GN pinkwall and you naah fi HMID but me did affi go back inna me brain box fi da one ya!! Spice say she never make trouble inna music/dancehall so inna 2006-2007 when she do diss song to D’Angel a wah she call that? And all a now Angel never ansa her back!!! Me ago need me 1 million dollar Spiceeeeee!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😩😩😩 Cause you say Nuffy tell Star face fi trouble you, and Nuffy tell Lisa hyper fi trouble you!! So ah who did tell you fi trouble D’angel??????? You did up inna do ppl dem married life a sing sing affi it and as trouble arise you make diss track offa it, weren’t you clout chasing back then ohhhhhh (bingiiiiilllinnnngggiiiiilingggghh) #cockmouthkillcock


  1. Over here nice eeh.. I am all in because mi have a lot a time on my hand.. Spice come pay up… I believe she need to dash the 1ml over the wall let’s us share it!!!!


    1. Yuh fucka yuh, yuh never expect seh people woulda find dis video nuh tru? Bout bootleg pink wall, pink wall is known far and wide, those journalist that you speak of have to lurk on this page all the time to find out info because Met links far and wide, you should know that by now. If it wasn’t for pink wall Omar Collimore would be roaming the streets right now looking for his next victim. Met have all right fi post dis, pay the sender her money, I hope D’Angel sees this and post it on her insta page for the world to see, bout yuh a chant bible verse, liad bitch yuh be.

  3. Beenie Man must do the honourable thing and stand up to Spice publicly. There’s no way on earth he should sit back and let this lady have free reign to disrespect his child’s mother (ex-wife). Spice fi gwey.

  4. DWLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! me punny! she ago need several millions if thats the case cause me sure a she first trouble angel, spice lie so til and her story a go round inna circles… dirty rebel she trouble the gyal and the so called reason she gave spice for her comment a lie!!! spice was fully aware of what rebel was doing me nah ask Christ… ok that happened in August, fast forward to December, couldnt spice have done genie saturdays and not mentioned Dangel or Nikki Z to get her point across? tbh fi show yu how the bitch nasty and dirty, she only answered the mix up questions asked cause me see her fans a ask real questions and she claim she nah see dem; she’s a mischievous bitch and her minions dem just a dunce as she is!!! all she a talk bout is how everyone painting her out the be the “bad guy” DWL Nicki Minaj wanna be, controversy nah go sell fi you cause yu ugly and tuff like turbit, you trying to be Nicki so BAD!!!!!! SPICE ITS TIME TO BE ORIGINAL, SET THE BAR FOR THESE UPCOMING ARTISTES BECAUSE WE SEE THIS ALREADY, LEAVE NICKI MINAJ AND CARDI B THING ALONE! GENIE SATURDAYS WILL NEVER BE LIKE QUEEN RADIO, GET SOME ORIGINALITY MAN!! AND IF YOU THINK THIS NASTY BEHAVIOUR GONNA LET YOU GET THE GRAMMY, THINK AGAIN, YOU CLAIM YOU’RE AT THE PINNACLE OF YOUR CAREER AND THAT PPL WANT HYPE OFF YOUR SUCCESS BUT TO ME YU NO REACH NO WHERE BECAUSE YOU’VE NOT EVOLVED FROM THE NARRATIVE AS THE BITCH FROM BRAETON, YOU GET THE PLATFORM USE IT WISELY, GET SOME CROSSOVER HITS… TAKE A BREAK AND COME BACK WITH SOME BETTER SONGS OTHER THAN THOSE TELLING US ABOUT HOW GOOD YOUR PUM PUM IS WHEN NOOOOOOO MAN NO PROUD FI CLAIM YUH PUBLICLY!
    *if any typo or grammatical errors in here uno lucky cause me nah read it over! uno come nyam me!!!, me gone do me work, me take all a me lunch time a type dis chro!*

  5. Fucka feel like she slick u see, bout she nah talk about Lady Saw, because Lady Saw a Christian now and she nah involve her in a nuh mixup, wooooiiiii, she fi get them videos did out there, and it tells the tale, u better pay up, u trouble making lying piece a shit you, u too lie. And a hold the sacred bible in a your hand.

  6. It deh yah, but Spice did look real pretty one time deh man man, why she guh swell up herself suh. Anyways, I gawn watch last season of The Handmaid’s Tale, I need summen constructive fi do dan follow up Spice many problems.

  7. Woooooiioooooooii
    Wait till shibby get a hold of this.

    Happy corner gonna be sweet like the other night…..


  8. Jesus what a woman like spice wicked .. over god holy bible at that to enuh spice I I swear u was about to cry omg whyyyyyyy lady whyyyyyyyy u trouble people and now u cannot take the backlash u are just too much, we don’t have no pity for u here learn your lesson and be humble stop diss [email protected] thank you .

