14 thoughts on “SPICE BEFORE AND AFTER

  1. Wow she was a cute kid, I think she was always pretty tho, just that I wished she wore hairstyles like the one she is wearing now. Good move Spice :2thumbup

  2. Mi sayyyyyyyyy Spice drap har video fi har version a “panda” how nobody Neva told me say spice British dread?????? Yes sah mi liokkke it tho gwaan Splice

    1. Just saw this ish on Instagram and I mean tearsssss were running down my face from laughing.

      Gwaan through Spice, the British version of Nikki Minaj rap style.

    2. Ey mi sey I had to look good fi really make sure it’s spice I’m looking at. All mi dey pon is wait since when she tun British. Next thing is mi Likkle friend behind di sister. When dem say make up n good hair does WONDERS for these women. Mi all have fi look if is really she. Had to watch it 3 time just to get the whole picture.

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