0 thoughts on “WHA KINE A ”BOARD”?

  1. Met a board what you use build house . Me body. Them so dunce she don’t even know how to use google. Cah badda yah. Imagine when them a text man who can read and write the man them must laugh after them both them a hot gyal. Shawna star u need a English tutor.

    1. Anon, don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions; she could be talking about her forrid weh fava board, hers resembling piece ah cutting board..the thick kind weh mi use chop up mi chicken and oxtail meats…that is the reason why she zoomed in and did a close up shot on her board forrid…people, let’s not be so hasty to jump to conclusions :nerd

          1. Yes Tinan. When yuh hear dem talk seh dem ‘board’ dem up tuh no good. Might as well she thiefT ah burger and get some protein inna har system. It might strengthen har vocbulary :ngakak

      1. Hey Yeppie..u know seh when mi si it a fuss ting come a mi mind..har forehead,seh a muss dat she a chat.. woieee mi boddeh..

      2. Boxcova she all went as far as to say I really do..suh gwan thru Stargirl wid u I really do Board…woieee lawd I are really do Tiehearrrd to laughT.

      3. Mi seh Yeppie yuh stole d words right out a mi mouth har face tough like board, she need fi get har ass off d net and into a classroom ASAP!!!!!


  3. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…
    mi did a wonda a which wan a de “tense” or “participle” dis yah cud be but remembered the gud old “homophones” :nerd
    thank me later bytch cuz aint no way u coming from standford nd still wanna be dunce wid me

  4. somebody please confirm me hear say har friend sweets a f**k boom all a them was at his penthouse party but I still can’t believe because them and kay breeze a friend and she did a f**k him also them really need a board across the face

  5. Wow these ppl has no shame tree. Out of jail and proud of it they should brand them face but then again it would just be another brand name.

  6. You have a 129likings. yuh mean yo tell me one of har friends..couldn’t text har and tell her to fix up the spelling….dem there liking and commenting..i am sure one out of the 129 can spell *bored*..hypocrites I tell yah

  7. People, the girl trying to say she have ah board head…in other words, she is hard headed..look how she zooming up in the camera lens and the camera lens ah try back up..she jus come from jailhouse cause she have a board head *a.k.a ah hard head*…yes Shawna, yuh board bad..she have ah set ah teefin eyes dem plant inna fe ar head centa sah!!>>> :matabelo:

  8. I saw this on IG I was waiting to see who would correct her I think it was bossydolly or boassydolly however she’s spelling it these days but she jokingly corrected her and let her know it’s bored

  9. Oh my starr girl, can’t spell..wow..dem ppl deh a hypocrite. If some ppl put up shhht dem like it, a so this hot bwoy from England a model like 50 different outfit, pon fb and write bout is how you WERE the clothes not who WERE them, and him get ova 200 likes…i can’t with dese ppl..

  10. This girl never even graduated public school so I don’t see why people are so surprised that this bald headed child don’t know the difference between a state board test that she took in order to graduate from her trade school from being bored at home. :hoax2 :batabig :hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2 perfect example of a bimbo :cendol

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