  9. @Met, MI SEHHHHHHHH, MI NUH KNOW WHYYYYYYYYY ANGEL GUH TEK DI BAIT AND DHU DAH SONG DEH WID DAH BITCH DEH!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! She is VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY vindictive, manipulative and calculated! The OOOOOOONLY REASON she did that song with Angel, was to SPITE, HURT AND GET BACK AT both Angel AND Beenie Man!!!!! And mi naw AAAAASK NOOOOOBODY DIS, AH TELLLLL MI AH TELL UNNU!!!!! First of all shi hate Moses LIKE “PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZEN” and wanted to get back at them/him SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BADLY!!!!!!!!!! Shi COULDN’T WAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT fi Moses and Michelle mash up! Yuh shi how shi “booked and busy”, but as dem lef’ shi find time fi dhu song????? She TOTALLY DISREGARDS him as King Of Dancehall and uses E-V-E-R-Y OPPORTUNITY she gets, to take digs at him and to “big up” Kartel and NEVER FAILS to dash een seh he is the “REAL” KOD! And if unnu nuh believe mi, when mi seh shi used the song AND the link up with Angel against Beenie and sadly, a naive and genuine Angel (as it pertains letting go of the past and building a new relationship/friendship), JUST LOOK at what she did right after the release of the song! After the song was released, she went on Social Media and disrespected Moses and used the song to throw MAJOR SHADE at him (and Angel, too; but di poor ting never saw it, she was too busy being sincere and at peace); and as if that wasn’t bad enough, ironically, it took place just when Moses had said something publicly about the Queen Of Dancehall title, making reference to Marion and rightfully so, denying the bitch of the title! And unnu KNOWWWWWW HOW IT GUH when it comes on to her and that, suh shi nasty up Moses, highlighting that his (foolish) ex wife did the song with her, among other degrading this, as per her norm. Don’t know how many ppl saw this for what it was, but when mi si di link up and collab, I knew it didn’t come from a good place on her part, and that it WOULD NOT end nicely, and look……!

    1. Beenine Gyal was never any King of Dancehall. He was only a top performing act at one point, like Shabba, Ninja, etc.

      Real men preferred Bounty. Beenie was always seen as a fake Rasta and gyal clown. Both artistes = same level.

      Kartel thing, whether onnu like him or not is different – musically him thing never normal – ask any artiste that worked with him. Wider acceptance from all Jamaica. Broader music appeal.

      Weh yuh seh met, run a POLL nuh.

    2. If Bammy neva seh bam mi wudden digest ur comment..ure right..she have up angel and do the song but that was just for styling das y she never promoted the song..God a go sorrrrrrrrrrt her…which is why Angel’s spirits came to her defense…its deeper than what meets the eye..She a talk bout people fi careful a people whey seh love u..what did she say in her text to nicky chromaz? I jus cyah badda smh..but again I say Angel is just too nuff….she big woman and mi sure she learn seh a nuh everybaddie feel or think the same way u do…u forgive , that dont seh the other person forgive…u gone tek spice mek fren..uno too nuff man

  10. Met a hypocrite and you is what ole germs. Unu caa stand met but unuh hitch up ova yah. You a one a dem weh a defend dirty wash up spice. Met post weh yuh waa post!!!! We want to see it, cause if you never put this up all people like me wouldn’t remember! Look how much people a cuss spice!! And a met yuh come over yah call hypocrite! Look yah nuh man…. nuh bother draw me tongue todayyyyy.

  11. Met mi love how yu a shub out this fi di million but memba me did submit yesterday sey Spice guh West Kingston Jamboree guh trouble Tanya Stephens. Meeda like my cut tu. Spice betta put up more millions cause di mount a evidence wey dey a road one deggeh deggeh million caan share.

  12. But you must be new to this saga because Beenie had to lie and deny it. Angel was not a artist at that time…If somebody style me so. why on earth would I want work with her unless a likly likky..

      1. Exactly thats why mi doe feel sorry fi har, she did wah ride the wave, she too nuff afta the gyal done style u suh.

        1. Yes she is and have no scruples that angel..How can u seh spice style u and u child n u forgive spice? If u style me u will get away wid it but if u evaaaaaaaaaa cross that border mi nah skin no teet as a matter of a fact it a go sort out some adda way cause mi nuh ina no long argument desso…She claim spice style her child and she run up ina spice? too nuff and fool n a look fren…If God carry u through all this time and u a eat u will continue to eat..

  13. Spice no buss no baddie fi true. She always a brag say she and Pamputae a fren and every time me see dem together she gwan like She glad she deh pon top fi pamutae run back a har. Why she don’t put pamputae pon 2 a har Major show dem are book har as the road manager or stylist make she get some connects while pon the road ? Spice love to have people beneat har and it is clear. Evil to the core.

    The Million dolla question me have fi ask everybody is did Spice slap Baby Cham too???? :cystg

    When she dus a buss he was all in her video, now their relationship seems strained. Was it also a Nuffy one slap situation gone bad? :maho

    :cystg :maho :ngakak :ngacir2

    1. Pamputae should never expect or accept any help from Spice. I have a feeling that she knows 9 times out of 10 that some drama would erupt. Spice can keep her help, it’s not everyone you should do business with. I like Pamputae too much to ever encourage that doomed union.

