The policewoman, who was captured in a video expressing frustration at a senior officer while at a police station in St Andrew has been transferred.

Loop News has been informed that the female officer was transferred from Constant Spring Police station to the Community and Safety branch of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Last week, video footage showed the woman getting into a verbal exchange getting heated to the point where one of the women had to be restrained, bringing activities at the facility to a virtual standstill.

A release from the police high command confirmed that top ranking members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) have started investigations into the matter.

The release outlined that, at the end of the probe, disciplinary action may be taken.

“The JCF is aware of the impact this particular video may have on the image and morale of its members and we seek to assure the public that a high standard of professional conduct is the measure of our police. The incident is of concern to the high command, as it does not reflect the image, training and professionalism of the JCF,” a release from the Jamaica Constabulary Force stated.

“The video, which has gotten widespread attention, will be investigated and the required mediatory and/or disciplinary action taken,” the release outlined.

“The JCF seeks at all time to empower its members and boost their morale in order that they might give high quality service to our public.


  1. The lady miss green a f uck with mr. Quallo the lady sah, mi want know is which quallo. Dem should a send the bully pon early retirement.

    1. Miss green (supervisor) threatened to demote Rose? and sound like miss green a use ar head pon rose and a drop it like its hot pon anedda offica… Rose tiredddddd of it but naw resign cause she bad like dat :ngakak :ngakak

  2. She said something about taking in a sick leave letter. I guess she wasn’t feeling well and the lady was still harassing her.

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