Mi nuh think mi get di full but the building ppl seh the incident was captured on dem cameras and a never mr wollery alone, 2 other tenants were involved. Wollery never bring two men as I had initially reported.


  1. Mrs. Vegas a mek sure him keep Pink Wall up to date. Still no gi Blue shirt not 1 right. Him better mek sure Vegas n the rest a help him wid hospital bill n lawyer money. No apt no send dis unprofessional f*kery but guess what while me n the other Patrons here dnt mek the law. VEGAS YOU ARE A DISGRACE. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED WHILE YOU INSIST ON BEING IN THE MIDST. WANTED ALL THE ATTENTION ON YOU as I said I hope the man get a good lawyer n sue u rass. While u call dung dead pon d man u finger never come off a d recording fi call 911. Shelly really dodge a bullet f**ktard

    1. So is Vegas write this n send in? Do better than that. Now as much errors as the letter has, it has named names n mentioned cameras. How in God’s name if a nuh the ppl who a see the camera ve this info out a mus the security . U came this morning n claim mi write whey deh pan Vegas voicenote which is not true. All now it nuh dawn pan y seh mi last night I didn’t even see all videos nor hear any vn. Ppl on Facebook send the second video n a ragga page mi go pan go tek it off but mi a big woman so mi but need to explain more than give my word.

  2. Well he didnt bring them it looks like two bad men already live there and willingly offeres their services ie mr williams and mr gulab. The person who wrote that is not siding with woolery. Also where is the rest of the screenshot.

    1. I just got the whole email. It was sent out to all the members in the committee written by a p matalon…a doe waa screenshot the rest cause it jus basically a seh dem nah run no garrison n to me it’s offensive to ghetto ppl n gwine start a whole next argument

  3. nothing doesn’t change call the police and lock dem up plus sue BUT NO you take the law in you own hands and lose your rights plus nearly lose you life too hot headed and dump f**ked up you pay day

  4. I was wondering if there was any more evidence other than what “dye doo” aired to social media.

  5. Met the source has lawyered up on me n my ppl advice but I’m trying to get him to be interviewed by you to tell his side seeing as how he is directly involved.We spoke after 3pm today.I am motivated by the simple desire to do my patriotic duty n exposed Gaygas for the deceitful trouble maker n national disgrace that he is.Several posts n several comments I kept telling y’all the battyfish doesn’t have an ounce of credibility. He does the most for attention but now u would have seen that I’m vindicated that he was lying about two gunmen were brought in to beat up the injured guard n he saw same.Then u innocently asked why would gaygas have any reason to make shyt up n he was there…well heres ur answer n the very point…he will do n say anything for attention but he can’t quite pull it off like Kartel did to stay relevant. it need to be said n immma say that to me in some regards Gaygas is a more despicable person than Kartel!!

    I will link you on the advice of counsel re the source’s coming forward with what really went down…further vindication that gaygas is the worst kind of shythouse.We strongly recommend gaygas be sued or ideally locked away in a Dungeon for the next 44yrs.Go suck yuh mumma wicked liyad Gaygas!!…bout if di man nuh see DAT is you…yes n is that’s why him had all rights NOT to listen !Go SyM again n agen!

  6. The man dem nuh rate Mr Brown. All a this is Vegas fault, the people dem coulda have dem cas cas without outsiders knowing, but he just had to start videoing and carrying on. Really and truly this has nothing to do with any of us.
    I see a meme going around saying that Vegas deh everyweh except inna him gyal hole :ngakak
    God plz dont mek ntn reach me a road infront a Vegas cuz the whole world aguh know mi business by the end of the day.

  7. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak All mi know dah high color uptown man deh buss gun aready him neva fraid… Fi a min mi tink a some speaky spokey mi did ago hear come outta him mouth until mi hear mi seh: innu wah mek di man Tek mi gun and kill mi. All waah gwan mi naaaa Tek dis mek joke but a di funniest freaking ting mi see between yessideh an now :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Vegas funny as f**k.. f**k what y’all talking about Vegas a lead lmao. All who a talk bout Vegas innu a some big eediat ppl :ngakak :ngakak a weak.

  8. Met, yuh a really a big careless Ethiopian. You really post this foolishness, bout it was sent out to members in ah community. All wah a gwan, yuh nuh betta than gaygas. The two a unuh dweet fe the likes!

    1. A hear u hear dah word deh since night and waa come use it..U can use it pan u madda , is not a bad word..U doe know me like that so dont ever assume u do because u will look like the fool u are

      1. :ngakak :ngakak Use it pan yuh madda :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak a why anonymous dweet fah grung issa big eediat comment :ngakak

  9. King alarm done make settlement with the guard and Woolery already and damage control start. Vegas left on a limb looking like a clown and being memed to death.

    This foolishness the strata send out may see them being sued too. Take the matter to the police. Your agents, King Alarm security guards in this case acted outside of their scope

  10. Woolery have a bag a money fi get that’s all mi know and he will not spend a day in jail.

    Mr Vegas, your’re a real attention seeker, smdh.

    1. :thanks2 Because it doesn’t even matter what happened before the shooting now. This incident just shows how people have their rights and throw it away. Men beat you – call the police & press charges. You do not try to grab one of said man’s gun. The security guy wrong, wrong, wrong even if they bussed his ass before the shooting. Him dash weh him rights.

      1. Amen!!!!!! That security give away him 3 point so easy smh n y did that he/she fire a shot in the first place that added to the escalation of the situation it makes one beg to wonder what n if there are considerations for who is granted firearms in JA


  11. The security guard definitely did not dash away his rights good thing there is a justice system. People yapping about woolery and sue, the security guard has a good case against woolery. Woolery assaulted him and then shot him. Recall self-defence can also be delayed you cant just beat me up and then turning your back to go away and I jump on you and you shoot me then you claim the person going away was going into his car and his back was turned so instead he was attacked. You dumb f**k the security guard should just get a man shot back woolery. Simple eye for an eye justice system since it seems woolery about to get off scotch free like he is some big upstanding citizen.

      1. A who dunce like bloodclaat unuh most a pussyclaat unuh have more in common with the security guard black like tar and poor and unuh a side with red boy with money who gwaan like him bigger than the rules. Bout go for man firearm the same firearm he is using illegally in contravention of the license to gun butt and by virtue of that it should be taken from him. Him and him friends assault the man, the man seize an opportunity to try fight him back and him shoot the man. Good f**king think court house nuh go like how unuh think and video evidence is not admissible in court. Not even the man owna complex a defend dutty woolery. Dem fi sue his rass and pressure him to pay.

    1. Where exactly u saw them beat the security guard plz? Through the locked door? Oh..yuh can see through concrete and wood?

    2. Do you know what premeditation is? Your comment says that you don’t, so go get a dictionary, not Google & look it up. It’s the same thing that end many perceived victims in prison. You read like the person who would put the knife in a friend hand after the fact.

  12. Pussyhole cah it is not on video that means it did not happen. If ppl listen to bloodclaat unuh u would think everyone sentenced for murder there was video evidence of said murders. Suck out unuh dunce head mumma.

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