  14. Dwl lol spice put had foot, har hand, har brain, har false hair, lashes, false batty and breast all in had big ole nasty dirty mouth it appears. Dwl, dis creature name spice need to start travel underground now. Spice mi nug think it wise to travel on land better u travel beneath the earth u too damm lie, mix up, troublesome n no glad not only Jamaicans but the world see how much of a bully, a scumbag u are. No wonder u was depress in 2018 because if u so rasa lie and ur personality so dirty n u live bully people u nug see say no body would stay around u. Not even animals or creatures want stay around u spice, no wonder 120% a u family den nuh deal did u.

  15. Lady Saw did talk it say a SPICE was the one weh did a try whine up pon Beenie Man, when they were all in Bahamas in the pool together. Saw say Beenie never look at Spice then. Maybe after that he went into her room to try and get some, we all know no man wants to publicly admit that they have slept with Spice. but upfront, Beenie never look at Spice.

  16. Come off a Met site! All you should have done is ignore the post and move along wid yu tyad self. Met thing global, journalist use it as source. The other day Dennis on Nationwide was talking about how Social Media and mentioned “pinkwall”. Million dollar question though, why did Spice save all those voicenotes with Angel? Hmmm what was the real intention?

  17. Typo: First if all*, and degrading *things.

    @Nameless, Mi know dah gyal deh like di back ah mi hand! I only wish others who involve/associate themselves with her did, too.

    @Johnnybegood, Mi GLAAAAAD yuh seh weh yuh seh! It ONLY PROVES my/our point more; for if Moses was never the King Of Dancehall, but only a “top performer at one point”, then it’s also indicative of the situation with Spice; who as a “top performer at this point”, relieved herself of her “Queen Of Stage” title and swiftly and sneakingly (because ALL NOWWWWW wi nuh si when shi drop one and pick up di odda! Damn, bitch! Dat was “smood”!) adopted “Queen Of Dancehall”, however, the only difference is that we the ppl are QUITE FINE with Moses self proclaiming, adopting and subsequently keeping his title, for he HAS MORE THAN WORKED for it and paid his dues, neither did he receive any injuries, like a bruk/crick neck, when picking up di BIG “HEBBY” CROWN, and as likkle, mawga and dry as him hand and foot dem is, and although owing to long term damage and wear and tear from Sickle Cell, him did haffi replace one ah him hip dem, him NEVA wibble, wobble, fumble, stumble nor tumble dung wid it; however, BIG STRONG BODY, Robocop/Mrs Puff/Rubber Ducky/Humpty Dumpty looking MSG ah move like shi DRUNK, to how shi ah wibble and ah wobble wid it, shi CANNOT MANIJ!!!!! Lady Saw polish off har crown and put it dung, turned her back and gracefully walked away; into a new life, and kyattapuss, finger fearing (teef fi true) disgrace, screechie guh up ah Lee’s Flats, jump di lady China Wall, climb choo di window and tek up di ooman crown, and ah tumble dung Red Hills wid it! If yuh guh someweh fi buy ah shoes and it cannot fit yuh, yuh LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!! Because yuh have di money fi pay fi it, nuh mean seh yuh MUST HAVE IT, nuh matter how it look good and wudda guh well wid supmn weh yuh have, LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!

  18. WNPP no body couldn’t come up with a better reply than, you’re absolutely correct on every you address this issue completely right off Dirty Disgrace with this clap back. Thank you.

    1. Bammy which gyal cudda style u pickney and u forgive dem which?????????????? Angel a good fi u ..u shudda get rerse

  19. Met yu hear nutten more bout di million cause right about now two people on here submit proof. Spice a guh bwal out diss one. Doan unno love when a bully gets silenced?


  21. @Sketelbam, Bammy, my darling; so so very welcome! Aaaaany time, hun, aaaaany time! Pleasure is aaaaalllllll mine, hun. :sungkem :peluk

  22. @Met, how yuh fi nuh digest such hard facts????? Yaw guh roun’ mi ting, enuh Shani! Super Cat voice: “Mi have mi gun pon mi, enuh!!!!!” Lmmfaoooooooo :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  23. @Anonymous 2:10pm, @Met, @Bammy, @Marie and all Metters: UNNU SI WEH MI AH TALK BOUT?????????? “Self proclaimed Stage Boss”, and inna true finger fearing fashion, shi pick weh di ooman tykle and crown! Woooooooooiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee ah 4, 5, 6, 7 days ah di weeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!! Lmfaoooo

    1. Mi remember everytime sumfest come up we would wait to see what Spice a come ina so we could laugh ……….not what was coming out her mouth…one a di year dem she did stuck ina one bubble whey she put pan di stage………..never never it was about lyrics so mi nuh know where these people come from with dem argument. She neva mek none a dem something deh stop har which is good so when uno a go seh talent…………she dus dus a learn fi 1-2

      1. EXACTLY…Damn circus act…Lady Saw would neverrrr and by the looks of it so far, neither would Angel. Lady Saw Sumfest performance is imbedded in my brain for life. Spice could neverrrr.

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