Greetings JMG,
Mi haffe voice dis OUT so de people in Birmingham,UK can know seh STICKS a pedophile an family ram an a gwaan like him a somebody. Wid all so much careless p**y outta road, de cratches cudden bodda fe go out go look none, a him sister pickney de nastiness go choose fe f**koff. Afta de poor girl go tru all dis trauma an cudden hole it down no more,decide fe talk an de whole family tun gainst de girl because dem no want no shame an disgrace pon de family name. That is so disgusting of de family but de scum of de family is STICKS. Stap walk pon road a gwaan like you respectable,yuh neva know seh it woulda a ketch up pon yuh but JAH nah sleep….him gwaan mek yuh pay fe wah yuh put you own niece thru……you likkle slime..
Yuh cah seh a lie neither because yuh owner sister a walk an tell all who have ears fe hear because she just discover wah yuh do to har pickney an a vendetta she a carry fe yuh an mi cah blame har…..yuh lucky..if a did some odder sister, dem wudda chop yuh up.
STICKS yuh a de scum of de earth an yuh she be ashame of yuhself.
Maximum respect JMG fe all yuh good work….keep it up an may JAH continue to bestow his blessings on you.


  1. Assuming this is authentic….
    1.They need to report it to the authorities.
    2.The victim need to get all necessary support to heal.
    3.Sticks that was a very poor choice. How could you ?

  2. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others..
    de same way she a walk a tell ppl why she dont walk nd tell every police (i am only say’n dis cuz yuh neva mention seh she did).
    its obvious he is not in hiding cuz yuh seh him a WALK like him a respectable smaddy,mi nuh undastan why de lil girl finally tawk up nd ntn nuh tek place yet

  3. If ah suh di ting really guh, den STICKS shouldn’t ah walk freely. Ah di penitentiary ah Birmingham, UK di germs shoulda deh weh di man dem ah tretch him out from sun up till sun dung. :marah Senda, please tuh tell di sista fi only tell di people dem weh can lock up dutty STICKS cah it nuh mek sense dem knoe and can only chat bout it.

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