Spiritual Embargo
An embargo is any restriction or injunctions imposed on a country, community, business, organization or individual to prevent participation with others to achieve prosperity. In other words a country like Cuba has what it takes to achieve success with its natural resources and human talent, however due to the the embargo that was placed on them by America, there can be no trade or commerce between America and Cuba. So as you can see even though Cuba has what it requires to succeed because restrictions and injunctions has been place on this country, success is only but a dream and as a result can not participate with others to trade goods and services that usually brings about wealth, advancement etc.
Well, it is no different with a spiritual embargo, yes, you have a college degree, yes you have everything that a man wants in a woman or a woman wants in a man, yes you have the qualifications the job is asking for, but every job has rejected you, your relationships are prune for failure, your degrees mean absolutely nothing. My friend such occurrences are all signs of a spiritual embargo placed on your life to ensure that you do not make any physical advancement or increase in life.
This is commonly done via witchcraft on the victim, whereby someone has program the victim’s life for failure, defeat, difficulty and hardship. This witchcraft that has been done to the victim are evil spirits that were assigned via curses on the victim to see to it that they fail in specific areas of their lives this explains why no matter how beautiful or handsome these persons maybe, no one wants them and if they do manage to achieve a relationship it’s short lived and filled with the same troubles as the former relationships. This also explains why you are always overlooked for promotions and advancements etc. Someone have you program that way by means of witchcraft and until that curse of setback has been broken off of your life you will only be able to observe freedom and prosperity but never able to participate in them…… Mighty God help us!
I can share many stories of folks that are highly educated and have a brilliant mind, nevertheless no job in their field of study will hire them. I am saying to someone this morning if you chose to listen. If you are going through a repetitious cycle of defeat in spite of your qualifications and ability and things are just not making natural sense, then I submit to you that there is a spiritual embargo on your life.
Now, another way that this can be achieved outside of witchcraft is consistent negative words that you speak against yourself or someone speaking against you, be it in public or private. Demonic forces such as spirits of failure, destruction, anti-progress, frustration and the like are attracted to negative words and whenever we speak such words especially on a consistent bases this becomes the soil for our spiritual embargo. Statements such as, “Nobody loves me”, “My degree don’t mean anything”, “There ain’t no more good men or women out there”, “I’m only working to pay bills”, “Every time I put one foot forward I have to take two backward”.
As you would have read in the above negative statements it was the spiritual law of Proverbs 18:21 that open the door for your spiritual embargo,”Death and life is in the power of our tongue and those that love the death or life of which they speak shall participate in it.
STOP! Now say to God right now, “Lord I recognize that something is just not right with my life and based on the revelation you have just provided, I am convinced that there is a spiritual embargo on my life that clearly explains the physical limitations in my life. Therefore Lord, I confess and cancel all negative words I have said against myself and I cancel all negative words spoken against me and my destiny in the name of Jesus Christ! Father, your word declares that you are a consuming fire therefore lord I am asking you to consume by your fire all witchcraft injunctions imposed on my life that have created spiritual and physical restrictions. Lord I pray that you dismantle permanently all demonic orders, counsel, ordinance against my spirit and destiny in the mighty name of your son Jesus Christ!
Friends always be mindful of scripture as it relates to deliverance, scripture says, “IT IS THROUGH KNOWLEDGE SHALL THE JUST BE DELIVERED” Proverbs 11:9
Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
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