Eldon Calvert, once Jamaica’s most wanted man and notorious Stone Crusher gangster has been shot dead.

The head of the St James Police, Senior Superintendent Egbert Parkins said Calvert was ‎killed in Salt Spring, St James today.
However, he could not say what circumstances led to the killing.
Calvert attracted attention in February 2012 after he was freed of a murder charge when the court held that the investigating officer, Michael Sirjue, fabricated the evidence.‎


  1. Yes a so d whole a dem fi dead dem a mash up we likkle country wid dem violence mi tired a dem now it’s time for it to stop now

  2. U kno say me wake up dis mawnin n go pon mi IG n See me time line flood wid RIP elly and all the good comment the ppl dem a lef mek mi wa cry but ummm _______________________

  3. Dem live by violence and die by it. How wi fi feel sorrow fi smaddy wah bring sorrow to so many others. How many pickney him box food outta dem mout by killing dem parents? How many mothers him gib high blood pressure and pain to? No sorrows or RIP fi ppl wah sowed nothing but pain in dem life. All him fi cremate and di ashes send pon waan Nasa rocket and dash eena space, feem bones nuh fi leff back yah pon land fi pollute di earth.

  4. Him mussi did a teach fi kill .. Mi nuh know d bwoy n mi nuh really wah pass judgment but some a dem put demself inna certain situations trust mi & maybe a Karma come back pon him! Mi nuh sorry fi none a dem Mobay tun one piece a dead zone mi birthplace mi can’t believe it.

  5. If im a did di most wanted man at one point..a how di fren up top a ask why Eldon?..him mussi nevah hear bout im many crimes dem..mi nuh mind im a put up im pick and a seh a im di police wi know who next fi watch..some a dem criminal yah u si..

  6. A two brother a dem both a dem in a badness get told fi how much murder and then the police f**k up the case and the judge free all a dem. Dem go back a try run the place and the same friend dem kill him. Mi did think him deh a foreign never kno him still deh a yaad. U live by the gun u die by it

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