocrite

  7. Yard is u are a bitch bitch bitch drop kick ur man that bends u over everyday Queen I know u can trace bcuz ur thing tighter dan mine so I won’t take upon in that dept cuz u will win my girl me know u will “read” me like a real queen that u are I know u wear the crown chile not trying to take it away from but we know u and we know are a bitch a long tongue bitch too

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