Dear Met,You notice that Stacious kinda done with the music thing and just a focus pon her body to promote whatever? We haven’t heard any new music from 2014 but we see and hear bout her new body. Stacious did confuse about her path from ever since because all inna studio she half naked, plus who the hell go deh wid ninjaman fi boost dem career?


  1. mmhhhhh. Anyone that sleeps with Ninja Man I could never take serious. Ninja who nuh have nutten a gwan fi him. Ninja wey haffi suh much murder gainst him name….Do you boo. I guess the end justifies the means, but in this case what end cause shi nuh get nutten outta it.

  2. Lowe the gyal she f**k who she please what if is ugly man pussy she have ehhh true u have f**k and walk left mi pussy dirty girl Lowe the gyal

    1. Sweet Christina I don’t business or care to take sides in women a trace over pum pum.However Grammar police just a sign in for duty n we seeking lil clarification.

      I was with you till the part that says

      “true u have f**k and walk left MI PUSSY dirty girl Lowe the gyal”

      It’s unclear if a yours u a defend, stacious’ pum pum,both or how exactly ur pum pum is involved. Clarify please because if it’s justified then I will join the call too for sender to walk n left yuh p##$y! :selamat :kr

  3. None a dem naaa come back dem had dem chance and neva want it they want fame and likes but not music. I thought music was about the love telling a story urs or di next and when a person hear it they can relate to a situation or even change ur mood for the better. I know ppl in music now that want to write about the good things the real things that are happening in life in the world what ppl face everyday but write about the ugly tings cause ppl prefer that and will listen to that more than real lyrics.

  4. I don’t think she is necessarily missed by dancehall… You right about wanting fame. Birds of a feather flock together. And Yardie maybe Christina has a reason to watch Stacious pum pum.

  5. Dwrcl, some female artist too whorish and dutty and nuff female artist a nasty gold diggers. My ex in the business and when him keep shows you have a female artist that will tell him if a particular female on the show she nah perform. So those attitudes help sink plenty female dancehall career, uno notice the females that sing positive songs nuh in a the cass cass more time. The only squabble is with the female dancehall artist. Some a dem think because dem sleep with other acts n promoters n producers them can get dem way lol. The only two i see getting a likkle show base on who dem dey wid is Ikaya and Alaine.

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