12 thoughts on “WHAT A MATE

  1. Is who tell har fi guh live? Somebody tek dis ooman phone cause God know dis nuh look good.

  2. same thing mi say she is very dirty peel out head side, does not represent wata house at all,, bad as tings is nooo Jamaican go pon live tan so owl peeling skin looking gal. shame a cuss smaddy from dwedney and rae road

  3. @anony#2 dwllllllllllllll woeeeeeeee can u imagine a pure laffments a water house A WA DAAAAAT an hav so much talk, go bade u dutty lookin rass bout u hole fresh, man hide an deh wid u an u buss dem secret

  4. NAWSI gal if she never mention dwedney road mi cant believe a eena garrison gal a go live look so dutty, beat her rass and throw her out a waterhouse dam disgraceful looking,, weh di gal biggy deh hey tel u fren no disgrace Olympic gardens so, disaster an crasses, smaddy up top say if her man fck dat,, kip him DONT COME BACK A MI YARD

  5. a foo fah dutty mate dis,,, shame pon Olympic gardens, almighty god, a socialist??? but noooo the T shirt wouldn’t look so bad, no man beat the gal and throw her out, she a disgrace water house,, how u fi come pon worldwide media from outa garrison and look so, tings not so bad,, AN U HOLE GOOD??? MET PURGE THE SITE QUICK

  6. Den uno noh see how di eye lash fava bird wings unscrupulous nonentity.magots a nyam our har head to rass

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