21 thoughts on “ST. ANN MIXUP OO

  1. She is a disgrace to society and human race. u have 2 kids not one your mom was once a mule now u why u so fool girl?

  2. Jesus have mercy! Met they were on here before when they found coke at their house. Oh my gosh. This is crazy. chelsea has two children. Oh gosh.

  3. I hear she put down a piece a balwing at the airport.. can’t say I’m sorry for her, she should have know better. Mother and father was involve in drugs now she tek it up. Kmt

  4. Jamilia how u feel about your sister going prison??? All of enuh kill up enuh sell to do norval dirty deed and what you guys have to show for it? Nothing u jamilia not even a ride and the boy have it all. So stupid the girl have her 2 kids

  5. Jamilia u dont have shit to show every min u and chelsea go to america every 6 months and dont have nothing for so long u been with the boy and u cant give him a yute chelsea love dash word on people too much and have nothing look at u mule

  6. Longtime them a do that shame a the sister them ketch boy norval act like him innocent to u see him sneaky like f**king fool them all jamilla she hype pon nothing as them say the boy take all a the drugs money go himself and keep pure party!!!

  7. Unnh come off a the girl name because you’ll are just assuming and a set a big hypocrite always await pon people downfall.

  8. Everybody a cuss di Norval listen erbody have a mind of dem own n mi sure anuh di first dem a do it. With all that’s going u could be so stupid to lose ur life ahead of u just to maintain hype n pop bottle a party. N mi caah stop say innocent ppl like miself gonna be under scrutiny now when I travel cuz a Dutty nigga like dem ya cuz “Oh we Jamaicans” Just cuz unuh nuh wanna work fi nothing I don’t Sorry fi none a dem Chelsea a from high school days yuh stay so n u still nuh cool

  9. This is so sad she have kids omg I feel it honestly….Never rejoice over someone’s downfall gonna say a word of prayer for her and family…

  10. This is so sad she have kids omg I feel it honestly….Never rejoice over someone’s downfall gonna say a word of prayer for her and family…

  11. This is so sad she has kids omg I feel it even tho I don’t know her personally…..Going to say a word of prayer for her and her family never rejoice over someone’s downfall…..Dear lord we need your divine intervention for the kids sake

  12. She not the first and she won’t be the last. If she have two kids and has nothing as u all claim then that was her reason. Stop rejoice over ppl mistakes wid this holier than thou attitude. Ppl hustle when they can’t see another way. It condoning this but there are levels to wrongs.

  13. Nobody rejoicing over her fall u guys saying she don’t have anything that’s y she did it listen this when dem inna party pure bloodclaat bottle n hype. If I had two kids that wudnt be my priority any likkle money mi have fi put inna promotor pocket wuda go towards mi 2 Pickney dem. Ppl know when they do these shit either u lucky to get thru or u throw ur life away NOBODY CAN FORCE ANYONE TO DO SHIT. Me Deh a Jamaica with a degree n jobless months now n u think life nuh hard out ya n I travel now n then n I NEVER let the thought of doing supm like this cross my mind cuz mi prefer tan a road n suffer than dash weh my life a prison fi fast money. All mi a seh never get caught up in the fast lane n do shit to maintain hype. Live within ur means n wait pon God cuz Jamaica hard yes but Prison harder

  14. the way how jamilia love chat people and chelsea they will never change they don’t like to see people doing good everything they follow

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