1. This pic was days ago when she was here on tour in England.Yuh wait solong fi send in this.A tru she deh a ISRAEL now it hurt yuh. Say what unuh want bout Spice but let’s be honest she’s the most touring female artist at the moment.

    1. Nobody cares where Spice is at….she betta mind Palestine drop two bomb while she deh deh…who cares if she ah tour…she need fi tek that touring money and hire one stylist, a professional one….she is not an ugly woman but yet an still she always have on some poorly made cheap & tacky looking outfit….furthermore Spice fan club president….isn’t she a celebrity? Yuh nuh know seh all publicity ah good publicity eediat? It’s apart of the fame…you will reach pan blog…good or bad…now go get her a stylist & a new hairdresser

  2. Spice – I love her; her style, how she go on with her fans on stage… LOL She does know how to entertain her fans! Leave the woman alone Lord!

        1. Tired ah dem celeb groupie as well as di federation of battyism weh stalk this wall daily yet complain bout its content….weh di bloodclaat unnu come yah fa man?!

  3. She look dirty MI swear. She just don’t do anything for what she wear n what she wear does nothing for her. I think that’s what sender trying to say n I say too.

  4. Some ppl comfortable a wear poop eena.No problem,i will get my eyes tested asap cuz maybe I do need glasses to see this dressing ok!

  5. Mi se if a no one of the dhq weh spice and dem did a war weh day .. keep a send in spice in yah.. mi change mi name… low Di f**g woman and pay attention to more important things nuh… no sah..

    1. Mi sure is plenty people sen har in….anyone coulda dweet….she’s a celeb who evaaaaaaaaaa look dutty and cheap so she will always get sent it….if she nuh waan people chat har she shoulda tek up one profession away from the public eye….

      Is ya’ll dense or is ya’ll dumb? *birdman voice*

      Come in like Spice ah spoon feed nuff ah unnu wid har punny to how unnu ah run een come defend har….tell me something spice fan club….she know unnu by name?

    2. Stop call dhq girls name because is me send it in.Who love seek and desperate for attention like spice? Nuh she say she a the female kartel?She nah sweat and she worser nah bingo.

  6. Mi usually like royal blue but she mek it look a way. Didn’t shorty no spender wear supm like dis years ago to har pawty? Dah spice yah waan season.

  7. The shoes are a no. Something as busy as this dress needs simple shoes. High heeled sandals or pointy pumps. Not them wukka man boot deh. Spice always over do. Always.

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