SENDER;-Met yuh know say I think spice a s*x this girl her dancer. Just pre and di one spice a try trick di crowd but mi nuh wear glasses it deh deh clear.


  1. Me musti a F woman tuh cause when me a guh pan a long road trip wid my friend dem and nuh pillow nuh available a same way mi Tek dem shoulder fi pillow,Spice nah play di loose ting like one time har guard up now man

  2. Sender go suck yuh mama, a wha ? Yuh want ah f**k offa spice?.yuh story wack.go hold a shower wid a power hose

  3. A don’t think spice need fi post every little trivial detail of her life like when she mek her underage son a drive fi mek the world see……learn fi keep somethings to yuself momma……

  4. Sender, some how the same thing came to mind and memba anno fi fuss her name a call pon crotches so mi believe mi strongly believe too senda and mi can pick up pon homosexual demons a swear

  5. Sumting nuh right yasso o…. spicey ano di fuss yuh name call pan dis. A Wanda why di oda dancers just lef suh an a world tour dis I’ve seen her bring more dan one dancer b4.

  6. Maybe jet lag and di grueling tour schedule come down pon har, and she catching a few zzzzzs. Good grief not everything seckual man. Spice a ole turbit used to di touring and different time zones see she wide awake. Not everybody cut out for dat life, constantly going through airports and living out of suitcase for months on end is not easy. It seems like fun at first, but after a while it damn draining.

  7. Spice a sleep, di girl a sleepsuh a who tek di pic an send to Spice fi shi post. Maybe a one a di dancers. Who the heck knows?

  8. Sender I don’t see what your seeing. Maybe they can only afford one dancer….at least that’s what I thought when I saw one dancer…

  9. It’s sickening to say but why can’t females just uplift and support each other for once? Sender youre a very insecure individual I bet you’d wanna switch place with danger now. The woman just a get some cash while doing it she tagged along another talent and that’s good sender go find a talent cause sending in story ain’t working fa yuh.

  10. Sender u sound careless what part of this pic suggest danger and spice a deh …..some a unnu have too much time pon unnu hand …. boy me a tell u.

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