1. I hope Mona writes this fight into the script….I’ve seen many women like Spice, all that mouth but she don’t really want no smoke!

            Anony….Tommie will wash Spice and hang her out to dry :ngakak :ngakak
            Spice look thick for nothing!!

    1. Puertoruquena STFU I can’t wait until they beat and expose ya ass fi Eva INNA ppl business

      Spice is right no Matter if we can’t stand her sometimes mek tommie fck off probably over there having alcohol withdrawals and ah mad tru di alcohol monitor what a gal haunted and love drama man??? Mental case

  1. Yo! Calm dung wid tha beating deh my girl, as much as mi nuh too like Spice, and as much as she say she out grow Jamaica, as I say di same thing too, I out grow many things in life, some parts of Jamaica including, Tommie and that beating is not going to work, so nuh badda wid the laughing, cause mi nah laugh wid u bout not a beaten.

  2. Beat yuh muma!. Ah dat badmind mek yuh seh? Mi caan wait fi yuh heart attack yuh nastiness caz badmind MUST goh dung and DONT come back up.#teambcspice

  3. Tommie is a crack head. Although mi cant stand spice sometimes..she act like a she a five spice a buss. Tommie yah old thief yah drunkard huh cant style not a bloodclaat soul. You’re a confusing dysfunctional waste gyal!

  4. Yo I love mi yawdy dem esi. Yuh si how much time dem done Spice pan yah??? But as soon as smaddy seh beat… nope not round here. It’s not personal, wi just get blame fi everything but wi nuh like si nor hear seh nuh baddy waan gang up and buss wi ass especially given this kinda situation. Mi doan listen to har music nor watch the show, but why wi love si woman fighting each other? I know it’s for show ratings but that’s even worst. I hope Spice remember those kids of hers will see the show or hear people talking about it. Forget the audience, your kids are watching….

  5. Im with Spice on this one. Tommie jus vex true she look bad. She does not have a music career she is a reality tv star And Spice is not broke so idk why she a try make it look like a she a give Spice a buss. Spice Karlie is your friend why you guh friend Tommie for?? She is an opportunist and you gonna regret it.

  6. Tammie mad because she see the video how she look drunk and crack out when she walk in late,what pig ? Tammie did a f**k har pig under the influence of alcohol when she drunk all dog she f**k so just low bc Spice yah and go visit the rehab wid yuh pig before it tun hog

  7. ok while mi nu like spice nu gal pon Atlanta house wife cant beat spice. but spice don’t mek this draw u out.. sometimes when u an u high the devil rob u

  8. I don’t know why Tommie always a talk and hitch up ar mouth like ar teeth them in a war … ye spice a go tan up a mek spice beat ar ? Dat wi nah si u joke too much

  9. Beat Spice when? As much as we have a love-hate relationship with her, we will not even entertain the thought of no body beating her. #Spice straight outta Gaza Union…#Portmore fo sure!

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