Old time something come back again. Met,Paula from kirk sells clothes however, when she runs out of things to sell and the ladies wants to buy she sells something wore already. Paula if you must do so delete the pics with yourself in the clothes.




41 thoughts on “PPL FI BAD BUT NOT SUH

  1. Paula mouth big like timberland lol she bad tho if she really a wear the clothes and sell dem back

    1. Dutty princess paula look betta dan yuh. If a prinny bimma dis low the gal u marry kunte and gi him papers the girl move on yuh witch looking woman.

      1. Look Betta Dan yuh mamma bitch yuh ugly Fren Caan walk inna priny shoes clothes n bags nuh china cheap clothes shi wear stay behind bad mind bitch n leave priny name outta yuh suck batty mout yuh fren ugly like wid har DUTTY watta tinking mout tell har shi suck to much pussy ,tell har fi stop wear di clothes an sell bk di PPL dem it’s there plain to see bitch priny nuh sell clothes suck pussy gal yuh fren could not and will Neva and forever look like princess ..

  2. Unnu leave the woman alone mek she strive and survive the whole lot a gyal dem a half way tree a do it, all when them sponsor the TV shows them dry clean them and sell them back.

  3. Met, a da girl ya did deh wid Kunta tatt man a JA wen Prinny did a mine him and she. When Prinny couldn’t tek it nuh more she come buss a gay narriau and marry tattoo gal. Prinny how u gay marriage to tatoo gal a gwan?

    1. Big pussy gal Paula nuh inna nuh league wid prinny get di f**k Otta here Paula stay baby nuh blood claut, di bitch paula did a mind prinny man a jamaica where prinny man is now he’s in America living with priny happy and loving his wife ,unuh wutless mout murderer bitches need bleach n shit inna unuh shit up pussy mout leave priny name alone wid unuh DUTTY cheap clothes weh unuh a sell an where DUTTY shit tank ppl…

    2. Bitch priny don’t mind man tattoo is priny husband and he definitely does his own leave di man and wife bitch..

  4. Paula u gwaan like u a somebody and like u deh pon top but ur a HOT MESS
    Stop sell u wear and lef and worse part of it is that ur customer on kno u wear wat ur selling….smh

  5. Lies. First off the girl in the blue dress is her sister. Sisters do share clothes. The girl in the pink dress is a foreigner who sell clothes wen she come dung y she wuda buy second hand. The bkack jumpsuit paula guda get all three tek one and sell the rest. Foreign ppl shop a goodwill and thrift shop so wat. Some of unu caan even wear unu clothes twice cuz dem waan bun wen unu dun, at least she can wear an sell.

  6. Ppl a talk bout her in a kirk and rollington town so weh the f**k u a say @anonymous
    Proof is there too,di whole a unuh gifted to borrow unuh one another clothes but when it comes to selling u wear clothes without the buyer knowledge ur a low life scumbag

    1. Lowe the dam woman she well engaged to keegan di baller a bet yuh a bet yuh a some little low life a try diss the woman. Lowe Paula cah even Doneisha wears some a di clothes she buys so that means she a sell dem back ? unnu sad like ..

  7. Seem like u did want a f**k but Kunte neva giv u or bcuz him lef Paula y u hav a grudge & say him gay @anonymous

    Jus bcuz gone to different woman u a say dis and dat …Unuh ridiculous

    Drop asleep& die

  8. Stinking mouth Paula u fren buss u secret
    U fi stop it,
    If it was bloodclaat me remmbr we would a fight worse u think u bad and mighty,
    Mi no wear gal clothes so how mi fi buy u wear clothes stinkin pussy Paula. YOW JAH KNO

  9. A so ppl did stay?! No sah. A one a everything she sell make uno say she wear and sell em back. Sender U bad pon U mouth thou

  10. Dwrcl @met mi a read and just as mi sey met a go call this gal out because a she one a cus then me see ur post bwoy met you kill me lolll


  12. Stinking mouth Paula full a mate a every crisp and corner Keegan d baller no stop f**k pan ar all ar mind she is all that and love hype and don’t have shit

    1. Keegan wah? Trick stop it! A suh unu waan live, a f**k wid a man weh nah gi yuh nuh knowings inna public. It mek yuh feel proud fi talk how yuh a tek Paula man don’t, a man weh never spend the night because him haffi guh home. Him keep him party, Paula on the flyer, Paula in the bar, him probably don’t even gi yuh a wink of acknowledgment. Nah swear fi nuh man cuz mi know how man tan but him naw mix up wid any ole gingbang.

  13. me nuh know weh di bagga commotion fan da wol Dunkirk know Paula sell clothes gyal all trust clothes and pay lickle so me nuh see how she fi wear gyal clothes if a anything a gyal barrow fi har clothes and that’s far from it…and wat me waan know if a one clothes make??? big up yourself Paula Naah stop shame di fussy dem all of a sudden unu a try come afa Paula bustop

  14. If a never fi wear clothes some gal don’t look good,leave di woman alone and mek she do her thing,the greatest thing she’s not begging no one nothing,if she was begging now this would be story to post but this one fell short, continue doing your thing paula and friends

  15. An assumption being made out of a malicious mindset. These outfits are penny a dozen.

    Is wickedness to box food out a people mouth for no damn good reason.

  16. @anonymous ask paula how much time him come in to her in early mornings and use party as excuse
    She was in the bar but my table was loaded and I didn’t dig in my purse

    1. Shameless animal tek de phuck and gwan and lo the gal. It take nothing much fi mek u feel like somebody :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      You want to be known so bad you over here a rant. The man fi buss you ass cause you a step out a position. Get back to safety cause you will never be team captain :hammer

      1. Phantom, a suh dem f**k an hide gal yah brite, tek yuh back yard slam dem and gwan, but yuh was loaded, guh load and gun and tek it to yuh head, nasty gal. Yuh did haffi drink cuz imagine how yuh head did a hurt when paula and keegan up inna di dance a hug and a kiss and a tek pic. yuh heart trang fi guh yuh man dance knowing the first lady was going to be there, she is the first lady and you are the intern.
        PP mi can swear fi paula she don’t wear an sell dem items yah a get she get them. here friend from NY bring har the dress and the jumpsuit, from last year, the pink and black dress she wear bout 4 years ago to a funeral, a di woman she sell clothes fah send it go gi har. So imagine how the nasty sender did haffi dig on her page fi dem long time pics deh!

  17. DUTTY big pussy gal weh a call priny name yuh ugly stay bad fren paula wid har shape bad body foot an hand in noooo not even nearrrrr competition wid mi clean nice good looking Fren priny ,shi stay bad nuh f**k wid har DUTTY bad color bleaching wid har wear n sell clothes so f**g getto bet yuh stay to nuh bambo claut an f****g ugly like yuh stay bad Fren wid har ugly shape bad body pitch JANCRO pitch..

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