Why this jackass showing gun and all these things on the internet.Now I am convince they must not only deal with the white lady but taking it to!
***MI si di video miself and yuh seh yuh nuh trust people but it seem like yuh tink a robot or duppy deh pan social media. Why would someone put up a video loading up a gun pan facebook though??***


    1. morning quena when dem do these things and things reach dem then dem talk like people a pick pan dem..they see and know what going on pan social media

      1. Nope ah badmind peeple badmind dem Metty……I have to here for the good, the bad and the confused, on more than one occasion I have seen you post topics addressing the underhanded way police are friend impersonating,friend requesting and busting these “Hype” individuals and yet still they continue. Many don’t believe I am spanish and thats ok but I will tell you these types do not see what is plainly in front of them!

  1. How old is this clown he look like sumbody uncle tryin to relive their youth days they should save the video n fwd it to his local police fb

  2. A now him hype since him deh wid the duppy gyal Marlene too a dem is one big poppy show who does that on social media ….

  3. both him and him gal are no names! she put up a nasty Photoshop pic asking people to follow her sister, that shit look so nasty, I always asking myself what life are these bitches making for themselves! no 401k, nothing, just go to parties to be seen. he has no job and neither does she!

  4. When plaintain waan dead it load gun…….i cant with dese tufengkeh…..him soon get weh him a bloodclaat look fah….abc boys rent an lease out di wolla ig n fb…dem luddy.

  5. Mi say ppl unuuh doah Mek dem do u tax cause mr & mta hype will thief u & u Pickney info ….notice how him use up Kay & make she do up body & then wen she get catch him drop har Marlene say she a wife & all now him cannot file fi har sips my tea

  6. Good morning guys
    Last week me say to an attorney a work say fb and ig need fi start charge so it can get rid of the idlers. She say that wont happen because fb and ig making the police job easier. Fool dem. Mek dem stay deh

  7. @ anonymous 10:12 , same way him use to behave with Kay . So Marlene , we have seen those actions before . Guess u thought u did special .

  8. He said in the video that it’s legit Him couldn’t be such a fool fi a put up illegal gun on social media like that

  9. den nuh hype a seh nuh live fi likes but a dat him a do cah him swear seh him rich…cannot deal with these ppl weh frighten an Marlene she like a idiot an what a set of fool dem .

  10. Suh now de haters no him have guns. A coward a guh sneek up pan him n dun him. Having a firearm should alway be the element of surprise. Ediat bwoy dat.. Show off always bring disgrace.

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