due to how spiral wah dah lil gyal ya a wonder how f**k out diamond a manage ka shi love gwan like dem cya leff lol mi a wonder how long lia can keep him fah thou ka them y life bwoy ya cya tame lia him have uh in a house lock up thou like ya house wife cya see u a no party look like him a spend pan yuh thou yuh stop wear old bruk dwl uh all get brown and put on weight wait till him foriegn gyal fly in and start stress uh dwl this is a met weh mi cya miss long time good hood spiral fi settle ka f**k out diomand neva deserve him gwan own him ya lia but fi how long hope yuh nuh f**k pan him like him big p**y ex


12 thoughts on “SPIRAL ROD

    1. The girl deh a him yard 99% a the time bout father yard lol what a way she a mad unu good p**y fi get lock up in a house

  1. Unu move unu bbc and Lowe the lil gyal
    Spiral want the lil girl and a that a mad unu nuh matter Weh unu tell him .. Him nah leff lia 99% a the time shi deh a him yard bout father yard it bun unu Ka some a unu nuh know how him bed or house look unu fi Lowe the lil girl mhon everyday unu get up a live pan har a wah suh Mek the child live Kmft some a unu big tired gyal fi go sit down shi young and ready unu need fi go in a one homes with unu retired body and old self Kmft

  2. Unu need fi Lowe the lil gyal spiral want the lil girl and a that a mad unu nuh matter Weh unu tell him or Weh unu seh him still nah leffff lia 99% a the time shi deh a him yard bout father live a 8 west unu move unu bbc and come off a the gyal everyday unu get up a live pan the lil girl a wah suh har man want har and a that a mad unu move hop off har name let the child breathe

  3. Lia is not a fussy girl in fact a first I’m seeing her on Pinkwall very humble girl and she don’t trouble people it’s sad to know so much people joining and teaming up to break her down I personally think he’s just right for her they both look happy leave them alone and let dem live and love in peace

  4. Lia know exactly what she was getting her self into dancehall man shi wah dancehall man shi get she has no luck with friends and she know within her self they would try and tear her down And her relationship I hope she uses this as a learning lesson and Mek har man be her best fren

  5. Nuh 20/20 store a 3z shi work I saw her the other day shi get white fi true I know her as a black gyal money a show fi true dwl

  6. Kmt him did love diamond suh unu fi stop it him want lia yes but don’t act like him Neva love diamond and so what if she f**k pan him how unu know she won’t f**k pan him too a woman shi name she ago wah more hood fi the fire just like how shi f**k pan pappy har ex Weh deh a foreign now

  7. You 2 bitches up top^^^^! What unu get out a publishing whey har father live and whey she work??? You bitter bitches no think more time.

  8. Like seriously spix no waah nobody kmft plus weh him have fi mine woOman only thing him have a 2 rass big kneecap. Him did a f**k tuff body Tamara from Dong a beach waah day and Dimond find out an stalk out har bloodclath Tamara haffi run like thief.

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